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fm^r ■!> 


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. . . to be inquisitive 


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. . . to be involved 

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. . . to be inspired 




bum Advertising 

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to be an individual ... to be independent 


Indianapolis, Indiana 
Volume 9 


K. ■ ■!; 

MmtUnX^, nadm 220 


. . . page 26 
. . . to be inquisitive 


high school 

Indianapolis, Indiana 
Volume 9 



1- u 

. . . To be 


To be Alive 

To know the exhilaration 
Of inexhaustable spirit, 
To possess youth's 
Undaunted dreams; 
Eagerly to look forward 
To each new experience 
And know the feeling 
Of lasting friendships; 
To enjoy being young. 






w ^ 


To Grasp 

ffi] dependence 

To grasp for a moment 
The illusion 
Of independence, 
To have it quickly slip 
From clutching fingers 
As Dad reaches out 
For the car keys. 
To brag to the family 
About that first salary 
As Mom generously heaps 
A second helping. 
To make plans carefully 
For an evening out, 
Knowing the restrictions 
Of an 11 o'clock curfew. 
To line up for admission 
At an "X" rated movie 
And guiltily glance up 
To see the neighbor 
Who lives next door. 

To Know 


To feel the uncertainties 
Of inexperienced youth; 
To know the anxieties 
That accompany a lack 
Of class preparation, 
Hesitatingly to await 
The results of a test 
On which the answers 
Seemed just out of reach, 
To feel the pressures 
Of an active schedule. 
To be conscious 
Of an "inbetween" period. 
Too young for adulthood 
But old enough to try 
And contribute new ideas. 
To be aware of the need 
For special acceptance 
And feel misunderstood 
By friends and family. 
To be filled with doubts 
About individual talents 
And to need to feel 
The quiet reassurance 
Of a steady hand. 

To fight 
H difference 

To take a stand, 

To fight for a cause; 

To resist the temptation 

To make every skirmish 

A major conflict. 

To voice an opinion; 

To make knov\/n 

What is felt inside. 

To listen for the sounds 

That echo the deepest 

Feelings of a classmate; 

To care in a world often 

Characterized by apathy. 

To replace empty words 

With warm friendship; 

To try to bridge 

The endless void 

Between teachers and teens, 

Parents and offspring. 

To be alive and take part 

In each facet 

Of being young in 1970. 


To be 
D GO volved 

To search for solutions 
To surrounding problems, 
Forming Human Relation 
Councils to work 
Toward brotherhood; 
To lend a helping hand 
Regardless of color. 
To build understanding 
Between generations, 
Yet often to be blind 
To opinions and advice 
Of older advisors. 
To help a friend 
With homework unclear, 
And express a concern 
For world situations . . . 
By sharing convictions, 
Reading editorial pages. 
And participating 
In government policies. 


To be 
lEl Tune 

To relive the sounds 
Of a passing year; 
To recall the clamor 
Of slamming lockers 
And shuffling footsteps; 
To hear the soft strains 
Of the Arlington hymn; 
To know again the sound 
Of 2800 individuals 
Uniting under one name. 
To plant one foot 
Into the searching '70's; 
To remember the moments 
Of the inbetween year, 
Relating in some way 
To every event. 
To relive the rhythm 
Of Arlington in 1970. 



DKO between 
two decades 

A year of reforms . . . 
A draft code revision, 
A man on the moon, 
And a de-escalation 
Of the war in Viet Nam. 
Good-bye . . . 
... to the sixties 
When youth became active 
In national elections; 
Unrest on campus grew; 
and a nation mourned the 
Deaths of famed leaders. 
Hello . . . 

... to the seventies 
With more moon walks 
And maybe more walkouts; 
A step closer to unity 
And improving education; 
A new chance for peace. 


yearbook sales campaign ends 

l3l6nT OlIOW / on Stage with double feature 

With an emphasis on brotherhood 
and bridging the generation gap, 
Knights worked together to transform 
an ordinary program into a meaning- 
ful production in the 1969 Accolade 
talent show, "IN"ter the Young. 

A narration with color slides opened 
the show while fast paced music and 
iridescent lighting lent the atmos- 
phere for the performance that fol- 

Representing all phases of enter- 
tainment, the 21 acts blended their 
talents to create chorus line spoofs 
and the sound of Star-lighter soul and 
religious folk. 

The Arlingtones highlighted the eve- 
ning with a musical salute to Knight 
and Gale, Jim Seamon and Barbara 

Ending the production on a thought- 
ful note, the Campus Life Group 
echoed the thoughts of many with the 
message, "Get with It." 

Despite the tensions of opening night, cast members find the time for backstage clowning. 






■> i^iiiii ^ 

WilBliBli' 1 p 



Karen Ryza, sophomore, executes a perfect 
walkover during her tap dance routine, "Bugle 
Call Rag." 

Adding a spark to the talent show, 'IN'ter the Young, members of the barbershop quartet Lloyd White, Dave 
Edmonds, Steve Kehrer, and Dan Lane recall sentimental memories. 

Seniors Barbara Saillant and Jim Seamon reign as "Knight" and "Gale", Arlington's ideal teens. 

ACCOLADE staff member Willie Portilla helps freshman Joe Wickers choose a day for his audition. 

squad feels Hornet sting, 

nOmeCOrning / grads reenter' tor night 

Aiding a fellow player, two Knights take time out from a rough game. Although Knights lost the game, 
fans and players retained a winning spirit. 

Old friends, former teachers, and 
fans, warmed by coats, smiles, and a 
5-0 record, greeted alumni returning 
for homecoming. 

A swarming crowd circled the field 
as fans, awaiting the battle of the un- 
beaten with Howe, squeezed into 
packed stands. During halftime, a 
parade of ten winning floats preceded 
Nancy Meek, homecoming queen, 
around the field. A sock hop con- 
cluded festivities. 

Although the Knights lost, 34-14, 
chants of "We're proud of our team" 
echoed in the stadium. 

Teachers Feme Gurvitz and Margaret Blessing 
"grade" a float in pre-game judging. 

Former student council president Marc 
Boucher greets his successor at the socl< hop. 

Halftime celebration activities reach a climax with the crowning of the 1969 homecoming queen, 
senior Nancy Meek. Nancy receives roses and congratulations from Mr. Clevenger. 

Members of the marching band "raise their col- 
ors proudly" in halftime activities. 

Sophomore homeroom 340 receives rewards for weeks of painting, cutting, and constructing, as it 
captures first place honors in the parade of winners for the second straight year. 


standing ovations 

bound Ot IVIUSIC / honor entire cast 

"Climb Every Mountain" . . . Senior Kate Wichser, portraying Mother Abbess, persuades Maria to 
follow her heart and return to the Von Trapp family. 

Backstage horseplay relieves "butterflies" for second grader Alison Menchhofer and Sonny Jones. 


Hours of afternoon and evening re- 
hearsals, homework done to the light 
of an arc spotlight, and days of per- 
fecting songs and dances paid off with 
two standing ovations for the cast 
members of "The Sound of Music," 
Arlington's eighth annual musical pro- 

The countryside of pre-war Austria 
came to Indianapolis through the ef- 
forts of the Art Club. Wood, fabric, 
and paper became the mountains, 
staircases, and furnishings that 
thrilled audiences. A well-rehearsed 
orchestra provided the background 
music to the November 21 and 22 
performances, and seniors Marcia 
Reider and Steve Kehrer added acting 
know-how as Maria Rainer and Cap- 
tain Von Trapp to total a delightful 

Learning the "habits" of their parts, 
twenty girls in the nuns' chorus gave 
impressive dignity to the religious 
scenes and added harmony to the 
other "sounds of music." 


A sudden thunderstorm sends frightened children Jill Holmes, Alison Menchhofer, Cindy Clark, and 
Roxanne Cooley to Maria's bed. Maria overcomes their fears by leading them in song. 

"One more dance, Gretl" . . . Captain "Steve 
Kehrer" Von Trapp advises his sleepy daughter. 

Guests discuss the impending Nazi invasion. 


Maintaining "A" averages throughout high school, seniors Chris Halter, Doug Greeson, Linda Rosen- 
quist, Phil Gelston, and Arlene Mithoefer rank highest in their class. 

Julie Tyler, NCTE award winner, and Mrs. 
Clarena Huffington discuss her published com- 

Exchanging experiences gained at Boy's and 
Girl's State, seniors Bob Riley, Cindy Loomis, 
JoAnn Pappas, and Libby Cochran recall ideas 
from the summer workshop. 



Honors and Awards / 

bring rewards 

Combining leadership, citizenship, 
and scholarship, seniors achieved 
success with individual honors and 

Submitting examples of her best 
writing, Julie Tyler was selected one of 
eleven Indiana winners of the National 
Council of Teachers of English 
Achievement Awards. 

Gaining experience in government 
and politics, four seniors represented 
the school at Boy's and Girl's State. 
During a workshop situation last sum- 
mer, they participated in mock elec- 
tions for state officials. 

Senior Ken Gray was chosen winner 
of the Bausch and Lomb Award for his 
excellence in science, while Chris Hal- 
ter received the DAR Good Citizenship 

Scholastically strong, the senior 
class boasted five students that quali- 
fied for the positions of valedictorian 
and salutatorian. 

Playing the harp in orchestra is one of DAR 
good citizen Chris Halter's nnany activities. 

Working in a chemistry lab, Ken Gray, Bausch-Lomb Award winner, perfects his scientific tech- 



To be INquisitive 

To satisfy the curiosity 

Of an active mind; 

To explore the concepts 
Of a government class, 
To memorize 
An Emerson masterpiece, 
To struggle to solve 
An algebraic equation; 

To listen openly 

To the ideas of others 

And then apply 

The knowledge acquired 

To question situations 

Around us and ask why. 

To strive for results 
Respecting the conclusion 
Of past generations; 
Yet always leaving room 
For doubt on which 
To base new concepts 
For future inquiries. 




Encrlich / budding authors, grammar 
rigllori / expand abilities with practi 

Keith Neilson remembers word meaning through phonetic spelling and dictionary definitions. 

Gathering information for an English term assignment, Robert Wilkes uses library facilities. 

Term papers, vocabulary words, 
and grammar exercises typified Eng- 
lish classes as Knights studied both 
simple and complex forms of gram- 
mar and composition. 

Guest speaker Michael Warlum, at 
the invitation of department head 
Clarena Huffington, created an extra 
opportunity for students to broaden 
their interests. Mr. Warlum delivered a 
selection of his poems and discussed 
their inspiration at an after-school lec- 
ture. Mr. R. L. Sidner from RCA and 
Mr. Lloyd Anderson from the In- 
dianapolis Star-News also presented 
practical tips to classes. 

Elected by juniors and seniors, a 
course in Derivatives helped these 
students to widen their vocabulary 
scope through special projects related 
to the subject . 


Outside reading of classics aids Bob Watkins and Gary Ford in an appreciation of literature. 


Mr. John Schuiz goes over a list of Greek and 
Latin based words with senior Roger West. 

Poet Michael Warlum explains his medium of expression to Jerry Glass, Jan Perkins, and Suzi Taylor. 



Accounting for picture sales, AC- 
COLADE staff editors count and check 
the receipts. 

Striving for perfection, sophomore 
Brian Callahan uses the fundamentals of 
public speaking as he prepares and deliv- 
ers his speech. 

speech, drama, publications students 

El- I / speecn, arama, puDiicationb biuuentb 
n§IISn/ learn fundamentals of communications 

Publications I students voice their opinions on libel as they learn the principles of journalism. 

Words evolved into speeches, sto- 
ries and memorized passages from a 
play. Students gained the experience 
needed before entering a speech con- 
test, working on newspaper and year- 
book staffs, and presenting a stage 
production. The basic fundamentals 
stressed in drama, publications and 
speech classes helped students reach 
into the communication world. 

Giving a well-planned demonstra- 
tion added variety to speech classes 
as students gained ease in speaking 
freely and learned the correct way of 
delivering a speech. 

As if trying to write a theme for an 
English class, students found some 
difficulties writing factual, but inter- 
esting features, editorials and news 
stories. Along with writing assign- 
ments, a few students involved them- 
selves learning the skills of taking 
pictures and developing the film. 

Preparation for involvement with 
stagework, study of different costume 
periods, use of stage make-up and 
presentations of excerpts from plays 
brought variation in dramatic classes. 

Dramatic pupils Jim Boyd and Valerie Calvert 
perform scene from a colonial life play in a pre- 
sentation to their classmates. 

Fnroian l;:^nailP^aP / ungual history, studies leai 
rUrtilgri LdllgUdgti / students to understanding 

In an oral Spanish quiz, Mrs. Mercedes Portilla evokes a quick response from her students. 

Mr. John Schultz draws from his experience in Germany to explain a point in German grammar. 

Beginning with basic dialogue fol- 
lowed by grammar and literature, stu- 
dents studying a foreign language 
gained not only academic training, but 
also an insight into other people of the 
world. By becoming acquainted with 
the native tongue of another country, 
the students also learned its culture, 
geography, history, and way of life. In 
preparation for college or a future vo- 
cation. Knights studied Spanish, 
French, German, and Latin. 

Outstanding foreign language stu- 
dents were rewarded with the oppor- 
tunity to study abroad during the 
summer. Michael Reap participated in 
the Honors Program for Latin stu- 
dents, and traveled in Italy. For their 
achievements in French, Saralyn Stal- 
cup and Philip Gelston studied in Saint 
Brieuc, France with the I.U. Honors 


Ken Missick, Bob McCarty, and Edna Johnson display their Latin projects to Mr. Swinford. 

Relating their experiences abroad, Doug Greeson and Saralyn Stalcup "teach" their French class. 

Qr>i^n/^n / ^^'J^^"^^ read, examine, experi 
oCIGriCc / discover basic scientific knowli 


Dissecting, experimenting in the re- 
fraction of light, and studying micro- 
organisms led the inquisitive minds of 
science students into the depths of 
the scientific field. From biology to 
physics, students delved into the 
many aspects of science. 

For the first time, daily use of the 
science museum was offered, giving 
students a chance to investigate an- 
tique equipment, structural models, 
and nature displays. A.H.S. students 
were privileged this year with the use 
of both the museum and the 

A new zest was added to the science 
department with the addition of pho- 
trometers and spectrometers given to 
Arlington by Bio-dynamics. 

Headed by Mr. Merle Wimmer, 
three teachers were added to the 
science staff, including Mr. Eiler, the 
first Arlington grad to return to teach. 
Other new teachers were Miss Brand 
and Miss Oliver. 



Examing a helix of DNA molocules, Tom Hen- 
derson feels lost among endless atoms. 

Junior Jeff McDermott looks on as Mr. Wim- 
mer, department head, exhibits his techniques. 

Students marvel at man's progress in the space age as they watch Apollo 1 1 begin a mission. 

Working with cathode rays, Vicki VanDuren 
"discovers" properties of electrons. 

Don Fillion and Kenny Finn seek to perfect their science aptitude by constructing equipment. 


Assisting Diane Bailey, Craig May offers the 
solution to an algebraic equation. 

Helping a puzzled student, Mr. Henry Volk 
copes with individual problems. 

Taking the interpreter's role, sophomore John Tranberg reads explainations and instructions for 
constructing a triangular figure, while Chuck Elliott performs the manual part of the job. 


numbers become useful tools 

KM II / numoerb uecume ub^iui iul 
IVIdLn / for solving sums, equations 



^SW \ 

Freshman Joe Greeson sees the world through a mathematician's eyes as 
he pursues errorless calculations while working on logarithms. 

The paths of future astronauts and 
accountants crossed as Knights 
gained a useful background in the 
science of mathematics. 

Students were offered an extensive 
curriculum that varied from business 
math and basic algebra to the ad- 
vanced courses of trigonometry and 
calculus. An experimental course, the 
first of its kind in the state, was taught 
during the spring semester as an in- 
termediate between College Algebra 
and calculus. 

Under the direction of new depart- 
ment head Donald Clodfelter, an en- 
rollment of 2000 explored the 
unknowns of percentages and linear 
equations. With a staff that included 
two new teachers and 1 1 returning 
ones, the department sponsored the 
Math Club and made preparations for 
the adaptation of new texts. The math 
team proved itself by winning the 
Rose Poly math contest for the second 
year in a row. 

Watching with approval, Miss Martha Burton supervises junior Paula 
Sauer's construction of a geometric figure on a "stand-by" basis. 


Qnri;:^! ^tllHlPQ / looking at yesterday 
OUUICII OLUUIdO / to plan for future 

Living between the past and the fu- 
ture, Knights enrolled In social studies 
classes gathered the knowledge 
needed for tomorrow. 

Mock elections in government and 
economics classes changed the tempo 
of the normal class routine, as it pre- 
pared seniors for future elections and 
possible careers in the political world. 

Cadet teaching and current event 
discussions also allowed students to 
gain practical experience and to ready 
for future duties as American citizens. 

Freshman historians analyzed the 
world's past as sophomores studied 
its geography. Juniors, having mas- 
tered the study of world history, nar- 
rowed their field of study to the United 
States and its development and peo- 

Boasting an enrollment of 2092 
students, new textbooks, and 15 
teachers, the Social Studies Depart- 
ment also offered courses in psy- 
chology, anthropology, and sociology 
to further allow the inquisitive Knight 
to build his future from a study of the 

Freshmen Stephanie Barbour and Mike Coch- 
ran retrace the quests of world explorers. 

Betsy Reyburn completes the final step in the 
voting process as she casts her ballot. 


Mr. Mannan and Phil Vogelsang differentiate 
the artifacts discussed in anthropology. 

Junior Valerie Patterson discusses a test grade 
with department head John Morris. 

Mr. Donald Shambaugh stresses the signifi- 
cance of historical knowledge. 

cadets prepare for service in armed forces, 

r^ryrr^ / caaeis prepare lor service m armea lorce 
KU I U / master basic drill, rifle, combat principles 

Earning high recognition for his performance in ROTC, Rick King receives an honor award. 

One hundred and seventy boys 
from the rank of private to lieutenant 
colonel studied and drilled daily in 
military fashion in the Reserve Offi- 
cer's Training Corps. Learning fight- 
ing tactics and practicing precision 
drilling, the boys developed accuracy 
both on the firing range and in the 

Putting their talents on display, 
ROTC units participated in the annual 
Veteran's Day Parade in November. 
ROTC offered competitive spirit to a 
select group of cadets. Sporting dis- 
tinctive uniforms, the boys of the Var- 
sity Drill and Rifle Teams represented 
Arlington in competition with other 
city ROTC units. 

The Military Ball, held in the school 
cafeteria in March, was the social 
event of the year that each cadet 
looked forward to attending. 

These and other aspects of the 
ROTC program involved the cadets 
while it instilled a sense of pride and 
patriotism rarely found in this age of 
evergrowing apathy. 

Sponsor Terri Smith straightens the uni- 
form of a cadet before inspection. 


Carol Huser and Lance Wickliff stroll in Univer- 
sity Park after the Veterans' Parade. 

Displaying the national symbol, the ROTC color guard participates in the Veteran's Day Parade. 


Preparing cadets for various emergencies, Sgt. 
Blackburn emphasizes first aid. 

Physical Education /LTS' 

Bewildered driver education students must apply textbook rules to the car as they find themselves 
approaching 65 mph. on Road 100 on their second day of driving. 

Feet together . . . Mrs. Burdeen Schmidt helps foreign exchange student Veronica Sanchez per- 
fect her form and balance in a headstand. Interested in gymnastics, Veronica is in advanced phys. 


Students in the Physical Education 
Department studied with a double 
purpose in mind. 

Attaining physical fitness through 
exercise routines and active basket- 
ball, volleyball, and baseball games, 
they also profitted by gaining valuable 
activities for future leisure time. 

Health classes studied hygiene, 
body functions, good grooming, and 
first aid while increasing their knowl- 
edge of the effects of drugs and al- 

Driver education students prepared 
for the future by acquiring the skills of 

Piloting new cars, the "student driv- 
ers" tried to disprove their reputation 
as the greatest menace on the high- 
way. Their training Included not only 
actual experience in the car, but valua- 
ble information for tomorrow's driving 

"Co-ed" volleyball enlivens freshmen stu- 
dents as they take a break in the usual rou- 

In health class, Damon Wilson uses a "late" 
smoker to demonstrate the dangers of 

In advanced physical education, sophomore Rudolf Sherman and junior Randy Lowe build their 
muscles, body co-ordination, and flexability in climbing ropes. 


Music Appreciation students study classical 
masterpieces with Miss Pricilla Smith. 

Enclosed in a sound-proof practice room, music student Don Calvin perfects a solo. 


iicir^ / '•^^^''umentalists, singers perfect pitch; 
UolL / prepare, present musical entertainment 

■ qpn|iiiin|iiii i| iiiii|iiiia| 


The pre-game performance in red, white, and blue is the climax of weeks of playing and drilling. 

Talent was unlimited as the Music 
Department provided entertainment 
in performances ranging from stage 
productions to half-time shows. 

New additions to the department in- 
creased its educational span and at- 
tracted new students to enroll in 
classes. A harp obtained by the school 
provided an opportunity for students 
to study privately while daily practice 
was exercised in band and orchestra. 

The department's new band direc- 
tor, Mr. William Salzmann, led the 
musicians in band concerts, football 
half-times, and pep band rallies while 
Miss Priscilla Smith directed orches- 
tra activities. Outstanding students in- 
cluded violinist Sharon Taylor who 
earned the position of concert mis- 
tress for the Concert Orchestra and 
the All-City High School Symphony. 

A machine that sounds notes as Barb Stephen- 
son points to them offers Mrs. Zonda Montgom- 
ery a unique teaching device. 

Directing a practice session, Mr. Horine gives 
instructions to members of the orchestra. 


Typing students learn concentration and dex- 
terity through daily exercise, as well as gaining 
a valuable skill. 

Nancy Greene demonstrates that perfection is 
essential in both academic and career worlds. 

Janet Perkins utilizes her own file box to gain 
experience for future filing jobs. 

Bi ir^I K-i/^<^<^ /Knights prepare for business world, 
usiness / 

Data processing student Randy Bland sight- 
reads his computer card as he uses the manual 
key punch for programming. 

acquire basics for future careers 

Perfection of skills, adapted to busi- 
ness or personal use, was the goal of 
business education students this year. 
Over 1700 Knights gained valuable 
career experience in classroom 
"workshops" for shorthand, sales, ty- 
ping, general business, and bookkeep- 

Learning to be efficient and depend- 
able, future businessmen sought to 
master the fundamentals of running a 

Seniors gained on-the-job training 
while participating in the Co-operative 
Office Education program. Doubly re- 
warded, students gained academic 
credit and monetary payment, plus 
knowledge of basic business concepts 
and a guaranteed full time job upon 
graduation; a common benefit of this 
employment experience. 

The preparation and background 
achieved from actual business experi- 
ence assisted today's Knights to 
become the leaders in tomorrow's 
business world. 

Days of practice with the Gregg method of 
shorthand is junior Linda Jackson's spring- 
board to a business career. 

Mr. Waggoner shares a moment of humor with 
general business student Susan Ramsey. 

girls develop skills 

Home Economics / for homemakm 

Home ecomonics students learn culinary techniques ranging from food preparation to baking. 

Advanced clothing student Leslie Irons carefully finishes the final inches of precise stitching. 


Minds clicked, pans clanked, and 
sewing machines whirred as students 
in the Home Economics Department 
prepared practical skills. 

Experience for future planning 
found teens enrolled in Family Living 
and Housing Management, courses 
designed around practical situations. 
Child Care and Home Nursing classes 
provided girls with valuable informa- 
tion for home emergencies as well as 
everyday events. 

Foods classes found their emphasis 
in methods of preparation and con- 
sumer education and were soon able 
to put their knowledge to work by 
serving for school teas. 

Clothing classes kept up-to-date 
with current fabrics and the proper 
handling and care for each. Projects 
ranged from formals to coats and 
suits in advanced courses. At the end 
of the year, students displayed smart 
new outfits as they presented the an- 
nual May style show. 

Pressing her tailored "creation," Barbara Mar- 
tin practices good clothing care. 

Dicing vegetables for a meal, home economics students gain experience for future homemaking. 


Industrial Arts / ^pp'y'"^ *-^"'^"- 

of master craftsman 

Wood shop student Robert Taylor uses the all-purpose router to finish his six week's project. 

Lending a helping hand, Chuck Lacey aids Jack Hobson in constructing a Metals project 


Knights utilized the Industrial Arts 
Department as they developed skills 
for home projects and gained knowl- 
edge necessary for their future occu- 

Stressing knowledge and under- 
standing along with manual skills, the 
courses offered students principles 
and theories of their field along with a 
chance for practical experience. Pro- 
jects ranged from the construction of 
bookcases and tables in wood classes 
and repairing televisions in electrical 
courses to the designing of recreation 
areas, cottages, and houses in me- 
chanical drawing. 

Under the direction of a new depart- 
ment head, Bernard Heeke, the Indus- 
trial Arts Department also gained two 
new teachers and claimed the unusual 
assignment of printing the new fresh- 
man paper. 

Kevin Higgins accepts the responsibility of 
[keeping shop machinery in good condition. 

Sanding off the rough edges of his book shelves, sophomore Steve Hillan requires craftsmanship. 


A I / craftsmen color their world with creativity, 
Mr L / make original paintings, sculpture, jewelry 


Spurred by creative interests, stu- 
dents found exciting challenges in the 
world of art in courses ranging from 
jewelry to lettering. 

Jewelry classes offered new chal- 
lenges as techniques for cutting and 
polishing gemstones were introduced. 
Lapidary equipment was also secured 
this year. 

New techniques in drawing and 
sculpturing, precision strokes, and 
workable designs were rewarded by 
the pride of craftsmanship; while the 
need for perfection was sparked by an 
inter-school art contest and various 
other contest interests outside of the 

As an extra project this year, eight 
Art VII students depicted traditional 
Christmas customs in a mural dis- 
played at the Indianapolis Zoo. The 
scene was one of six done by city high 

Completion of a pencil sketch involves the skill and concentration of artist Bill Verrill. 

Smoothing down sharp edges on a piece of 
metal, Morris Taylor creates a piece of jewelry. 


Carefully lighting a torch, art student Andrea Murray prepares to make a brass bowl and stand. 

Painting designs on windows, Bill Shure adds 
an artistic touch to his "Merry Christmas." 

With careful skill and precision, Libby Lane and Gloria Copp spend time perfecting lettering. 



To be INvolved, 

To accept a 


]!y fulfilling a goal 

To become a leader 

Or be an active member 

Supporting an issue; 

To know the meaning 

Of responsibility, 

The fervor of success. 

Willingly to spend 

That extra 40 minutes 

At an after-school club, 

To march with the band 

Generating school spirit, 

To share the obligations 

Of the Student Council's 

National Convention. 

To contribute ideas 

And hours of work 

For a worthwhile cause; 

To give to others, 

Taking the time to care. 







OrM inr^i I / f^^"^*^^^^ increase range of activities, 
UUUnCII / prepare for 1970 national convention 

With the help of the student body, 
Student Council members added a 
new meaning to Council activities as 
they broadened their outlook on 
school problems and accepted the re- 
sponsibilities of a National Student 
Council Convention. 

Improvement of student-teacher re- 
lations, promotion of all-school spirit, 
and encouragement of student in- 
volvement were the goals of the Coun- 
cil as they introduced new projects 
throughout the year. Under the leader- 
ship of president Mike Pence, mem- 
bers sponsored a "little 500," the 
"Valigram," a student messenger ser- 
vice for Valentines Day, Clean-up 
Week, and The Link, a newsletter for 
the student body. Representatives 
also inaugurated an annual Alumni 
Recognition Day which awarded the 

first honor to grad Kit Field. Other ac- 
tivities included a clothes drive for the 
needy during the annual Howdy Week 

An added event to the school's cal- 
endar was the National Student Coun- 
cil Convention hosted by Arlington 
Council members in June. The con- 
vention climaxed two years of prepa- 
ration including the task of providing 
food, transportation, and housing for 
over 800 teens. Committees com- 
prised of Council members, faculty 
advisors, and students helped lay the 
plans for the meeting. The convention 
allowed Council members to exchange 
ideas and discuss the problems within 
schools around the country. Enter- 
tainment for group included an excur- 
sion to the Speedway and a dinner at 
the Murat Egyptian Room. 

NASC president Nancy Meek prepares state 
flags for the upcoming summer convention. 

Student Council: (row one, left to right) Ann 

Ikawa, Roni Looper, Caria Martin, Suzi Carr, 
Corby Berry, Barbara Saillant, Robin Gutzwiller, 
Ram Denny, William Portilla, vice-president; 
Diana Bailey, Sherry Anderson, Carol Hughes, 
Ron Grimes, Regina Parrish, Terry LeFeber, Jac- 
quie White, Dave Wenzel, Donna Williams, Deb- 
bie Wilson, (row two) Tanya Patterson, Maria 

McDaniels, Suzy Wilson, Karen Rice, Cathy 
Clark, Susie McAlister, Bob Lappas, Roxanne 
Keithly, Debbie Ev>/igleben, Jackie Alstott, Susan 
Ault, Pam Jordan, Judy Hartley, Dave Frederick, 
Ardie Bucher, Debbie Felkins, Heidi Embach, 
Peter Miller, Nan Colbert, Sharon Taylor, Linda 
Hepler, Scott Langan, Steve Seamon, Mrs. Bel- 
gen Wells, sponsor. (row three) Carolyn 

Egenes, Cindy Sparks, Roxanne Warren, Nancy 
Meek, Betsy Reyburn, Jackie Herndon, Debbie 
Wright, Stacey Sanders, Bob Chamness, Terry 
Drinkut, Kris Carter, Alice Sermersheim, Denise 
Marietta, Janey Baskett, Lisa Wichser, Christine 
Halter, Karen Taylor, Ann Brewster, Gary Kest- 
ner. (row four) Freddie Burrus, Phil Gelston, 
Jim Boyd, Harry Featherforts, Bob BIyth, Jerry 



Discussing final plans as hosts for this summer's National Student Council 
Convention are student and faculty co-ordinators, clockwise: Dave Frede- 

rick, Sue Ault, Betsy Reyburn, Mrs. Belgen Wells, Nancy Meek, Mr. Thomas 
Brethauer, and Debbie Wilson. Not pictured is Mrs. Sally Maze. 

Hallett, Martha Atz, Bobbie VanSickle, Steve 
Kaiser, Joe Cavanaugh, Steve Kehrer, Norm 
Brandenstein, Phil Vogelgesang, Charlie 
French, Bill Parrish, Mike Krienik, David Oliver, 
Keith Detrude, Doug Molin, Chuck Elliott. The 
representatives are chosen at the beginning of 
each year through elections held in their ho- 

Junior Lisa Wichser, editor of the Council newsletter, looks on approvingly as president Mike Pence 
posts the first edition of "The Link" on the official Student Council bulletin board. 



Reigning as Cy and Cindy at the annual "turnabout", juniors Jayne Baskett and Joe Bennett climaxed 
the evening's activities as Mr. Clevenger presented them with their royal crow/ns. The judging of 
homemade corsages added sparkle to the success of the semi-formal dance. 

With three good hits for twenty-five cents, sen- 
ior Cindy Spradling takes part in the car smash, 
which earned $32.17 for the NASC. 

Spirit Committee: (row one, left to right) Deb- 
bie Wilson, chairman; Nancy King, Keri Calla- 
han, Cindy Nolan, Nancy Giesking, Pam 
Stefanik, Michele Staton, Suzy Wilson, Ruthie 

Ray, Janet Lutey, Patty Bast, Sarah Gildea, 
Linda Mesalam. (row two) Mr. Chapman, spon- 
sor; Dave Frederick, Pam Jessup, Sharon Kel- 
ley, Roxanne Warren, Nancy Spoo, Debbie 

Ewigleben, MikI Hancock, Karen Rice, Colleen 
Brown, Jody Byers, Judy Tipton, Jackie Hern- 
don, co-chairman; Janet Bailey, (row three) 
Doug Babb, Rob Jackson, Diane Cones, Cindy 


student Council / 

The 28 cabinet members and the 
75 boosters in the Spirit Committee 
overcame apathy and worked to in- 
volve the student body. 

For the first time cabinet members 
dared to face critics and to convince 
those who questioned the purpose of 
the Council. The "Gripe Hour," an 
open meeting for the students, 
evolved from these complaints. 

Cabinet members evoked participa- 
tion as they planned activities ranging 
from American Education Week to the 
"turnabout" and the crowning of Cy 
and Cindy. 

Members performed duties like 
those of the President's Cabinet as 
they headed committees and helped 
with the activities. 

Promoting school spirit through 
good sportsmanship. Spirit Commit- 
tee members also helped fill the shoes 
of leaders. Supported by the Council, 
members met regularly to discuss 
problems, to offer solutions, and to 
plan spirit activities and displays. 

energetic spirit committee, active cabinet 
chalk up 'smashing' successes with projects 

Sparks, Debbie Marietta, Carol Riley, Patsy 
Ross, Margaret Martyniak, Jim Wood, Jim Boyd, 
Charles Conrad, Barbara Schnarr. The commit- 
tee prepared buttons for all the home games. 

Student Council Cabinet: (row one, left to right) Donna Williams, Jayne Baskett, Mrs. Belgen Wells, 
sponsor, (row two) Heidi Embach, Lisa Wichser. (row three) William Portilla, vice-president; Barbara 
Saillant, Debbie Wilson, (row four) Denise Marietta, Linda Hepler, Katie Snyder, (row five) Dave 
Frederick, parlimentarian; Sue Ault, Roberta VanSickle, secretary; Martha Atz. (row six) Tom Burleson, 
Steve Bishop, Mike Pence, president; Phil Gelston. 


top scholars, journalists earn 

Wnnnr^rioc / ^ scnoiars, journalists earn 
nUIIUlCiriCo / membership for achievement 

Quill and Scroll "chief" Jill Holmes finishes one 
of her jobs, mal<ing banquet decorations. 

J i 

Meeting certain requirements, stu- 
dents found many rewarding experi- 
ences in the honorary groups of 
National Honor Society and Quill and 

Twiddling thumbs and nervously 
awaiting that special name to be called 
for the first time, future members felt 
the anxiety and joy of being tapped 
into the National Honor Society. 
Throughout a student's junior and 
senior year, each eligible Knight re- 
ceived a chance for induction by rat- 
ings submitted from teachers. 

Scholastic students making up the 
Honor Society sponsored an all- 
school, semi-formal dance in the 
spring. Under the guidance of Mrs. 
Sally Maze and Mr. John Shultz, the 
Honor Society joined forces with the 
Student Council to plan a dinner fol- 

lowed by the fall induction of new sen- 
ior members. Along with the other 
officers, president Russ Palma illus- 
trated the important factors that 
helped teachers select the qualified 
students. Requirements included ser- 
vice, scholarship, leadership, and 

Promoting a broader understanding 
in journalism, the Ella Sengenberger 
Chapter of Quill and Scroll worked dili- 
gently to gain the best quality in news- 
paper and yearbook productions. 
Senior Jill Holmes led the journalists 
in preparation for the spring semester 
with the induction of new members. 
Before becoming officially admitted 
into the honorary organization, induc- 
tees constructed original applications 
and entertained at the annual spring 
banquet with a skit. 

Quill and Scroll: (row one, left to right) Darlene Alonzo, Madonna Griffey, 
Daria Worton, Cindy Loomis, Gayl Miller, (row two) Janet Scofield, Chris- 

tine Halter, Jeff Purvis, John Daniluck, Roy Willman, Debbie Wilson. Origi- 
nal applications ranged from a creative to humorous side. 



.C A J ^ V? i^ 

National Honor Society: (row one, left to right) Christine Halter, vice- 
president; Vicki Van Duren, Roger Bender, Carol Auch, Kathy Grinslade, 
Saralyn Stalcup, Bob Lappas, Cindy Loomis, Carol Marquart, Cindy Spra- 
dling, Debbie Felkins, Bobbie Van Sickle, Becky Deputy, secretary; William 
Portilla, Merle Safford, Kathy Atkinson, Debbie Wilson, (row two) Jim 
Rees, Gary Ford, Marcia Reider, Debbie McMahon, Janet Bailey, Diana 
Bailey, Barbara Boyd, Vicky Wilkes, Jackie Herndon, Edna Johnson, Peggy 
Herrmann, Debbie Le Feber, Barbara Stephenson, Marsha Todd, Joann 
Pappas, Debbie Bow, Steve Scott, Robbie Rice, (row three) Stephen Kaiser, 
Mike Kenrick, treasurer; Bruce Ikawa, Donna Roberts, Janice Bunning, Jill 

Holmes, Arlene Mithoefer, Martha Atz, Jane Rigsbee, Candy Bader, Janet 
Schofield, Anne Beall, Anita Atz, Joyce MacDonald, Madonna Griffey, Laurie 
Peterson, Julie Tyler, Linda Rosenquist, Robert McArty, Barbara Kouwe, 
Mr. J. Schuiz; sponsor, (row four) Mike Reap, Guy Hagen, Chris Conlin, 
Dorothy LaFara, Patty Villars, Phil Gelston, Bob Watklns, Steve Kehrer, 
Kathy Routt, Barbara Reidy, Libby Cochran, Kathy Hammer, Bob Maas, 
Mike Mummey, Dan Lane, Ken Gray, Ivars Rage, Doug Greeson, Russ 
Raima, president; John Hall, Steve Betras. The Honor Society acknowledges 
academic achievement and student leadership. 

Mrs. Sally Maze sorts and checks teacher recommendations for Honor Society members. Traditionally, 
she reads the names of students who have qualified for NHS during tap day ceremonies. 

Russ Raima, Honor Society president, leads other officers in admonishing members to uphold the 
Society's standards of leadership, scholarship, service, and character. 

Foreign Exchange /rem 

cultural trade 


Glenn's American brother, junior Jeff McDer- 
mott, admires the Austrailian opals, a gift to 
AFS sponsor Audra Bailey. 

Travel-minded students added a 
cosmopolitan touch to the year. Fac- 
ing the challenge of new customs and 
languages, six linguists traveled to for- 
eign countries; and three exchange 
students were greeted at Arlington. 

Traveling to South America, Senior 
Chris Halter participated in the Ameri- 
can Field Service program. Marja 
Leena Mettinen not only traveled from 
Finland to the United States, but also 
adjusted to a move from Illinois to In- 
diana. Other exchange students were 
Veronica Sanchez, Chili, and Glenn 
Johnston, Australia. 

Sharing adventures in Mexico were 
seniors Linda Rosenquist and Craig 
May. French students Phil Gelston and 
Saralyn Stalcup spent the summer in 
France, while Mike Reap studied in It- 

AFS student Chris Halter, in native Ecuadorian 
costume, prepares a Spanish display. 

AFS exchange students Glenn Johnston, Veronica Sanchez, and Marja Leena Mettinen compare the 
similarities and differences between their countries' past and present. 


"Butthisishowthe Australians do it". . . AFS 

student Glenn Johnston adapts to the American 
way aided by senior Pieter Van Spronsen. 

Sharing his adventures in France with others 
who went abroad, Phil Gelston shows Mike 
Reap, Craig May, Saralyn Stalcup, and Linda 
Rosenquist the French poster he acquired. 


Ar^/^rvlor^^ / y^^^^^^^ staffers document 1970, 
MCCUldGc / spend weekends meeting deadlines 

Top editors of the Accolade, seniors Ciieryl Brodhecker, Mii^e Pence, and Katliy Routt, find tliem- 
selves barred from many extra-curricular activities in order to meet pressing deadlines. 



Yearbook "man in tfie dark" Roy Willman spent much of his time processing film and printing pictures. 
As chief photographer, Roy was responsible for all photos except those in the album. 


Equipped with pica rulers, imagina- 
tion, and boundless ideas, the Ac- 
colade staff set out to capture the 
sentinnent that makes the year of 
1970 unique. 

Typewriters clicked constantly as 
editors made assignments, and stu- 
dents gained experience in the many 
facets of yearbook presentation. The 
staff, comprised of approximately 20 
students, worked daily to prepare 
headlines, copy, and layouts for dead- 
lines as junior Roy Willman, photogra- 
pher, captured the year with pictures. 

Co-editors Kathy Routt and Cheryl 
Brodhecker, along with managing edi- 
tor Mike Pence, found the Accolade 
almost a full time job. Besides plan- 
ning the yearbook, the staff was also 
responsible for the Talent Show, un- 
derclass pictures, and a "record" of 
the year complete with sights and 
sounds to remember. 

As the last of the Accolades were 
distributed in June, staffers felt the 
joy of accomplishment for one brief 
second and began work to prepare for 
the next year. 

Sorting and alphabetizing underclass pictures 
prove a tedious task for section editors. 

Listening to "sounds of Arlington," John Potts 
and Bill Cherry tape the record of 1970. 

"At least it's a break in the usual routine," Denise Fields seems to be saying to Wayne Fuson as the 
two take time out from their Accolade schedule to help fold Lancers on Friday morning. 

Accolade Staff: (row one, left to right) Mary Jane Hinds, Marcy Seybold, 
Sue Stafford, Daria Worton, Judy Tipton, Cheryl Brodhecker, Cindy Clark. 
(row two) William Portilla, Cindy Loomis, Cecelie Fields, Roy Willman, Laura 

Johnson, Kathy Routt, Liz Ralston, Debbie Wilson, Mike Pence. After school 
hours devoted to yearbook productions were a common occurence as 
staffers worked to meet the deadlines. 


Choosing the best picture from the contacts, John Managing editor Doug Greeson explains the fundamental techniques of "dummying" a page for the 
Danilucl< explains his choice to Dan Ratz. printer to freshman newspaper editors Rick Broeking and brother, Joe Greeson. 

Lancer Staff: (row one, left to right) Madonna Griffey, Diane Tolliver, 
Sherry Anderson, Camille Murray, Sue Ault, Janet Schof ield. (row two) Kim 
Puckett, Jeff Purvis, Steve Bishop, Gayl Miller, Gloria Greenwald, Donna 

Morris, Phil Gelston, Dave Griffey, Bob Lappas. (row three) Doug Greeson, 
Don Thrasher, Ed Robinson, Ron Miller, Paul Flockhart, Jim Thomas, Dan 
Ratz, John Daniluck, William Lanteigne. 


alert to decisions on current issues, 

I ^t^r^rw I aecisions on curreni issues, 

L9nC6r / reporters dig to keep pupils informed 

Cartoonist Willy Lanteigne finds a clever way 
to illustrate news features for the Lancer. 

Meeting deadlines and researching 
articles, the Lancer staff served to in- 
form students of their school activi- 
ties and problems while linking them 
with the outside world. 

staff members sacrificed leisure 
time to deliver a paper containing up- 
to-date information. Headed by editor 
Phil Gelston, the staff strove to bring 
perfection to the Lancer and to project 
an honest reflection of the school. 

Effective pictures of homecoming, 
sports, performances, and student ac- 
complishments accented special news 
and feature stories. Taking a bold step 
with editorials, the staff ventured to 
voice its opinion on decisions by the 
administration, racial problems, and 

To help the freshman class with 
their special troubles, Joe Greeson 
along with twenty other freshmen or- 
ganized their own paper known as 
Knight Times. 

Illi^ ^%~^jiii 

Searching for the facts, Madonna Griffey keeps 
local teen papers "up" with Knight activities. 

Freshman Staff: (row one, left to right) Cindy Alonzo, Roxanne Warren, David Nickolith, Susan Shipley, 
Robyn Anderson, (row two) Randy Shouse, Scott Baker, Paul Vogelsang, Rick Broeking, Tim Gorman, 
Chris Miller, (row three) Joe Greeson, editor; Cindy Endsley, Kathy Meyer, Susan De Rox, Jack 
Thornburgh, photographer. The paper was called Knight Time. 


Keeping late hours, Lancer chief, Phil Gelston, 
counts and pastes headlines for perfect fit. 






Lancer Representatives: (row one, left to right) Mike Cowart, Nancy 
Greene, Willa Pennyman, Lois Weber, Debbie Wilson, Audrey Lawrence, 
Beverly Pouncle, Mary McKinney, Ann Ikawa, Cheryl Brodhecker, Jan Jeff- 
eries, Debbie Roeder, Mary Zartman, Dianne Baxter, Brenda Burp, Sarah 
Gildea, Amy Quate. (row two) Don Barbee, Paul Vogelgesang, Jim Knight, 
DeAnna Proctor, Wanda Harris, Treendia Haralson, Sherry Anderson, Linda 
Taylor, Libby Cochran, Michelle Piccione, Karrol Kelley, Scott Langan, Son- 

nie Larson, Betsy Mitchell, Laura Ferguson, Glenann Spaulding, LeAnn 
Butcher, Debbie Hanley, Jan Brown, Keith Black, (row three) Howard Sat- 
terfield, Bruce Hubbard, Glen Rush, Ed McMichael, Tom Yeagley, Dan Mor- 
gan, Ronald Bridgeforth, Dan Lawhorn, Steve McMannus, Jim Ross, Steve 
Morrison, Charlie French, Howard Holifield, Grant Davis, Kurt Dietz, Larry 
Lenk, Harry Qualkinbush, Keith DeTrude, Doug Molin, John Daniluck, Fred 
Burrus. Papers were distributed every Friday by the representatives. 

Accolade Representatives: (row one, left to right) uayi iviiiier, ivieianie 
Hamilton, Nancy Greene, Rhonda Pearcy, Corky Abbott, Susie Meara, Jac- 
quie White, Bob Christiansen, Linda Mesalam, Patricia Neeley, Sarah Gil- 
dea, Nancy King, Linda Herrington, Linda Ziton. (row two) Debbie Wilson, 
Mary Ann Neeley, Laurie Peterson, Barbara Stephenson, Judy Hartley, Ja- 
nice Cherpas, Janna Adams, Andrea Beasley, Ann Brewster, David LeMas- 
ter, Kathy Hill, Vicki Weber, Jim Knight, Vicki Earnhardt, (row three) Diana 
Owens, Linda Taylor, Debbie Ewigleben, Mary McKinney, Terry Craig, Flo- 

rendius Howard, Margaret Turner, Ram Jessup, Scott Langan, Brenda 
Burp, Laura Ferguson, Eric Wichser, Richard Ross, Karen Clark, Brenda 
Wright, Amy Quate. (row four) Claudia Rankin, Marty Day, Bruce Hubbard, 
Nancy Spoo, Christine Van Spronsen, Pamela Shelton, Rudyard Heady, 
Harold Qualkinbush, Steve Morrison, Grant Davis, Charlie French, John 
Daniluck, Dan Lawhorn, Dan Ratz, Nancy O'Connor, Bambi Bullard, Don 
Fillion. These representatives handled the yearbook sales in their individual 
homerooms. Other sales were taken care of in the publications office. 


helpers deliver call slips, 

MpQQPnaprQ / ^^'P^^^ aenver can sups 
IVICooCi I^CI o / assist publications staff 

Business manager Ron Miller finds the weekly 
distribution of Lancers a pleasant job. 

In addition to the ordinary academic 
courses, messengers set aside a 
period a day to help in the administra- 
tive and counciling offices. 

Occupied with small but important 
tasks, students began the semesters 
by assembling and delivering packets 
to teachers. A constant stream of call 
slips and messages also kept messen- 
gers busy while morning "sick calls" 
demanded time for sorting schedules 
and conveying absentee lists to teach- 

Carrying a different kind of mes- 
sage. Lancer representatives made a 
weekly trip to the Publications office 
for the Lancers of their appointed ho- 

Accolade representatives assisted 
the yearbook staff during the fall 
semester by selling subscriptions for 
the 1970 yearbook. 

Contributing time, freshman Sandy Denton 
aids office personnel by delivering call slips. 

Messengers: (row one, left to right) Sally Howard, Carol Holdaway, Debbie 
Keithley, Linda Mesalam, Caria Martin, Andrea Beasley, Judy Hutcherson, 
Kyle Barnes, Gabi Bernschneider, John Brodhecker, Pam Loy, Terri El- 
dridge, Bobbi Propes, Mrs. Belgen Wells, sponsor, (row two) Karen Parris, 
Debbi Haines, Sharon Ann Tranter, Diane Fasnacht, Corky Abbott, Le Ann 
Murphy, Ann Fairburn, Pam Slagle, Christy Clark, Wally Harvey, Velma 
Richardson, Patti Hastings, Sue Christiansen, Cindy Burrus, Terry Johnson, 
Sharon Gale, (row three) Cindi Nolan, Vera Brown, Karen Roller, Valerie 

Rigsbee, Nita Agnew, Cheryl Cardwell, Jan Jackson, Debby Harris, Pam 
Cooney, Sandra Parris, Debbie Price, Sandy Shoemaker, Gary Jackson, 
Gayle Evans, Howard Evans, Kathy Price, (row four) Debbie Klenek, Leslie 
Walsh, Andrenese McDaniels, Sheryl Hawkins, Carole Crisci, Pam Dover, 
Lou Ann Steele, Mark Louis, Larsen Crowe, Ron Morris, Robert Pettiford, 
Terry Christianson, Marty Day, Gary Nance, Sheila McCray, Greg Owens, 
Jacqueline Brooks, Jacquiline Dickerson, Terri Booi. Messengers donate 
one period daily to help in the office. 


Qri^/:^^h / thespians, orators gain experience 
^P66Cn / under stage lights, behind podium 

National Forensic League: (row one, left to right) Phil Gelston, president; Bruce Hubbard, Mike Scott, 
Stephen Kaiser, (row two) Nancy Olson, Amy Pheasant, secretary; Betsy Mitchell, Pam Meyer, (row 
three) Rick Carlson, Lois Weber, Anita Poole, Sherry Radtke, Pam Kissel, (row four) Jill Holmes, Kathy 
Egenes, Libby Lane, Kathy Meyer, Patty Rupe. (row five) Mike Krienik, Tod Levitt, vice-president; Libby 
Cochran, Dan Lawhorn, Tom Lannan, Jeff Purvis. 

To tap the potential power of lan- 
guage, both Thespian and National Fo- 
rensics League members strove to 
perfect their speech and dramatic 

Providing entertainment for the en- 
tire community, Thespians acted in 
school productions and worked 
backstage with costumes, make-up, 
props, and scenery. 

Under the direction of Mrs. Daveda 
Wyatt, the active group climaxed the 
year with the annual presentation of 
the Thespian play. The Repertory 
Company, an outgrowth of the Thespi- 
ans, contributed another highlight to 
the year with an appearance on televi- 

Working with the senior class, Thes- 
pians assisted in presenting "Blithe 
Spirit," a play written by Noel Coward. 
Taking place in London, the play was 
based on the exploits of an author who 
hired a spiritualistic medium to assist 
him in writing a book. 

Acquiring self-assurance and poise. 
National Forensics League members 
earned valuable points by participat- 
ing in speech meets with neighboring 
schools. Areas of competition ranged 
from poetry interpretation to fields of 
radio and television broadcasting. 

Thespians: (row one, left to right) Bonnie Beaumont, Amy Quate, Anita 
Poole, Christine Parsley, Nancy Olson, Amy Pheasant, president; Judy Tip- 
ton, Fred Halter, Diane Sawin, Sherry Radtke, secretary, (row two) Kathy 
Grinslade, Dave Freeman, Tod Levitt, vice-president; Jill Holmes, Lois We- 

ber, Barbara Tipton, Chris Halter, Mike Scott, Libby Cochran, Kris Ann 
Schuesler, Marsha Todd, (row three) Bill Pemberton, Phil Gelston, Bruce 
Hubbard, Ron Phillips, Steve Trulock, Norm Brandenstein, Stephen Kaiser, 
Jim Boyd, Daniel McDermott, Lloyd White. 


In their first television match of the year, Quiz Team members Chris 
Halter, Bruce Ikawa, Steve Kaiser, and Mike Mummey appeared in Channel 

13's "Exercise in Knowledge." After v^eeks of practice sessions, their ef- 
forts were rewarded with a team victory over Cathedral. 

Tri-Hi-Y: (left to right) Pam Stevens, Martha 
Atz, Chris Halter, Anita Atz, Barbara Reidy. Not 
pictured is first year sponsor Mrs. Gloria Town- 
send and club president Debbie McMahon, sen- 

Q ^L. / teams participate in debate, contests; 

OpCGCll / Tri-Hi-Y features speakers, model UN 

Mrs. Gladysmae Good, team sponsor, drills Quiz Team alternates Tod Levitt, Amy Quate, and Dorothy 
La Fara in various categories ranging from music to science. 

Knov/ledge and understanding of 
the world today characterized the 
members of Tri-HI-Y, Quiz, and De- 
bate Clubs. 

Seventeen girls taking part in pro- 
moting better relations made up Tri- 
Hi-Y. Activities ranged from visiting 
orphanages to participating in the 
Model United Nations. The girls met 
under the guidance of sponsor Mrs. 
Gloria Townsend and president Deb- 
bie McMahon. 

Quiz Team students tested their 
knowledge by competing against 
other schools on Channel 13's "Exer- 
cise in Knowledge." Testing material 
for the team members was prepared 
by sponsor Mrs. Gladysmae Good. 

Long hours of hard work and in- 
depth research kept Debate Team 
members busy. Concentrating on the 
nation wide topic "Resolve that the 
United States Congress Prohibit uni- 
lateral military intervention," club 
president Tod Levitt and sponsor Mrs. 
Joyce Mullane prepared team mem- 
bers for debate. 

Debate Team: (row one, left to right) Janna Adams, Brian Rennekamp, 
Frank Morris, Kathy Meyer, (row two) Jim Ross, David Potts, Rick Carlson, 

Bill Pease. Not pictured is Mrs. Joyce Mullane, first year sponsor for the 



band members step out 

Marching Band/into school spotnght 

Assisting band director, Mr. Salzman, Mrs. Schmidt coordinates dance steps for the marching band 

Shining brass, precision marcliing, 
and gold and white pom-poms caught 
the eyes of spectators as the Marching 
Knights proudly displayed their skills 
in a parade of outdoor performances. 

The 70-member band, accom- 
panied by 16 pennant girls, marched 
in the "500" and Veteran's Day 
parades, while providing weekly enter- 
tainment during football season with 
pre-game and halftime ceremonies. 
Also featured with the Marching Band 
were eight flag twirlers, three majo- 
rettes, and feature twirler JoAnn Ar- 
buckle. The girls, dressed in glistening 
black sequin leotards, performed rou- 
tines in step to rhythmic melodies of 
the band. 

Highlighting the October United 
Fund drive, the group also led a down- 
town parade for the "torch snuffing" 
ceremony on the Circle. 

Marching Band: (row one, left to right) Steve 
Kehrer, Becky Deputy, Pam Denney, Bob Unger, 
Diane Walton, Mary Ann Olson, Diane Berry, 
Jane Fleshood, Gail DeHaven, Barb Stephenson, 
Eric Wichser, Dave Johnston, Dennis Weber, 
Gary Kirchner, Harry Sanders, John Pike, Deb- 

bie Bennett, Debbie Fitt, Ray Pohland. (row 
two) Diana Bailey, Faye Grigsby, Harry Crouch, 
Carl Cable, Phil Woodard, Larry Page, Janice 
Watson, Kerry England, Kirk Jackson, Steve 
Click, Keith Neilson, Linda Good, Linda Scott, 
Glenann Spalding, Lynn Stafford, Merle Safford, 

Patty Kendall, (row three) Carol Hughes, Susan 
Edwards, Gary Edwards, Laura Ferguson, Mark 
Lanum, Roger West, Phil Utigard, Rob Jackson, 
Debbie Riery, Loretta Schara, Lance Wickliff, 
Marty Byers, Tom Edwards, Janet Woodruff, 
Don Berry, Elaine Phillips, Joni Strong, (row 



With saxophone in hand, Gail DelHaven mar- 
ches into position for tiie next halftime number. 

Keeping in step with the rhythm of the drum, the Marching Knights proudly displayed their talents 
as they performed in the annual Veteran's Day parade at the World War Memorial. 

four) Debbie Justus, Elizabeth Kidwell, Mr. Wil- 
liam Salzman, sponsor; Howard Graves, Mike 
Haemmerle, Bradley Krulce, Dave Weston, Jim 
Gaier, Jim Hagan, Jerry Rankin, Mike Hudson, 
Doug Weber, Bob Rusher, Chuck Conrad, Bill 
Pease, Chris Halter, Anne Beall. (row five) Dave 

Searles, Alan Zaring, Richard Klippel, Bruce 
Mosier, Mark Bishop, Jim Wood, Mike Cochran, 
Rick Cagle, Jeff Johnson, Jack Hollingsworth, 
Les Wickloff, Randy Davis, Jerri McNeely, Joe 
Cavanaugh, Paul Bailey. 


Drooping eyes and a sigh marked another half- 
time show for senior drum major, Steve Kehrer. 



Pep Band: (row one, left to right) Robert Rusher, Janet Woodruff, John 
Marquart, Barbara Stephenson, Gail De Haven, Dave Weston, Howard 
Graves, (row two) Phil Woodard, Stephen Kehrer, Raymond Pohland, Larry 
Page, Larry Spoolstra, Kirk Jackson, Charles Conrad, (row three) David 

Johnston, Rob Jackson, David Searles, Alan Zaring, Mike Hudson, Lance 
Wickliff, Bob Unger. (row four) Mark Bishop, Roger West, IVlr. William 
Salzman, director; Richard Klippel. Entertaining with pre-game and half- 
time tunes, the pep band sparked enthusiasm during the basketball season. 

Concert Band: (row one, left to right) Arlene 
Mithoefer, Sherry Radtke, Vicki Alton, Linda Ro- 
senquist, Linda Helper, Bobbie Hill, Barb Ste- 
phenson, Barb Tipton, Janet Zoschke, Rob 
Jackson, Jan Jackson, Laura Ferguson, Debbie 
Berry, Karen Johannessen, Cappi Odom, Don 
Thrasher, Bob Kraucunas. (row two) Mary Ann 

The trombone section steps out in a featured melody during the "Tops in Pops" concert. Jim Gerard, 
television commentator, acted as master of ceremonies for the annual program. 



Cnnnar^ R^nrl / Presents classical to pop, 
OUMUClL DCIIIU / pep band promotes spirit 

Under the direction of Mr. Salzman, feature 
soloist Phil Allen steps into the spotlight. 

All-City High School Symphony president John 
Hall rehearses for an upcoming performance. 

Band members combined talent 
with dedication to provide spirited en- 
tertainment during the year. 

The Concert Band, directed by Mr. 
William Salzman, presented the an- 
nual "Tops in Pops" concert and Opus 
9 with a musical repertoire ranging 
from jazz to marches. The Pops con- 
cert, which featured Miss Indianapo- 
lis, Mary Elberg, was held during the 
fall while the Opus 9, following in the 
spring semester, featured the George 
Nicoloss Orchestra. 

When not practicing for concerts, 
the musicians were busy participating 
in contests. 

The Pep Band, composed of 25 in- 
strumentalists, joined with the Gol- 
denaires to perform during half-time 
at home basketball games. 

Operating on a voluntary basis, the 
Pep Band offered no credit except the 
personal satisfaction of adding extra 
spirit at games. 

Olson, Carol Huser, John Marquart, Janet Clark, 
Joe Cavanaugh, Scott Holloway, Linda Long, 
Paul Flockhart, Steve Click, Mike Hagen, Carol 
Marquart, Larry Spoolstra, Janet Woodruff, 
Mike Haemmerle, Becky Deputy, Gail De Haven, 
Katie Snyder, Jim Gaier, John Hall, Phillip Wil- 
kins. (row three) Brad Krulce, Bob Rusher, Bill 

Pease, Diane Walton, Norita McCulloch, Phil 
Allen, Don Berry, Linda Scott, Linda Good, Den- 
nis Riane, Carl Cable, Phil Woodard, Steve 
Kehrer, Ray Pohland, Dave Edmonds, Larry 
Page, Howard McPeek, Bob Linger, Phil Utigard, 
Roger West, Charles Conrad, Mike Hudson, 
Dave Weston, Tom Edwards, Lance Wickliff. 

(row four) Judy Tipton, Laurie Peterson, Rick 
Young, Mark Bishop, Richard Klippel, Dave 
Searles, David Sommerville, Alan Zaring, Jeff 
Johnson, Marty Byers, Mike Sylvester, (row 
five) Larry Patrick, Jack Hollingsworth, Randy 
Davis, Howard Graves, Ron Taback, Rick Cagle, 
Mr. Salzman, director. 


nrrhoc-hr::^ / "^^^'^'^ns perfect their talents, 
vJlUl l"oLrd / provide communitv with concer 




Participating in some "friendly competition," first and second chair violinists Sharon Taylor and iVIarl^ 
Kresge, respectively, practice for a future orchestra performance. 

Concert Orchestra members kept a 
busy schedule this year with perform- 
ances ranging from community to 
school concerts 

Using the money received from pro- 
grams to purchase new attire, the 
musicians performed for the annual 
Christmas Concert and provided 
background music for the fall produc- 
tion of "The Sound of Music." Orches- 
tra members also competed in the 
State Orchestra Contest while in- 
dividual members of the group par- 
ticipated in solo ensemble contests 
and the High School All-City Sym- 
phony. Adding an extra honor to the 
department, the musicians journeyed 
to Clowes Hall to play in the Butler 
University Concert Series. 

The String Ensemble, chosen di- 
rectly from the string section of the 
school orchestra, performed addi- 
tional concerts for various programs 
of civic, church, and community or- 

Concert Orchestra: (row one, left to right) 

Sharon Taylor, president; Mark Kresge, vice- 
president; Susie Shipley, Sandy Denton, Mike 
Poulimas, Carol Gierke, Vicki VanDuren, Nan 
Colbert, (row two) Nancy Tingle, Brenda 

Wright, Eric Mueller, David Potts, Barb Stephen- 
son, Janet Zoschke, Linda Rosenquist, Joe 
Cavanaugh, Linda Long, Betty Lanteigne, Jenny 
Howard, Laura Johnson, Emily Rigsbee. (row 
three) Becky Smith, Barb Kouwe, secretary; 

Kristen Johannessen, Beth Ricketts, Diana Wal- 
ton, Bradley Krulce, Mary Anne Olsen, Sharon 
Sinders, John Hall, Vicki Lemons, George 
Odom, Gail DeHaven, Mary Kay Kellerhals, Ri- 
vienne Shedd, Kathy Meyer, Marsha Ricketts, 

String Ensemble: (row one, left to right) Sharon Taylor, Mark Kresge, Sue 
Shipley, Sandy Denton, Mike Poulimas, Carol Gierke, Vicki VanDuren, Nan 

Colbert, (row two) Nancy Tingle, Brenda Wright, Becky Smith, Maria 
McDaniels, Linda Rosenquist, Miss Smith, Jenny Howard, Chris Halter. 

Bernard Phillips, (row four) Maria McDaniels, 
Jane Merriman, Barbara Reidy, Cindy Haines, 
Donna Osborn, Steve Jackson, Steve Kehrer, 
Ray Pohland, Bob Unger, Paula Hyde, Mike Ha- 
gen, Carol Marquart, Larry Spoolstra, Lance 

Wickliff, Tom Edwards, Mike Hudson, Richard 
Klippel, Doug Babb, Chris Halter, Irene Miller, 
Fred Halter, librarian; Mike Sylvester, (row five) 
Joe Markland, Jack Hollingsworth, Miss Prisilla 
Smith, sponsor; Laurie Peterson. 

(left above) Dots of illuminated music add a 
dramatic touch to "The Sound of Music." 
(above) Directing the String Ensemble, Miss 
Prisilla Smith picks out a tune on the piano. 

Senior Becky Smith accompanies four members of the Boys' Ensemble as they prepare for a future 
concert. The group performs at many functions, including the school's annual Christmas concert. 

Mrs. Edison l<eeps students informed as she 
posts new events in the Music Department. 

Boys' Ensemble: (row one, left to right) William Jones, William Pemberton, 
Aldis Elberts, Greg Biberdorf, Gary Beckman, Robert Shannon, Dean Clod- 
felter, Terry Roberson, Jeff Purvis, Jodie Davis, (row two) Rebecca Smith, 
accompanist; Larney Horstman, R. Waring Bowser, Steve Cotts, Mark 

Brewer, James Black, Howard Satterfield, Bruce Hubbard, Dan Gioe, Don 
Allen, Mr. Ralph Horine, director, (row three) Frank Morris, Randy Bland, 
Sam Baxter, Steve Trulock, Rodney Arnett, David Lancello, Craig Romeril, 
Ron Phillips, Bill Freed, Doug Molin. 


Ensembles / 

vocalists capitalize on talent, 
oneness of male, female voices 



S^Cl 4r^^H 

■mil jFw'Vi *i^^s 



With favorite choral arrangements, the Treble-Aires, along with the Flat Foot Four, provide vocal 
entertainment for Knights during spring Tap Day ceremonies. 

Vocalists in the "sing" of things ad- 
ded a melodious touch to Music De- 
partment productions. 

Treble-Aires, composed of 45 song- 
sters, were chosen on the basis of 
poise, sightreading ability, and vocal 

With the assistance of Mrs. June 
Edison, piano accompanist, the all-girl 
chorus performed in spring and fall 
concerts. They also sang for Tap Day 
ceremonies and created a festive air 
for Glendale shoppers during the holi- 
day season. To lend nev\/ life to their 
showmanship, members made new 
outfits for the year's performances. 

The all-male counterpart. Boys' En- 
semble, held positions for 29 stu- 
dents. These baritones and tenors 
were chosen from advanced glee club 
organization by their vocal talents. 

Mr. Ralph Horine, director of the 
Boys' Ensemble and Treble-Aires, se- 
lected the music and participants for 
the groups. Both organizations ac- 
tively participated in state contests. 

Treble-Aires: (row one, left to right) Mrs. June Edison, accompanist; Terri 
Robinson, Vickie Lemmons, Janet Byers, Janice Cherpas, Debbie Bennett, 
vice-president; Caria Martin, Roxie Shannon, Daria Worton, Debbie Bow/, 
Linda Updike, Sheri Findley, Susie Verrill, secretary-treasurer; Chris Porter, 
Vicki Altom, Jan Gehris, Mr. Ralph Horine, director, (row two) Pam More- 
lock, Sandy Shoemaker, Patty Bast, Diane Butche, Sharon Tranter, Mary 

Munch, Sherry Anderson, Lisa Wichser, Carol Hughes, Sigrid Sauter, 
Brenda Ping, president; Sue Christiansen, Becky Salter, Shirley Burnett. 
(row three) Theresa Pond, Kathy Anderson, Margaret Zimmerman, Cindy 
Troha, Janet Perkins, Patty Boone, Lizbeth Lane, Sandy Shorter, Ann Cal- 
vert, Nan Colbert, Barbara Dye, Jayne Hoverter, Bonnie Linxwiller, Maria 
McDaniels, Terre Jones. 


talented singers serve school, 

\/nr;^lic+Q /^^'^"^®° singers serve scnooi, 
VUCdlloLo / community with musical abilities 

Festive tunes of "Deck the Halls" 
and "Silent Night" echoed through 
downtown Indianapolis as the Concert 
Choir caroled on the Circle. 

Selected on the basis of ability and 
voice quality, the seventy-seven mem- 
bers performed for school activities 
and civic functions. Under the direc- 
tion of Mr. Ralph Horine and accom- 
panied by Mrs. June Edison, the 
choir's repertoire included spring and 
fall programs, while adding an extra 
spark of talent to school auditoriums. 
The organization also participated in 
the annual State Music Contest. 

An additional honor, the Indiana 
Music Educator's Association chose 

the choir to present a concert at the 
Marott Hotel last November. 

Consisting of seventeen madrigal 
musicians, the Arlingtones combined 
to form the Music Departments' exclu- 
sive vocal group. The talented vocal- 
ists averaged thirty to forty 
appearances, highlighted by singing 
for the premiere of "Goodbye, Mr. 
Chips" at the Indiana Theatre. 

Indiana's newly formed All State 
Choir unveiled its talent at Clowes 
Hall; and Arlington was represented 
by Kate Wichser, Marcia Reider, and 
Lloyd White, all senior Arlingtone 

Mr. Horine gives final words of advice before 
Arlingtones perform at the Columbia Club. 

Concert Choir: (row one, left to right) Cindy Clark, Kathy Atkinson, Anita Poole, Camille Murray, Sarah 
Gildea, Cindy Spradling, Marcia Reider, Debby Dickerson, Andi McDaniels, Kathy Hammer, Barb 
Tipton, Kate Wichser, Barbara Kouwe, Karen Weaver, Gayle Boyd, Linda Hepler, Katie Snyder, Kathy 
Lammers, Mr. Horine. (row two) Veronica Sanchez, Debbie Haines, Sharon Gale, Yvonna Stevens, 
Donna Quinnett, Gwen Ferguson, Marcia Todd, Linda Rosenquist, Joyce Gabbert, Kathy Routt, Jo 
Weston, Carol Gierke, Joan Sibley, Jane Rigsbee, Sharon Taylor, Jayne Merriman, Judy Tipton, Diane 


Arlingtones: (row one, left to right) Gwen Ferguson, Lloyd White, Donna 
Quinnett, Tom Charleston, Kate Wichser, Dave Freeman, (row two) Chip 
Hill, Cindy Spradling, Dave Edmonds, Katie Snyder, Chris Conlin. (row 

three) Amy Pheasant, Dan Lane, Barb Tipton, (row four) Marcia Reider, 
Steve Kehrer, and (seated) Linda Rosenquist. 

Davis, Amy Pheasant, (row three) Kerry England, Roger Bender, Dave Johnston, Dave Edmonds, Bill 
Coffey, Rick Gorsline, Rodney Reid, Rick Crosson, Joe Bennett, John Ferguson, Mike Krienik, Chip Hill, 
Chris Conlin, Ken Whisman, Chuck Madinger, Tony Wilson, Dave Freeman, Darcy Abbott, (row four) 
Rick Hanes, Tom Charleston, Lloyd White, Dan McDermott, Stuart Wilson, Skip Fisher, Jim Stoneci- 
pher, John Stoughton, Steve Kehrer, Tom Valdez, Norman Brandenstein, Jerry Eidson, Ron Miller, Dan 
Lane, Steve Christian, Tim Ernest, Greg Owen, Tom Zentz. 


Scanning the files in the music library, choir 
members Steve Fralish, Jill Holmes, and Libby 
Cochran select songs for upcoming programs. 



Clinic Assistants: (row one, left to right) Karin Gilley, Karen Johannessen, 
Debby Harris, Carol Klein, Linda Green, Anita Atz, Denise Fields, Susan 
Wilson, (row two) Joanie Cline, Jan Jackson, Lydia Carney, Donna Roberts, 

Jana Gordon, Janet Lutey, Charlotte Carrier, Wanda K. Harris, Martha Atz. 
Assistants donated free periods to help others. Their duties ranged from 
taking temperatures to bandaging cuts and scratches. 

-I I 

Red Cross Club: (row one, left to right) Harry Argenbright, Bruce Hubbard, 
Mike Richeson, Steve McManus, Ed Hart, (row two) Charlotte Carrier,- 
Lesley Salmon, Linda McWhorter, Pam Rea, Janet Woodruff, Valerie Cal- 

vert, president; Mary Brown, Linda Cheney, Cynthia Neal, Karen Ross, (row 
three) Mollie Livengood, Donna Carrier, Linda Good, Susan Baron, Becky 
Salter, Jackie Brooks, Mrs. Gladysmae Good, sponsor. 


Ul^ol + h C'WrMn I P''3ctice nurses, service oriented, medical-minded 

donate own time, experience, interest for others 

Health Careers Club: (row one, left to right) Janet Shea, Audrey Irving, (row two) Susan Baron, 
Carolyn Lipp, secretary, (row three) Karen Johannessen, vice-president; Laura Johnson, (row four) 
Madonna Griffey, president; Mrs. Mary Van Allen, Sponsor; Karen Roller, historian. 

Aside from routine duties, senior Anita Atz performs necessary treatment on "patient" Susan Vaughn. 
Clinic assistants gain valuable experience in the field of nursing. 


Assisting with TB tests, making 
booster buttons, and sending items to 
orphans and soldiers overseas, clinic 
assistants and members of Health Ca- 
reers and Red Cross aided the com- 
munity and student body. 

Special duties performed by clinic 
assistants included helping ill people 
and applying first aid. With the guid- 
ance of Mrs. Rowena Graub, head 
nurse, assistants also helped adminis- 
ter vision tests. 

Red Cross members prepared an 
overseas chest of items for the armed 
forces and formed a party for the Chil- 
dren's Guardian Home. Sponsored by 
Mrs. Gladysmae Good, the club was 
affiliated with the Marion County High 
School Red Cross Organization with 
five delegates representing Arlington. 

In association with the Indiana 
Health Careers Incorporation, the 
Health Careers Club chose one dele- 
gate to represent the club in the state 
organization. A Christmas party and 
Mental Health Gift project concluded 
the year's calendar. 



Academic Assistants: (row one, left to right) Diana Bailey, Bill Verrill, 
Janet Lutey, Barbara Stephenson, (row two) Martha Atz, Anita Vitolins, 

Patty Villars, Anita Atz, Sharon Warrick, (seated) Patty O'Brien. The assist- 
ants work hard to help the department heads fulfill their duties. 

Girls PE Assistants: (row one, left to right) Beth Loveless, Pam Denney, 
Sally Tegarden, Pam Cassidy, Charlotte Carrier, Cindy Clark, (row two) 
Cathy Clark, Natalie Tarter, Brenda Ping, Cheryl Cardwell, Merle Safford, 
Patti Kendall, (row three) Gay! Miller, Susie Tennis, Barbara Saillant, 

Regina Vitolins, Christy Clark, Kris Carter, Bobbe Hill, Joni Strong, (row 
four) Laura Woods, Conne Dickson, Gale Heckman, Susan Edwards, Phyllis 
Linenberger, Jodi Gehris, Paula Monday, Eileen Hoskins. The girls improve 
their own skills as they help others. 



AQQIQtPintQ /§'^'"S teachers 'helping hand,' 

aides keep records, run errands 

Physical Education and Academic 
Assistants practiced their acquired 
skills as they took on the responsibili- 
ties of various departments. 

Chosen on the ability of leadership, 
dependability, initiative, and gymnas- 
tic skill. Physical Education Assistants 
gave both pupils and teachers a "help- 
ing hand." Demonstrating techniques, 
keeping records, and running errands 
were all part of their busy schedule 
during class periods. 

Academic Assistants selected the 
task of helping teachers of various de- 
partments to prepare class materials, 
as they donated one free period of 
their day in exchange for a small sal- 
ary. Their obligations included typing 
and mimeographing tests, letters, 
notes, and routine office tasks. 

Assistant Bobbe Hill helps a student with tech- 
niques of walking on the balance beam. 

Running off tests is only one of the duties of 
science assistant Saralyn Stalcup. 

Boys PE Assistants: (row one.left to right) Mi- 
chael Reed, Gary Orr, Ron Coutts. (row two) 
Fred Hart, Carl White, Mike Pearcy, Ed Hart. 
(row three) Bob Worl, Greg Owens, Bob Helm, 
Rick Gorsline. (row four) Bill Edney, Dave 
Zorne, George Hutchison, Bob Maas, Randy 
Brinegar. The outstanding assistant is awarded 
for his service on Honor Day. 

Careers / 

students join after-school clubs, 
perfect hobbies, professional goals 

Minds pondered and ideas grew 
when students went to work using 
skills involved in the Chess, Electron- 
ics, Future Teachers of America, and 
Future Architects and Draftsmen 

Who'd want to be a teacher? Mem- 
bers of the FTA have their reasons for 
setting such a goal. Leading the club in 
discussions on student-teacher com- 
munications, sponsor Mrs. Margaret 
Janert analyzed present teaching 
methods. Club activities included as- 
sisting the OPT by serving refresh- 
ments at Open House and selling 
corsages for Homecoming festivities. 
The organization was also awarded for 
Installing the John Marshall Chapter 
of FTA. 

Focusing on creativity and talent, 

Future Architects and Draftsmen 
created model houses and trailers. 
Under the direction of Mr. DeWaine 
Metcalf, members also constructed 
entries for a Covered Bridge Contest 
and toured Weir Cook Airport Track- 
ing station. 

Wires and gadgets of electronics 
were the object of attention of the 
Electronics Club. Hoping to obtain a 
home radio station at Arlington, club 
members operated coat checks as a 
means of finance. 

The cry of "checkmate" was fre- 
quently heard when the Chess Club 
was in session. Sponsored by Miss 
Martha White, members discussed 
and debated attacks and defense 
while demonstrating strategic maneu- 

Electronics Club: (row one, left to right) Pete 
Murphy, Danny Coyle, Joseph Neely. (row two) 

Future Architects and Draftsment: (left to right) Larry Page, Lenard Beas- 
ley, Kenneth Allen, Mark Mitchell, Doug Mott, Mr. DeWaine Metcalf, spon- 
sor; Ardie Bucher, treasurer; Jim Acevedo, Gary Nance, vice-president; 

Rodney Reid, secretary; Terry Adams, president; Morris Ridenour, Dennis 
Gordon, Errol Dingle. Club members move to develop future interests, 
designing and creating outside projects. 


Phil Smith, Bill Cherry, Richard Ross, Mr. Wil- 
liam Fellows, club sponsor. 

FTA: (clockwise) Judy Tipton, president; Susie Sayre, Susie Howrey, Joyce Macdonald, Anita Atz, 
Debbie McMahon, Susie Andrews, Paul McMichael, Mrs. Margaret Janert, sponsor; Janet Zoshke, Sheri 
Thomas, Martha Atz, secretary; Laurie Peterson, Barb Stephenson, vice-president, Rachel Rutledge. 

Chess Club: (row one, left to right) Steven Jacl<son, Rick Thompson, vice- 
president; Steve Miller, Steve Konchinsky, David Wilcox, Van Vandivier, 

president; Bruce Tovsky. (row two) Nathan Jorgenson, Tony Wishort, Ro- 
nald DeMorigin, Errol Dingle. Not pictured. Miss White, sponsor. 


Ti^/^h nir^ia nc / ^^^^^^^ lights, action need 
I cCrirMCIdrio / backstage skiUs, techniques 



Audio-Visual: (row one, left to right) Audrey Irving, Mary Ann Neely, Rachel Irick. (row two) Keith 
Matters, William Cherry, Tom Zentz. (row three) Jeff Ping, Thomas Poindexter, Bob Solberg. (row 
four) Irvin Cash, sponsor; Eric Maxey. (row five) Rick Crosson, Carey Messick, Pete Murphy, (row 
six) John Potts, Dave Potts, Bob Kraucunas. 

Sixteen students received on-the- 
job training as auditorium technicians 
while others became skilled audio- 
visual assistants. 

Using after-school hours to perfect 
their ability, technicians co-ordinated 
sound, lights, special effects, and cur- 
tain calls. Under the direction of Mr. 
John Schuiz, the crew donated time to 
help produce plays, concerts, and 
auditorium programs. 

Audio-visual assistants learned and 
perfected their skills under Mr. Irvin 
Cash. Their time was contributed to 
school service by aiding teachers with 
visual aids. The assistants scheduled 
projectors and record players, or- 
dered films, taped P.A. skits, and 
helped prepare materials for the over- 
head projectors. 

Threading projectors, staging productions, 
and recording PA announcements provide AV 
assistants v^/ith valuable experience. 


I The auditorium technicians apply their skills and knowledge to prepare the stage for production. 

Checking microphones and perfecting sound systems are among their many technical duties. 

Auditorium Technicians: (row one, left to right) John Anderson, Emerson 
Blunt, Michael Kennedy, Jonathan Barker, Pete Murphy, William Cherry, 
Lenard Beasley, Michael Haemmerle, Howard Satterfield, John Schuiz, 

sponsor, (row two) Ed McMichael, Mike Cowart, Bruce Howe, Rick Haem- 
merle, Bob Childs, Mark Catellier, Jeff Ping. Outstanding technicians re- 
ceived awards for achievements on Honor Day. 


math, science buffs pierce abstractions, 

Prnnfc Fnil^ + innc / "la^^, science dutts pierce aostractions, 
llUUlo, L.L|UClUUIIo / work with reasoning of numbers, symbols 

Symbols, formulas, and equations 
presented challenges to members of 
the Science and Math Clubs. 

Scientifically oriented students 
found that the Science Club offered 
information about physical and bio- 
logical fields of technology. Sponsor- 
ing the club, Mr. Robert McClary took 
the group on frequent field trips and 
attended monthly lectures by guest 

While the Science Club was oc- 
cupied with the scientific aspects of 
the technical world, the Math Club, led 
by Miss Martha Burton, pondered the 
intricacies of math. New mathematical 
challenges were constantly presented 
and discussed. 

Science Seminar members, guided 
by Mr. Merle Wimmer, spent their 
Saturdays attending lectures at In- 
diana University Medical Center. 

(above) Working with the complex relationship 
of numbers, assistant sponsor Mr. William En- 
sor instructs Math Club members Steven Jack- 
son, Sheri Thomas, and Kerry England in the 
multiple uses of the slide rule, (right) Meeting 
the challenges of solving a difficult mathemati- 
cal equation, sponsor Miss Martha Burton aids 
Debbie McMahon, Kirk Jackson, and Mihoko 
Mathews in after-school competition. 

Science Club: (row one, left to right) Colleen Brown, Kathy Egenes, secre- 
tary-treasurer; Melody Johnson, Kathy Clower, Liz Ralston, Sherry Radtke. 
(row two) Jeanie Sims, Robert Chamness, Russ Oppenlander, Joe Greeson, 
John Ricketts, Lewis Tichy. (row three) Randy Shouse, Fred Grant, Mike 

Mummey, Mike McKee, Allen Kirk, Steven Kaiser, (row four) Ivars Rage, 
vice president; Richard Broeking, Steven Miller, Lenard Beasley, Doug 
Greeson, president; Brad Mason, Mr. Robert McClary, Sponsor. Louis Rus- 
sell, heart recipient, was the featured speaker. 

Science Seminar: (row one, left to right) Bruce Ikawa, Amy Quate, Cecile 
Fields, Maria Saiz, Susan Brown, (row tow) Doug Greeson, Lewis Tichy, 
Bruce Tovsky, Ken Gray, Mike Mummey, Alan Zaring, Steve Miller, Charles 

Conrad, Bob Chamness. Recommended by their science teachers, the stu- 
dents were required to take the Westinghouse Test, qualifying them for the 
Science Seminar which included 200 city students. 


Spanish Club: (row one, left to right) Gary Herrington, Alan Norris, Dario 
Santana, Charles Upson, Ron Agnew. (row two) Chris Bowman, Bea Davis, 
Brenda Maggie, Becky Maggio, Mrs. Portilla, sponsor, (row three) Robin 
DeRox, Pam Plummer, Suzie Jackson, Cindy Black, Miss Gurvitz, sponsor; 
Armando Perez, Veronica Sanchez, (row four) Maria Saiz, Deborah Lind- 
say, Camille Murray, president; Jeanie Sims, vice-president; Colleen Brown. 

(row five) Robin Gutzwiller, Sandy Tiemeyer, Debbie Anderson, Fredda 
Cardwell, Sandy Shoemaker, Paula Banta, Marcia Sakrison, secretary; 
Craig May. (row six) Terri Lewis, Cynthia Hill, Linda Rosenquist, Valerie 
Rigsbee, Kay Upson, Judsona Randolph, (row seven) Debbie Phillipps, 
Donna Eleson, Sheri Thomas, Dena Townsend, Diane Walton, Jeanine 
Kreider, Bill Pemberton, Rodney Raid. 

German Club: (row one, left to right) Linda McWhorter, Darrell Taylor, 
Judy Beaty, Donald Miller, Gabri Bernschneider. (row two) Mrs. Rubfe, 
sponsor; Peter Murphy, president; Mark Brewer, George Odom, Rachel 

Irick, John Robert. Not pictured is Laura Ferguson, vice-president and 
Mona Percifield, secretary-treasurer. This is Mrs. Ruble's first year as Ger- 
man Club sponsor. 


I ^ncni^QO Olllhc / bilingual students explore unique customs 
LClMgUClgC OIU Uo / of other countries through group-projects 

Seeking a better understanding of 
the world around them, German Club 
members supplemented class studies 
with cultural exchange meetings 
among the language clubs. Members 
also produced a German newspaper 
"Der Ritter" under the guidance of 
Mrs. Pamela Ruble, and heard guest 
speaker Mr. David Blase relate his re- 
cent travels through Germany. 

Creating a new image this year, the 
French Club boasted a record mem- 
bership and two new sponsors, as they 
furthered their knowledge of French 
customs. Under the direction of Mrs. 
Jan Duggan and Miss Anne Jeffery, 
club members visited Clowes Hall to 
see Marcel Marceau, and journeyed to 
Vincennes to the site of a French fort. 

Spanish Club members continued 
to increase their knowledge of Span- 
ish culture with summer exchange 
students Linda Rosenquist and Craig 

Other items on the club's agenda 
included a trip to Clowes, a Spanish 
Banquet, and a dinner at a Spanish 

Adding a touch of Mexican and Spanish culture to Christmas festivities, Spanish Club officers 
IVlarcia Sakrison, Bill Pemberton, Camille Murray, and Jeanie Sims prepare for their annual holiday 
party by creating a paper-mache piiiata stuffed with candies. 

French Club: (row one, left to right) Engra Reid, vice-president; Cheryl 
Black, president; Susie Hofmeister, secretary, (row two) Susan DeRox, 
Pam Plummer, Diane Stevens, Debbie Wilson, Suzy Wilson, Beth Stalcup, 

Ann Calvert, Vicki Lemons, (row three) Miss Jeffery, sponsor; Pam 
Searles, Emerson Blunt, Richard Combs, Doug Wheeler, Beverly Ealy, 
Donna Osborn, Mrs. Duggan, sponsor. 


Knights of History: (row one, left to right) Bill Pemberton, Bob Solberg, 
Robert Shannon, Jerry Hallett, Stephen Kaiser, Leonard Beasley, Steven 
McNally, Brian Callahan, Jerry White, Dan Donaldson, William Cherry, (row 
two) Pamela Morelock, Cindy Alonzo, Diane Lewis, Cathy Stork, Marsha 
Weil, Kyle Barnes, Barry Sample, Brian Rennekamp, Frank Morris, Jack 
Thornburgh, Jeff Amonette, Joann Pappas, Pete Murphy, (row three) Mrs. 
L. Maurey, co-sponsor; Lou Ann Steele, Debbie Johns, Barbara Hatfield, 
Debbie Barlow, Diane Stevens, Maria Saiz, Vicki Spear, Janice Cherpas, 

Linda McWhorter, Jan Brown, Kathy Egnes, Chris Parsley, Mr. John Morris, 
co-sponsor, (row four) Rudyard Heady,president; David Potts, John 
Valdez, Jim Ross, John Morris, Ivars Rage, Carey Messick, Sara Dunbar, 
treasurer; John Potts, Dennis Healy. (row five) Jackie Alstott, Marcia 
Ferger, Janna Adams, Susie Heady, secretary; Linda Gifford, Christine Bow- 
man, Susan de Rox, Elizabeth Kennedy, Susan Howrey, Kathy Harbin, 
Theresa Kopinski, Bonnie Beaman. The club operates the refreshment 
stands at all the home games to raise money for field trips. 


ask questions, 

Special Interests / study past 

Historically intrigued — from the 
fading of age-old civilizations to the 
hopes and challenges of a young 
republic — Knights of History re- 
searched, debated, and reviewed the 
historical and cultural movement of 
the past and present. Along with the 
annual fall co'^vention at Spring Mill 
Park, the clul ambers were busy at 
home game a/c king the concession 
stands to e,; i needed funds and pre- 
senting his rical plays at the In- 
dianapolis C iiildren's Museum. 

Exploring the ancient as well as the 
present, Latin Club members studied 
the foundations of modern languages. 
Through songs, skits, banquets, and 

guest speakers, members extended 
their knowledge of Latin from class 
time to cover interest areas. Mike 
Reap, president, spent the summer in 
Italy with the Honors Program for high 
school students of Latin. 

For their second year, the Bible Club 
was active in debate, caroling, spon- 
soring guest speakers, and on special 
holidays, helping the needy. A new ad- 
dition to the club was the Invitational 
Bible Bowl Tournament in which Ar- 
lington, Lawrence, and Marshall par- 
ticipated. The group caroled 
downtown over the Christmas holi- 
days and also sang on a radio pro- 

Sophomore Bill Pemberton gets "stuck" serv- 
ing punch at the History Club Christmas party. 

Latin Club: (row one, left to right) Kim Mathews, Fredda Cardwell, Frances 
Kenrick. (row two) Mihoko Mathews, Vicky Purvis, Julie Phillippe, Bill 
Kennedy, Delia Winn, secretary, (row three) Pat Reap, Sheryl Hawkins, 

Steve Jackson, Mike Reap, president; Kerry Brand, Mr. Swinford, sponsor. 
Mr. Swinford instructed his club members in Latin as a foundation for 
languages and studies of the Latin culture. 



pE /f/W 

cadets prepare for armed forces service, 

A steady aim and shooting precision are the 
goals of Rifle Team member Dale Ranck as he 
prepares for an elimination meet. 

KU I \j / master basic drill, fighting principles 

ROTC Drill and Rifle Teams adapted 
to the role of representing Arlington to 
the community in interscholastic com- 

The Drill Team, under the guidance 
of Sgt. Blackburn, participated in city, 
regional, and state meets, while the 
"Mini" Drill Team received the title of 
the "Outstanding Jr. ROTC Drill Unit." 
The Drill Team also marched in the 
Lawrence and Veteran's Day Parades. 

The Rifle Team maintained a 
"sharpshooting" image by competing 
with other city teams. Sponsored by 
Sgt. Pennington, the team also par- 
ticipated in three city meets. 

ROTC's female sponsors played an 
active part in all phases of the battal- 
ions' actions. Inspecting uniforms and 
aiding in drills, the sponsors formed 
an integral part of the ROTC chapter. 

Drill Team: (row one, left to right) Bill Quillin, commander; Robert Eu- 
banks, Randall Patrick, John Garris, Jon Sipole, Bonnie Beaumont, sponsor. 

(row two) Ken Henshey, Norm Leonard, Leroy Couch, Michael Cox, Dan 
Helton, Stg. Blackburn, faculty sponsor. 



LEFT: Mini Squad: (row one, left to right) Janet 
Shea, sponsor; Earl Dixon, Craig Henderson, 
Wayne Ratt, Mike Poulimas, commander, (row 
two) James McCarley, Kenneth Griffin, Morris 
Newkirk, Donald Scott, Dennis Willson, Sgt. 
Blackburn, faculty sponsor. BELOW: Sponsors: 
(row one, left to right) Maria Saiz, Janet Shea, 
Terry Knipe, Bonnie Beaumont, (row two) 
Karen Roller, Terri Smith, Paula Lothamer, 
Carol Huser. BOTTOM: Rifle Team: (row one, 
left to right) Michael Haemmerle, Rick King, 
Dale Ranck, Maria Saiz. (row two) John DeWitz, 
Jack Lane, Doug Wheeler, Phil Wilkins, Sgt. Pen- 
nington, faculty sponsor. 

art, literature, camera buffs 

Fj A K+c / ' literature, camera dutts 

I lie Mr lb / expand their knowledge, skills 

Officers of the Camera Club, junior Dan Ratz and junior Steve Click, set up a temporary darkroom 
with their home equipment in a first floor custodian closet. 

Students pursued interests in vari- 
ous forms of expression througli the 
Book, Camera, and Art Clubs. 

With their sponsor, Mr. James Ur- 
bain, members of the Book Club ex- 
plored the varied fields of poetry and 
held discussions over novels the club 
read as a group. Members worked a 
coat check at one basketball game for 
funds to buy books for club use. 

Members of the Art Club visited the 
Herron Art Museum, the Lilly homes, 
now the home of the Indianapolis Art 
Pavilion, and other special art exhib- 
its. With the aid of sponsor Mrs. Marg- 
ery Hindman, club members carried 
on the traditions of painting scenery 
for the annual musical and sponsoring 
an all-school art contest. 

In its second year as an official 
school club, the Camera Club con- 
tinued to pursue the art of photogra- 
phy with a small janitor's room used 
as a darkroom. The club benefitted 
from guest speakers in related fields 
and illustrated "Reflections" guided 
by their sponsor, Mr. Robert Jeffery. 

Book Club: (row one, left to right) Paula Hyde, Amy Quate, Joann Pappas, 
vice-president; Janet Perkins, president; Becky Clark, Vicki Christensen, 

Mary Kay Kellerhals. (row two) Errol Dingle, Jerry Glass, Jack Lane, Mr. 
James Urbain, sponsor; Sue Taylor. 


Art Club: (row one, left to right) Mike Cowert, Becky Salter, Janet Lutey, 
Beth Bibler, Lisa Wichser, secretary-treasurer; Marilyn Daniel, vice-presi- 
dent; Vicki Altom, president; Jasmin Jackson, Susi Andres, Sandy Berry, 
Marcia Blunt, Brenda Short, (row two) Mrs. Margery Hindman, sponsor; 
Janet Bailey, Russ Harris, Lois Weber, Randy Armstrong, Mary Ann Neely, 
Libby Lane, Bill Pemberton, Janet LaFara, Ann Calvert, Penny Stibs, Evelyn 

Kincy, Debbie Croup, Claudia Rankin, (row three) Richard Robinson, Diana 
Walton, Gloria Copp, Sonnie Larson, Debbie Klenek, Katie Kennedy, John 
Eckel, Larry Dunphy, Bruce Tovsky, Lou Ann Steele, Betty Sheats, Alberta 
Marino, Joyce Ann Walker, Elaine Litteral, Mrs. Linda Jacques, co-sponsor. 
The Art Club members painted this background mountain scenery for the 
"Sound of Music." 

Camera Club: (row one, left to right) Glenn Johnston, Charlotte Carrier, Jerry Glass, Bruce Tovsky, vice-president; Dan Ratz, secretary-treasurer; 

Donna Carrier, Gary Porter, Steve Click, president, (row two) Jim Thomas, Mr. Jeffrey, sponsor. 



To be INspired 
lel a joy of 
► victory, 
% 1 Pride of team 
. effort. 

■ past the point 
jiiurance to make 
h That final point; 
J To practice hours 
For IFgame. To be rewarded 
i By an enthusiastic crowd. 

f To know the frustrations 

Of being on the sideline 

Unable to make 

That last winning effort, 

To capture team spirit 

And hold it secure, 

Even when the game 

Is over and lost. 

To know the thrill 

Of spirited competition 

And have the pride 

And self-confidence; 

To hold your head high. 

1' frr?wf'' 

. ',J-^ -*y :^-^- • . 


.: \- 



: ■ ■■ ^^^ - 

mmme^. m--.-::>^ 


Senior Tom Meara, a three-sport letterman, is 
the Lettermen's Club vice-president. 

As lettermen's club secretary Jim Seamen (left) and treasurer Gary Ramage look on, club sponsor 
Mr. William Kuntz checks the progress of the group's activities. 

Lettermen's Club: (row one) Steve Draughon, Don Jones, Tom Quigley, 
Tom Meara, vice-pres.; Bruce Kelly, Mike Glancy, Bob Riley, Tom Burleson, 
Mike Seamon, president; Mr. William Kuntz, sponsor, (row two) Gary Kest- 
ner, Keith Rhodes, Kenny Finn, Bob Mesalam, Terry Moore, Mark Stevens, 
Phil Gemmer, Bill Favors, Steve Smith, Pat Holmes, Mark Stevens, Geoff 
Rout, Gary Orr. (row three) Bob Lappas, Jim DeCamp, Val Bileckyj, Roger 

Bender, Dave Oliver, Lacy Johnson, Jeff Stearns, Keith DeTrude, Dennis 
Brow^n, John Hall, Phil Corron, Fred Hart, Gary Ramage, treasurer, (row 
four) Dane Phillips, Rick Stoneking, Tom Valdez, Steve Werner, Ken Gray, 
Tyrone Henry, Paul Reifeis, Don Thrasher, Bill Abbot, Bill Parish, Ed Hart, 
Russ Palma, Steve Elsroth, Wayne Fuson, Bob Vickers. 


Lettermen contribute skill to athletics 

While the upperclassmen and more experienced lettermen participate in an athletic contest, three 
younger athletes ride the bench hoping to someday become a Lettermen's Club member. 

Composed of dedicated athletes, 
the Lettermen's Club represents the 
entire athletic program. Co-sponsors 
of the third annual Athletic Day, the 
club members worked with Fellowship 
of Christian Athlete huddle groups 
from Lawrence, Warren, and Franklin 
to plan the event held at Franklin Cen- 

Selected Lettermen participated in 
a Walker Research study to sample 
food, enabling them to raise money. 
They also sponsored an annual Letter- 
men's sock hop which was held after 
the Marshall basketball game. Other 
activities included a fund drive in the 
spring for Multiple Sclerosis. 

Chosen by the student body 
through the Spirit Committee, Susie 
Ault was voted an honorary Letterman 
as Jamboree queen. 

Sharing the grip of a gridiron football, Lettermen's Club president Mike Seamon congratulates Jam- 
boree Queen Susie Ault. Susie was chosen as queen by members of the entire student body. 

Non-lettermen had the chance to win their award by competing in varsity sports. Junior Jim Stoneci- 
pher earned his "A" sweater through his achievements on the basketball court. 

Cheerleaders spark spirited student body 

lead athletes 
to success 

It is not every year that superior 
cheerleaders support superior ath- 
letic teams; however, 1969-70 has 
been different at Arlington. This year's 
varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders 
have obtained superior talent ratings 
throughout the Midv^^est. Placing first 
in their individual division, the varsity 
squad ranked a high second behind 
two-year state champ Chatard at the 
annual State Cheerleading Day held at 
Indiana University. 

The squad started earning recogni- 
tion last summer when they attended 
the Kentucky Cheerleading Clinic at 
Lexington, where they earned their 
second superior rating and a second 
place over-all finish. Supporting the 
varsity, along with cheering for the re- 
serve teams, the junior varsity also re- 
ceived superior ratings; and at the 
Kentucky summer conference, they 
received excellent ranking. Cheerlead- 
ers earn their positions by winning at 

Determination, inspiration, and unemotional excitement are on tlie faces of these varsity yell-leaders 
as they prepare themselves for one of Arlington's many spirit packed events. 

Backing the junior varsity in both basketball and football, along with giving 
help to the varsity cheerleaders, the junior varsity spirit backers are (left 

to right) squad captain Nancy King, Pam Jessup, Sharon Kelley, Diane 
Conesm and Karroll Kelley. 


Chosen a year ago along with the junior varsity, the varsity cheerleaders 
are the "people's choice." Picked by the student body, the "varsity gals" 

are (row one) Laura Woods, Nancy Meek, Judy Hartley, Denise Marietta. 
(row two) Marcy Seybold, Beth Loveless, and Sherry Newhouse. 

Hoping to someday become an Arlington cheer- 
leader, Rhonda Lostutter dreams of the future. 

Freshmen cheerleaders who have a goal of be- 
coming a reserve or varsity backer include 
(from top) Nancy Snyder, Susie McAlister, Ann 
Ikawa, Melonie Hamilton, and Anita Cones. 




First year coach Dave Oberting and defensive coach "Cab" Callaway 
headed the varsity backfield which included (row one) Val Bileckyj, Doug 
Molin, Steve Draughon, Mance Tutt, Dave Miller, Doug Hobbs, Bob Rahm. 
(row two) Darrell Webb, Guy Hagen, Bob Mesalam, Chuck Stuckey, Don 
Woods, Keith DeTrude, Tom Burleson, (row three) Kenny Finn, Mark 

wWp- i^^Km ''^^^ ^^Haf ^|B( .^^^'"j^^S"' t^^B 


Walker, John Tranberg, Phil Gemmer, Tom Meara, Bob Riley, (row four) 
Don Jones, Glenn McClung, Ed Hart, Fred Hart, Phil Corron, Dave Oliver. 
(row five) Lacy Johnson, Chuck Kerby, Fred Glass, Coach Oberting, Tyrone 
Henry, Coach Callaway, Dave Kitcoff, Bob Rivero. The backfield was re- 
sponsible for the bulk of the scoring attack this season. 

Buil(ding year becomes 6-4 winning year 

For the second straight year, the ex- 
perts who predict grid performances 
misread Knight potential. Picked to 
win only one game, and with a team 
built around four returning lettermen, 
Kuntz's inspired "kids" rebounded 
from a poor Jamboree showing to win 
their first five games--a school record. 

It all started with a thrilling one- 
point decision over Lawrence Central. 
Next in line were Scecina, Northwest, 
Warren, and Manual. Arlington gained 
a fifteenth place in the state. Then 
"disaster" hit. The Knights lost to city 
champ Howe, then to Carmel and 
North Central, before coming back to 
beat Attucks. With a 7-3 season in 
sight, the Knights lost to Ripple 8-7, 
and finished with a winning 6-4 re- 

During a between play huddle, varsity coach 
Bill Kuntz advises junior Tom Valdez. 

High spirited senior cheerleader Sherry New- 
house shows concern during a gridiron battle. 

While their friends and fellow teammates carry on the contest, senior letterman Bruce Kelley and 
sophomore Eddie Hamilton, both injured in practice, play along on the sidelines. 

The varsity linemen include (row one) Gary Gorbett, Tom King, Bernie 
Berry, Rodger Bender, Danny Henthorn, Mark Stevens, (row two) Mike 
Seamon, Pat Holmes, Tom Quigley, Frank Wallace, Kenny White, Rick Grun- 
nert. (row three) Bill Carr, Steve Werner, Dennis Brown, Howard McPeek, 
Rick Young, Howard Holifield. (row four) Jim DeCamp, Don Thrasher, Larry 

Spilbeler, Craig Romeril, Mike Hutchison, Jack Fobes. (row five) Geof Rout, 
Jerry Eidson, Wayne Fuson, Lloyd Bridges, Jeff Krienik, Steve Bishop, Tim 
Lael. (row six) Greg Stearns, Jim Mitchell, Phil Vogelgesang, Coach Bill 
Kuntz, Bob Kraucunas, Coach Joe Dezalan, Joe Bennett, Jeff Stearns, Tom 


Inspiration: football's key to success 


I K 

i ^^ 



*far left- As the hot sun beats down on summer 
practices, the determination as shown on coach 
Bill Kuntz's face proves to the players that along 
with his help they would get the job done. 
*upper middle- Questioning the right call to 
make, senior Bob Riley turns to coach Dave Ob- 
erting for assistance. 

•lower middle- Striving to make the team better 
prepared, loyal football supporters erected the 
blaster. It was used by the backfield to help the 
players obtain finer physical shape. 
•left- Working out a problem in the defense, 
head coach Kuntz and defensive coach Calla- 
way help find the answer. 


Through the halls of a tunnel varsity cheerleaders, rallying student support 
and school spirit, become the first to break open the '69 gridiron season. 

Behind them follows the varsity football team who started the season off 
with a victory over arch-rival Lawrence Central. 

As junior Fred Glass leads the way, sophomore 
Dave Oliver hits through the opponent's line. 

Football games are not only for the athletes. 
While their sons and grandsons play on the 
field, relatives show deep concern in the event. 


City championship hopes tied in knots 

\ with reserve 

8-1-1 season 


Junior Varsity 






















North Central 




Broad Ripple 


Record 8-1-1 

























Broad Rippl( 

Record 3-4-2 



Arlington's first city championship 
football team in '70? It just might hap- 
pen. The varsity's seventeen returning 
lettermen will be bolstered by the stal- 
warts of a junior varsity squad which 
this season finished second in the city 
with an 8-1-1 mark. The junior 
Knights topped Lawrence, Warren, 
Scecina, Northwest, Howe, Roncalli, 
Attucks, and Broad Ripple. A tie with 
Manual knocked Arlington out of the 
city title. North Central was the only 
team able to beat the J-V's. Although 
the freshman team's record was 3- 
4-2, a number of first-year players are 
expected to move up into the ranks of 
varsity competition for the '70 sea- 
son. The freshmen won victories over 
Roncalli, Northwest, and Attucks . . . 
losing to Ripple, Howe, Creston, and 
Manual. They tied Belzer and Scecina. 

The freshman team includes (row one) Bob BIythe, Mike Terry, Brian 
Mulhern, Gary Beasley, Greg Oliver, Jay Engh, Bruce Millen, Mike Pikus, 
James Massel, Tim Gorman, Dave Koeppel. (row two) Tom Powell, Bob 
Fobes, Randy Manning, Bob Christenson, Mark Hannah, Kim Highbarger, 
Paul Vogelgesang, Greg Stout, Dennis Davis, Kevin Day. (row three) Coach 
Rifner, George Odom, Rodger Scott, Bart Ping, Tim Cooley, Paul Ragen, 

Russ Pikus, Otto McGee, Greg Jefferson, Dave Jacobson, Coach Sham- 
baugh. (row four) Tom Poindexter, Steve Greenwood, Mike Kennedy, 
Wayne Pond, Mark Roberts, Roy Montgomery, Scott Spradling, Jim Land, 
Scott Baher. With one year of experience the freshmen are ready to vie for 
varsity positions. 


Glancy sets scoring pace for hoopmen 

•Watching in dejection, senior cheerleader Nancy Meek and Donna Lostutter dream of a victory. 
•As an opponent tries to stop a basket, sophomore Eric Nichelson flies through for two points. 


With a team built around high scor- 
ing senior Mike Glancy, varsity head 
coach ©on Lostutter steered the var- 
sity hoopmen toward an 8-13 season 
record. Although failing to find a win- 
ning combination in their first three 
games, the team rebounded to down 
rival Marshall in the first city tourna- 
ment win ever. They defeated defend- 
ing state champ Washington in the 
final game of the season only to be 
disappointed by a powerful Attucks 
squad in the first game of the sec- 

Mike Glancy rewrote all Arlington 
scoring records with a career total of 
1003 points. He broke the single 
game record with a 51 -point outburst 
against county champ North Central. 
Sporting a 27-point average for the 
entire season, Mike ranked third in to- 
tal city scoring. 

Jim Seamon, Bob Maas, Bob Riley, 
and Gary Ramage round out the sen- 
ior stalwarts on the squad. Juniors 
Skip Fisher, Jim Stonecipher, and Bob 
Mesalam, along with sophomores Rod 
Scott, Eric Nickleson, and Dave Oliver 
will return as lettermen to bolster the 
'70 varsity team. 

The members of the varsity basketball team are: (row one, left to right) 

Gary Ramage, Keith DeTrude, Dave Oliver, Rod Scott, Bob Mesalam, and 
Jimmy Seamen, (second row) Varsity coach Donald Lostutter, Eric Nichle- 

son, Jimmy Stonecipher, IVIike Glancy, Bob Maas, Skip Fisiier, Robert Riley, 
and varsity manager John Munchel. The varsity team finished the season 
with an 8-13 record. 

^**^* Varsity Records 




Ben Davis 



























Beech Grove 
















North Central 


















Straining to grasp full control of the basketball, junior Phil Vogelgesang and sophomore David Oliver 
strain to overcome their opponent. 


The Members of the reserve basketball team include (left to right, front 
row) Dave Oliver, Teddy Cornett, Keith DeTrude, Steve Seamon, Dave 
Shields, Rodney Arnett. (second row) Reserve manager Dave McMurrer, 

Eddie Hamilton, Phil Vogelgesang, Randy Boie, Warren Hatcher, Lawrence 
Savage, Gerald Townes, and reserve coach Rollin Cutter. These players will 
fill the vacancy on next year's varsity. 

Varsity of the future win as reserves 

Sophomore Gerald Townes grimaces as his fellow teammate Eddie Hamilton and a determined 
opponent also grab for possession of the loose ball. 


The varsity basketball team of 
1970 will be bolstered by members of 
a reserve squad which had a winning 
11-9 season. Coach Rollin Cutter's 
team, consisting of eleven 
sophomores and one junior, played its 
first winning season in the last three 

They lost their first four games, but 
using teamwork and a balanced scor- 
ing attack, won their next seven 
straight games. Hopes of becoming a 
city champ were dwindled when Howe 
defeated the Junior Varsity in a semi- 
final contest. After the city competi- 
tion, the reserves went on to play .500 
and won four out of their last eight 

Freshman coach John Allen's squad 
which featured Otto McGee, ran its 
tally to a record of 7-12. The frosh 
team defeated Chatard, Tech, 
Scecina, Shortridge, Ritter, Attucks, 
and Ben Davis. 


Reserve Records 

Ben Davis 









Beech Grove 


Broad Ripple 
North Central 

Warren Central 















Freshman team member Randy Shouse cat- 
ches his opponent off guard and uses his mis- 
take as a free chance to score an easy two 

































Ben Davis 






























Sophomore Lawrence Savage looks surprised 
as the ball eludes his control. 

Members of the freshman team are (row one, left to right) Bruce Millian, 
Tony Seagraves, Steve Furry, Vince Edwards, (row two) Greg Oliver, Mike 
Jones, Jim Land, Bill Phillips, Randy Shouse. (row three) Art Harlan, Bob 

BIyth, Dennis Davis, Otto McGee, William Cambers, and freshman head 
coach John Allen. Coach Allen and his players couldn't find the right combi- 
nation for the winning season. 


Matmen tally 4-7 season 

In an effort to fill the vacant posi- 
tions created by nine lettermen who 
graduated last year, this years varsity 
wrestling squad could not find the for- 
mula for a winning combination. They 
ended the season with a record of 4-7. 

Senior stalwart Bruce Kelley, com- 
piled twenty-one straight victories on 
his way to the city championship and 
the Warren Central sectional titles. His 
hopes of becoming another Arlington 
state champ were only wishes when he 
was beaten in the Arlington regional. 

Seniors Bob Lappas, Keith Rhodes, 
junior Gary Kestner, and sophomore 
Doug Molin strengthened coach Jim 
Ellis' team during its rebuilding sea- 
son. Placing seventh in the city tourna- 
ment, the matmen finished with high 
individual honors. The lone champion, 
Bruce Kelley, was preceded by a sec- 
ond place by Doug Molin and a third 
by junior Gary Kestner. With four re- 
turning lettermen and the reserve 
strength, the '70 season should bol- 
ster a strong squad. 

i. i. 

Coaching his ninth Arlington wrestling team, 
varsity coach James Ellis watches intently. 

Sophomore stalwart Doug Molin, awaits the ref- 
erees signal to start his match. 

The members of the varsity and reserve wrestling teams are (row one, left 
to right) Bud Kingston, Scott Jones, Pat Baker, Dave Mellor, Bobby Lappas, 
Gary Kestner, Keith Rhodes, Mark Coutts, Dave Wenzel. (row two) Varsity 

coach James Ellis, Chris Norton, Steve Sparks, Jeff Krienik, Steve Werner, 
Bruce Kelley, David Kitcoff, Doug Molin, reserve coach Elmer Callaway. The 
varsity and reserve make up one combined team. 



^B Varsity Records 


























North Central Inv. 








Warren Central 






North Central 



Anxiously awaiting the start of his own Individual match, senior Scott MacPherson watches one of his 
fellow teammates become victorious over a dejected opponent. 

City and sectional champion Bruce Kelley uses 
his versatile "Kelley roll" in decisioning 

many of his opponents. Winning twenty-one 
straight matches through his junior and senior 

year, Bruce becomes another heavyweight 
wrestler in Knight history. 


Sophomore Doug Molin channels strength, stamina, and strategy into 
reversing his position on the mat. Working his way through Reserve prac- 

tices, regulations, and competition, Doug earned his place on the '70 Var- 
sity squad. The Reserves finished the season w\th a 10-1 record. 

Reserve wrestlers roll to 10-1 record 

Using tactics learned in practice, junior w/restler Bob Graeber gains points on his opponent. Graeber, 
a standout on the Reserve squad, will vie for a Varsity position. 


"A year of the heavyweights," wres- 
tling was a constant challenge as 
coach Elmer Callaway guided the re- 
serve team to a winning season. Re- 
serve wrestlers, led by first year 
heavyweight Jeff Stearns, finished 
with a season record of 10-1. Placing 
fourth in the city tournament, the 
team boasted two individual stand- 
outs, sophomore Dave Kitcoff and the 
number twelve man Stearns. Dave 
won first place honors while Jeff 
placed second in the junior varsity city 
meet. Stearns, before entering city 
competition, had an unblemished re- 
cord by decisioning all of his oppo- 

Defeated only by North Central, 
matmen earned victories over Shor- 
tridge, Carmel, Scecina, Manual, Tech, 
Northwest, Washington, Ripple, War- 
ren, and Howe. 

Coach John Manka's freshmen 
grapplers finished their first year with 
a season record of 2-8. Losing the 
first four meets, the frosh came on to 
beat Wood and Warren Central. 

Freshman Records 














Broad Ripple 










Reserve Records 


















Broad Ripple 


Warren Central 




North Central 




Freshman wrestling team members include (row one, left to right) Roger Scott, Mark Wood, John 
Lauth. (row two) Gary Beasley, Bob Christensen, Steve Salmen. (row three) Tracy Cox, Steve Green- 
wood, Dick Dunn, (row four) Tom Powell, Tim Gorman, Scott Baker, (row five) Mark Hannah, Ed 
Morrison, coach John Manka, Gary Kirstner. 

At left: Freshman Gary Beasley and his opponent await the signal to begin a freshman contest. 



A long way to go, junior Gary Thompson waits at first base while senior Jim Seamon steps up to bat. 
The second game of the season, the varsity squad defeated Roncalli 2-1. 

fc. Varsity Baseball- 1969 






South Bend Clay 



South Bend Clay 



North Central 








Lawrence Central 












































Warren Central 






Members of the Varsity Baseball Team: (row one, left to right) Steve 
Seamon, Steve Draughon, Fred Hart, Bob Mesalam, Keith Detrude, Jim 
Seamon, (row two) Doug Terry, Terry Moore, Mike Clancy, Steve Gerde, 
Mike Seamon, Rodney Scott, Wesley Pond, (row three) Gary Thompson, 

Tom Meara, Randy Wells, Paul Bailey, coach Mr. Don Shambaugh. Not 
pictured is Mr. Don Lostutter who assists the coach with the varsity base- 
ball squad. 


Reserve Baseball- (row one, left to right) Kevin Goetz, Chuck Elliott, Kim 
Puckett, Jim Stonecipher, Jim Hulse. (row two) Ron Cooper, Steve Alex- 
ander, Rick Young, Ed Hamilton, Rick Grunert, Glenn McClung. (row three) 
Coach Mr. Joe Draughon, Ed Hart, Larry Spoolstra, John Ferguson, Jeff 

Herndon, Ron Stinson, Don Woods. The diamondmen spent hours in prac- 
tice, improving batting, pitching, and catching while striving to better last 
spring's winning season record of 9-5. 

Batmen seek to lengthen string of wins 

Boasting a 16-6-1 record, coach 
Don Shambough's diamondmen 
posted a third successive winning sea- 
son. Strikeout pitchers Glen Moses 
and Terry Zimpleman, aided by strong 
batting, produced a well-balanced 

Hopes for a 1970 winning season 
were high as eight lettermen returned 
to the squad. Steve Draughon, Mike 
Glancy, Tom Meara, Terry Moore, 
Rodney Scott, Jim Seamon, Mike Sea- 
mon, and Randy Wells held down key 
positions for the varsity squad. 

The batting machine, a new addition 
to indoor practices, provided the bat- 
men with further batting experience 
before the season opened. Working as 
a mechanical pitcher, the machine 
threw whiffle balls to the players. Bad 
weather kept the boys inside and 
slowed preparation for the first 

Although the varsity diamondmen 
dropped their season opener with 
North Central, they defeated Roncalli 
in the second game of the season. 





(above) Diamondman Kim Puckett ups the 
score by one as he slides into home "free." 
(left) Relieving pre-game tension, Mike Seamon 
and Steve Draughon enjoy a humorous mo- 


Golf Team members are: (row one, left to right Randy Stoughton, Dave Mellor, Scott Baker, Jack 
Thornbourgh. (row two) Mark Roberts, Paul Vogelgesang, Steve Smith, Larry Spilbeler. (row three) 
Coach Mr, John Manka, Steve O'Dell, Ron Baker, Russ Raima, John Hall, Bill Harrison. Spring meets 
kept golfers busy each day with after-school practices. 

^^K Varsity Golf- 1969 





3 1/2 

8 1/2 "» 





5 1/2 

6 1/2 










2 1/2 

9 1/2 






14 1/2 


12 :,.*, 





10 1/2 

1 1/2 









Ben Davis 

1 1/2 

10 1/2 




St. John's Inv. 




North Central 



4 1/2 

7 1/2 





Sixth 5^ 


6 1/2 

5 i/2a 



k i 


^^T^^ -^-^^•''IZ^'k. 

Taking advantage of the tranquil surroundings, a lone golfer spends a Saturday afternoon perfecting 
his driving techniques. The golfers tee off every afternoon at Pleasant Run Parkway, (left) Senior Steve 
O'Dell lends a helping hand to fellow linkster Russ Palma as they retrieve a golf ball from a water 
hazard, one of the many traps on the course. 


Members of the Varsity Tennis Team are: (row one, left to right) Steve 
Smith, Tom Quigley, Phil Vogelgesang, Dave Stoeppelwerth, Paul Reifies, 
Don Crowe, (row two) Fred Halter, coach Mr. Lyman Combs, Bill Detmer, 
Ron Mayes, Louis Cavanaugh, Bob Kraucunas, Don Kraege, Mike Hancock, 

Dave de Rox, Peter Lenk, Scott Bowne, manager. Squad members devel- 
oped speed, dexterity, and skill by competing with other schools around the 
city and practicing on black-topped courts behind the school. The varsity 
raquetmen were coached by Mr. Lyman Combs. 

Linksters, racquetmen swing victories 

Whether grabbing a racquet or a 
club, spring athletes practiced dili- 
gently in anticipation of winning sea- 
sons. March marked the start of 
practice with actual competition be- 
ginning in early April. 

With team spirit and pressure on in- 
dividuals, varsity linksters began 
preparation for an April 9 opening 
match with city foe Scecina. Under the 
direction of head coach John Manka, 
seniors John Hall and Russ Raima, 
and junior Bill Rarrish were the top 
contributors in their 15 dual meets, 4 
three-way meets, and one invitational 

Combining elements of track, cross 
country, and basketball in their prac- 
tices, racquetmen gained the neces- 
sary agility and endurance for their 
matches throughout the season. 
Coach Lyman Combs had high hopes 
for his well-rounded squad led by sen- 
ior Tom Quigley, juniors Raul Reifeis, 
Steve Smith, Rhil Vogelsang, and 
sophomore Don Crowe who provided 
the nucleus for the team. 









Broad Ripple 





North Central 

Varsity Track: (row one) Gary Ramage, Wayne Fuson, John Brodhecker, 
Ray Saillant, Don Calvin, Tom Oakes, Brian Nullhorn, Tom Russel, Rick 
Massey, Randy Armstrong, Bob Rusher, (row two) Ken Finn, Rodney Reid, 
Craig May, Bill Favors, Don Jones, Steve Bishop, Jeff Stearns, Curtis Helm, 
Dane Phillips, Tom Burleson, Tom Beavers, Bob Rivero, Gary Orr. (row 

three) Mr. Bill Bennett, Bob Vickers, Geof Rout, Dave Oliver, Dave Kitcoff, 
Eugene Hunt, Dan Law/horn, Don Thrasher, Mark Stephens, Kenny Gray, 
Dennis Brown, Jeff Johnson, Rob Williams, Mr. Joe Dezalan. These boys 
compete in various events such as relays, hurdles, pole vaulting, high 
jumping, long distance running, and shot-putting. 

Cindermen fire up with (daily practice 

Arlington teammates, Don Lawhorn and Tom Beavers put forth an extra effort to gain a winning 
position for their team in the low hurdle race during the Arlington-Cathedral meet. 

Neither rain, sleet nor snow kept Ar- 
lington tracksters from practice. Guid- 
ing the cindermen to a stronger team, 
coach Bill Bennett drilled the boys 
continuously from February until the 
end of the season. A typical distan- 
ceman's workout consisted of running 
a half-mile, ten consecutive quarters 
with ninety seconds between each, 
and eight 220's. Practice concluded 
with a half-mile warm up. 

Before the season began for the 
Knights, the team performed against 
Warren Central during a practice 
meet. The season officially opened 
March 19 during the Hoosier Relays 
at Indiana University's indoor track. 
The trials lasted a total of four days. 
Representing Arlington with high rat- 
ings were junior Don Jones in the pole 
vault event and seniors Dane Phillips 
and Tom Burleson as distance run- 
ners. Senior Gary Ramage earned high 
recognition throughout the entire 
track season for his fine performance. 


Varsity Track- 1969 




Three way meet 









Three way meet 






Three way meet 



35 1/2 


33 1/2 




Three way meet 









Broad Ripple Inv. 


Reserve Track 

Three way meet 















Three way meet 









(above) Up, up and away, junior Don Jones, trying to break a 1 3.4 feet record, soars high above the 
crossbar, (below left) Making the big pass off, sophomore Rodney Reid smoothly slips the baton into 
senior Gary Ramage's hand during a relay event against Manual, (below right) Skillfully breaking away 
from the starting block, Rodney Reid starts to run at the fire of the gun. 


w^ ^ W. * 

As the school day ends for many at 
3:15, the day has only begun for the 
track team, (upper left) The team lis- 
tens intensely to the coach as he gives 
last minute advice before a meet, (up- 
per right) Encouraging words from 
the assistant coach, Mr. Dezalan helps 
tracksters to be at ease in an upcom- 
ing event, (below right) Distant run- 
ner Tom Burleson crosses the finish 
line first during a track meet. 

The members of the freshman and varsity cross country teams include 
(row one, left to right) Gary Ramage, Tyrone Jones, Gary Orr, Mark Courts, 
Scott Jones, (row two) Head varsity coach Bill Bennett, Eugene Hunt, 

Darrel Bridges, Mark Stephens, Dane Phillips, and Ken Gray. The varsity 
team finished the season with a sixth place ranking in the city standings. 

Cross Country 

Placing but rarely winning, Varsity 
Cross Country ran their two-mile 
course one or two steps behind the 
leader but well ahead of the rest of the 
pack. Dane Phillips and Gary Ramage 
were the team's number one and num- 
ber two runners respectively. 

, Varsity Records 

fence, Greenfield 
Pike Invitational 
Scecina Invitational 
Northwest, Washington 
Attacks, Cathedral 

Ripple Invitational 
Howe Invitational 
North Central, Warren 
Northwest Invitational 



straining to finish ahead of one another, junior Mark Stephens, the number four runner, and the 
number one runner Dane Phillips compete for the finish line. 


GAA stresses brotherhood 

Offering an opportunity to be active 
in after-school sports, the Girl's Ath- 
letic Association involved over three 
hundred girls. This year brotherhood 
v\/as stressed as the girls participated 
in activities such as tennis, volleyball, 
kickball, gymnastics, and basketball. 

Fifty of the girls worked hard 
enough to earn the needed points to 
become official members of the or- 
ganization. Under the direction of 
Miss Anna Wessel, and student presi- 

dent, Cathy Clark, girls met the first 
Tuesday of each month. 

Basketball, volleyball, and kickball 
emphasized team competition while 
strengthening good sportsmanship in 
the athletic minded girls. 

Demonstrating skills ranging from 
tumbling to precision parallel bar rou- 
tines, qualified girls were chosen for 
the gymnastic team. Under the super- 
vision of Mrs. Burdeen Schmidt, the 
fifteen members practiced each week. 

Sophomore Anita Norton displays her balance 
and skill in an after-school volleyball game. 

Jumping to gain possession of the ball, basketball teams from the junior and sophomore class "battle 
it out" in a Girls Athletic Association tourney contest. 

Girls Athletic Association: (front, left to right) Joni Strong, Kitty Unthank. 
(row two) Debbie Kline, Carol Holdaway, JoAnn Arbuckle, Anita Horton, 
Marcy Matthews, Connie Dorsey, Susan Edwards, Holly Williams, Vicky 
Barnett. (row three) Phyllis Jones, Elaine Nauerth, Cheryl Cardwell, Laura 

Woods, Sally Tegarden, Debbie Bennett, Heidi Embach. (row four) Becky 
Ecklund, Sandy O'Brian, Diane Sawin, Susan O'Brian, Debbie Roeder, Cindy 
Conlin, Miss Anna Wessel, sponsor. A new member of the faculty this year, 
Miss Wessel accepted the sponsorship of this club. 


Gymnastics: (front, left to right) Susie Law- 
rence, Melanie Hamilton, (row two) Cristy 
Clark, Beth Loveless, Beverly Butterfield. (row 
three) Linda Herrington, Nancy Handy, Joni 
Strong, JoAnn Arbuckle, Heidi Embach. (row 
four) Lolita Kidweli, Cathy Clark, (row five) 
Paula Monday, Pam Denney, Cheryl Cardwell. 

Right- Members of the gymnastic team observe 
as freshman Melanie Hamilton displays her 
acrobatic skills. 


League*! (row one, left to right) Debby Hotka, Sue Christiansen, Jan Everly, Lynn Richardson, 
Connie Dorsey, Sue Johnson, Patty Jones, Pat Rupe, Randy Stoughton, Chuck Elliot, (row two) Rick 
Hammerle, Steve O'Dell, Dennis Baker, Jim Hurst, Doug Terry, Mike Hammerle, Gale DeHaven, Jerry 
Neely, Randy Davis, Larry Jones, (row three) Keith Tolliver, Charlie Hotka, Mark Walls, Bob Holland, 
Paul McFadden. 

Bowlers 'strike' on Tuesday 

Junior Denins Williams very carefully practices 
to raise his league average. Series at left: Per- 
fecting the correct style for bowling is the major 
importance in learning the skill of the sport. At 
the left are the first three steps of bowling. 


With competitive spirit to "spare", 
Bowling League members practiced 
weekly, improving their scores for fu- 
ture games. 

Divided into two leagues, Arlington I 
and Arlington II, the members traveled 
to the Hindle Bowling Lanes each 
Tuesday. Randy Staughton and Bill Fa- 
vors earned top honors in the first 
league while Jim Heimroth and Rick 
Cagle consistently led the second 
league. Mike Williams and Ann Pic- 
kard showed the most improvement 
during the season. 

As a part of her first year in the 
physical education department. Miss 
Anna Wessel took over sponsorship of 
the team. Second year president Deb- 
bie Richeson helped organize activi- 

Trophies and plaques were awarded 
at the annual bowling league coke 
party held in the school cafeteria. 
Awards were given to the top boy and 
girl in each league who had scored the 
highest average throughout the sea- 
son. Certificates were also given to the 
teams who finished in the first five 
spots in each one of the two respec- 
tive bowling leagues. 


Don Rice, Greg Hagen, Mike Hancock, Scott Smith, Pat Jones, Dale Sawin, Bill Connors, Dane Phillips. 
Bowling league members practice weekly to perfect their 3ccuracy in scoring, at right: Junior Mike 
Farner watches intently to see how many total pins one of his fellow teammates has knocked down 
on the last ball he rolled. 

League 2: (row one, left to right) Bill Israel, Susan Travice, Nancy Shelton, 
Pam Daver, Cindy Black, Marie Childs, Jean Kreider, Sue Sexton, Brian 
Rennekamp. (row two) Bill Smith, Jim Hotka, Steve Bigelow, Mike Tomsaw. 
Doug Douglass, Eric Alexander, Carl White, Doug Wamser, Miss Wessel. 

(row three) Morris Brand, Jay Oswald, Bill White, Gary Jones, Jeff 
Dehaven, Dennis Williams, Steve Griffy, Jim Heimroth, Pete Rutland, Jim 
Carlson, Rick June, Morton Day. Both Leagues bowl at Hindels Bowling 
Lanes every Tuesday. 


Vicky Wilkes and Ellen Purdy, members of the 
senior Powderbowl team boost their spirited 
teammates as they tally up six more points. 

As the game between the junior and senior girls progressed, bumps and bruises appeared to be 
inevitable. Senior Nancy Meek and Christy Clark hit the ground diving for a loose ball as Sue Chris- 
tensen and Laura Harmas, both juniors, come to the rescue. 

♦ABOVE -Junior male spectators led by cheer- 
leader Skip Fisher detour the senior "fuzz." 

*LEFT-Dressed in unorthodox uniforms, senior 
cheerleaders salute the juniors. 

a.^ X,mM ..^.^£i-^JL. 

Junior girls secure 'puff supremacy 

*ABOVE-Mapping out their strategy on how to beat the seniors, mennbers of the junior squad huddle 

in a pressure packed pre-game conference. 

*TOP-Whlle Patty Villars leads the senior's offensive attack, juniors Jackie White and Jane Baskett 

are in hot pursuit. All is in vain because junior Sherry Anderson holds up Patty's flag. 

*TOP RIGHT-Sideline calls by the junior Powderpuff coach John Eiler led to the first junior win. 


In the 1 969-70 world of sports, up- 
sets were not uncommon; and femi- 
nine football was no exception. The 
second annual Powderpuff football 
game was a contest filled with surpris- 
ing and spirit-packed gridiron skill as 
the upperclass females shed skirts 
and purses to pick up their jerseys 
and football. 

After many hours of organized 
parking lot practices under the super- 
vision of junior coach John Eiler and 
senior coach Joe Draughon, the two 
rival classes competed under the 
stadium lights in a game of "flag" 

The "underdog" juniors surprised 
the experienced seniors by an "upset- 
ting" 34-28 victory while the antics of 
the junior and senior male cheerlead- 
ers highlighted pregame and half-time 

The game, sponsored by the Spirit 
Committee, gave girls a chance to un- 
derstand the strategy and rules of the 
game and to feel equal to their male 

Faculty trounces seniors in hardwood comedy 

Playing in only a few minutes of the game proved to be too much for vice-principal Robert Turner. 
In a wheelchair pushed by trainer Bill Orme he makes his exit. 

For the fourth consecutive year, the 
fearless faculty stomped the seniors 
in the annual Senior-Faculty hoop en- 

From the opening tip-off to the final 
buzzer, the teachers out-shot and out- 
rebounded the seniors, ending their 
Oscar winning performance with a fi- 
nal score of 45-29. 

The faculty team, sporting distinc- 
tive uniforms labeled with movie titles, 
included Steve "Rachael, Rachael" 
Rifner, Joe "The Good, the Bad, and 
the Ugly" Draughon, Dick Murphy, De- 
waine "Guess Who's Coming to Din- 
ner" Metcalf, Paul Hutson, Wallace 
"The Fox" Hartman, vice-principal 
Robert Turner, Dave Oberting, Lyman 
"Candy" Coombs, Alan Eiler, Don 
White, Thomas "Myra Breckinridge" 
Chapman, Marty "Chitty, Chitty, 
Bang, Bang" Rohrman, William Fel- 
lows, and William Orme. 

An intramural game featuring the 
Leftovers and the Weisers provided 
pre-game entertainment for the Sen- 
ior Faculty Game. Sponsored by coach 
Joe Draughon, the freshman- 
sophomore intramurals met on Mon- 
days while the junior-senior teams 
met on Wednesday. 

Members of the senior team discuss their plans for the game. Senior Guy Hagen talks to other 
members while awaiting his turn to play. 


Senior half-time "show girl" Jeff Krienik ad- 
mires his feminine beauty. 

With a name like Leftovers to spur them on to success, members (from top) Phil Gemmer, Fred and 
Ed Hart, Don Thrasher, Tom IVIeara, IVHI<e Seamon, and Curtis Helm give a "V" for victory. 

GMRX player Rollin Cutter tries for two points 
in the senior-faculty game. 

above: Referee John Eiler holds the ball in position as two intramural centers await the tip that will 
begin the action of the game, at left: Carefully guarding his opponent, freshman Mark Lewis waits 
for a chance to steal the ball. 


Spectators view Goldenaire sparkle 

Highlighting their half-time performances, members of the Goldenaire squad created the annual 
Christmas tree formation. 

Home basketball and football 
games were highlighted again this 
season by the performance of sixty- 
one high-spirited Goldenaires. They 
contributed their sparkle, rythmn and 
dance style at nine basketball half- 
time shows and at five football games 
during the year. 

Special appearances featured jun- 
ior gymnast Don Jones, sophomore 
twirler JoAnn Arbuckle, and the flag 
and pennant corps doing unique 
dance routines. Four-year old Tracy 
Cardwell, this year's mascot, high- 
lighted several performances by 
marching with the girls as an added 

The Goldenaires practiced approxi- 
mately four hours every week, creat- 
ing and perfecting their original dance 
and marching routines. Mrs. Burdeen 
Schmidt, sponsor of the squad, 
worked with the girls each coordinat- 
ing performances and suggesting rou- 

Pennant Corps: (front row, left to right) Donna Roberts, Dawn Morokoff, bie VanSickle, Conne Dickson, Pan Jordan, Debbie Felkins, Debbie Wilson. 

Patty Villars. (back row) Cindy Clark, Barbara Saillant, Cindy Loomis, Bob- (center) JoAnn Arbuckle. 







The members of this year's basketball half-time Goldenaire squad are 
(outside row) Sally Tegarden, Pam Denny, Janey Baskett, Barbara Saillant, 
Becky Deputy, Faye Grigsby, Merle Safford, Candy Kantor, Janet Zoschke, 
Bobbie Van Sickle, Diane Tolliver, Betsy Reyburn, Janice Marker, Conne 
Dickson, Becky Taylor, Margaret Zimmerman, Marcy Matthews, Cindy Con- 
lin, Elaine Phillips, Leslie Routt, Pam Jordan, Cheryl Cardwell, Lisa Wichser, 
Anita Horton, Cindy Hopper, Janet Shea, (inside row) Jo Kuebler, Cindy 
Clark, Jayne Hovarter, Debbie Bennett, Cindy Loomis, Carol Hughes, Diane 


Bailey, Cindy O'Brien, Debbie Felkins, Libby Kidwell, Brenda Wright, Chris 
Halter, Andy McDaniels, Mrs. Schmidt, Carol Gierke, Patty Villars, Donna 
Roberts, Ann Beall, Dawn Morokoff, Laura Ferguson, Vicki Lemons, Patti 
Kendall, Susie Lawrence, Natalie Tarter, Bonnie Beaumont, (cross-bar)- 
Debbie Wilson, Alice Sermersheim, Joni Strong, Ann Lawrence, Kris Carter, 
Debbie Justus, Yvonna Stevens, Debbie Roeder, JoAnn Arbuckle, Tracy 
Cardwell mascot 

Striving to keep in just the right step senior Donna Roberts, sophomore Marcy Matthews and junior 
Becky Taylor do their part in the half-time performance. 

Members of the flag corps like senior Pam Denny spent many hours working out precision routines. 

To be an INdividual 

To establish a means 

Of self-expression; 

To be easily recognized 
As a distinct personality 
Yet a part of the whole. 

To shape an identity 
By the choice of clothes, 

Words of expression, 
And actions performed. 

To excel in some way 

And stand apart; 

To enjoy the diversities 

Of a dance routine. 

The thoughtfulness 

Of a chess game. 

To weave each idea 

And interest to create 

A distinct trademark, 

1: Expressing with pride 

A uniqueness . . . 

To be "100 per cent me." 




A principal 
part of AHS 

For seniors graduation is the first 
step towards the fulfillment of a goal; 
but for Principal Ralph Clevenger, 
retirement is the last step towards a 
goal already completed. A "milestone 
of accomplishment," his nine years of 
administration were highlighted by 
the dedication of the planetarium, the 
building of the stadium, and the 
achievement of a state championship 
title in wrestling. Ending his 42 years 
in the educational field, his last official 
act was to host the National Student 
Council Convention. 

November 8, 1968 ... "A magnificent com- 
munity endeavor," the stadium mortgage goes 
in flames. 

February 15, 1965 . . . "Ours was the first 
high school planetarium in Indiana." 


September 4, 1961 . . . "Here we witnessed the opening of another great institution which will serve 
boys and girls for a half century." The first flag raising symbolized the opening of Arlington. 


An individual can 

. . . be in a crowd 

And be unique; 

. . . be by himself 

And not be lonely; 

. . . understand others 

And know himself better; 

. . . be willing to follow 

But able to lead; 

. . . work with others 

Yet be independent; 

. . . share his joy 

And enjoy the giving of it; 

. . . help others 

And never ask for thanks; 

. . . reach the end of one road 

And see a new one opening. 

That individual is Mr. Clevenger. 



AHminiQtrPil'nrQ / '" ^°"*^^^ ^'*^ students, leaders develop lines 
r\UI I M I Moll d LUlo / of communication, solve pressing school dilem 


Administrators: (left to right) ROBERT GWYN-B.A., M.A., Butler, Vice- 
Principal. HARRY CASKEY-M.A., Butler, Dean of Boys. ROBERT TURNER- 
A.B., M.A., DePauw, Ball State Universities, Vice-Principal, (left to right) 

BELGEN WELLS-M.S., B.S., Indiana and Indiana State Universities, Dean of 
Girls. DANIEL WELCH-M.A., Indiana University, Guidance Counselor. 

LEFT-Guidance director Daniel Welch keeps 
busy with college correspondence and inform- 
ing college-bound upperclassmen about test 
dates. ABOVE-Dean of Boys, Mr. Harry Caskey, 
counsels students outside his office. RIGHT-Ad- 
vising a student, Mrsi. Belgen Wells, Dean of 
Girls, finds time for individuals in spite of a 
heavy counseling schedule. 

ABOVE-Coping with the scheduling demands of 2800 active students, Vice-principal Rotwrt Turner 
devotes hours at the beginning of each semester to changing pupil programs. RIGHT-Communicating 
<M\Xh parents, Vice-principal Robert Gwyn presides at an open house. 

Presiding officers of the Organization of Parents and Teachers are (back row, left to right) Mr. Howard Bibler, Vice- 
president, Mr. George Odom, President, Mr. John Shultz, Treasurer, (front row, left to right) Mrs. Martha Patrick, 
Secretary, Mrs. Thomas Reed, Corresponding Secretary. 


P^PI . IJ.. - / staff creates climate for learning, 
r CiLU I ly / sets stage for educational drama 

Faculty members ranged in service 
from one to nine years as they worked 
with students during classes and in 
after-school activities. 

Attending professional meetings, 
grading tests and homework teachers 
accepted duties that included lunch- 
room and study hall supervision while 
26 faculty members also remained 
after school hours to sponsor student 
clubs. In addition to open houses, 
each teacher signed up to help at two 
school functions during the year. 

Looking over music hand-printed on sheets of sheepskin paper, Principal Ralph Clevenger and Art 
Department head Mr. John Simpson talk about the department's unusual collection. 

Surveying the action on the playing field, ath- 
letic coaches keep tabs from atop the stadium. 

With the opening of school 
Nine years ago 
Faculty stalwarts 
Helped "start the show." 
With loyalty the strongest 
Over the years 
They've been here longest. 


(a) JAMES H. ABRAHAM-B.S., M.S., Purdue, 
Indiana State Universities, science, (b) MRS. 
ELIZABETH BEAL-A.B., M.A., Butler, social 
studies, (c) MISS MARY BENEDICT-B.S., 
M.S., Butler, journalism, (d) WILLIAM T. 
BESS-B.S., M.S., Butler, Indiana Universities, 


diana, Butler Universities, English, (b) MRS. 
business education, (d) DONALD CLOD- 
FELTER-B.S., M.S., Butler, University of Mis- 
sissippi, math head. (e) LYMAN 
COMBS-B.S., M.S., Indiana, Butler Universi- 
ties, physical education head, (f) JAMES EL- 
LIS-M.S., Indiana University, physical 
education, (g) MRS. ALICE FITZGERALD- 
office. (h) MRS. JEANNE ANN GERMAN- 
B.A., M.A., Hanover College, social w^orker. 


(a) MRS. MARJORIE JETER- guidance of- 
fice, (b) THOMAS LAND-head custodian, (c) 
CHARLES MAAS-M.A., Butler, athletic direc- 
tor, (d) JOHN MORRIS-M.A., University of 
Pennslyvania, social studies head, (e) MRS. 
MARGARET ROWE-M.A., Indiana, North- 
western Universities, business education 
head, (f) MRS. DOROTHY SANDERS-book- 
store manager. 

University, physical education, (b) MRS. 
College, Indiana, Butler Universities, li- 
brarian. )c) JOHN SIMPSON-B.S., John Her- 
ron Art Institute, Indiana University, art 
diana State University, music head, (e) FOR- 
EST WITSMAN-M.A., Purdue, Butler 
Universitites, social studies, (f) ROBERT 
ZETZL-M.A., Purdue University, science. 


Respected by peers 

These hard working teachers 

Completed eight years. 

(a) RALPH L BAILEY-B.S., M.A., Butler, In- 
diana Universities, social studies, (b) LOUIS 
H. CHANEY-A.B., M.S., Butler, Indiana Uni- 
versities, science, (c) WILLIAM S. FISH- 
BACK-A.B., M.A.T., Indiana University, 
foreign language head, (d) BENJAMIN B. 
FORT-B.S., M.S., Butler, social studies, (e) 
MRS. JANE GILLETTE-financial office. 

Butler, Louisiana State Universities, science. 

(b) MARGARET JANERT-M.S., B.S., Butler, 
Cincinnati Universities, social studies, (c) 
JAMES L JOHNSON-M.A., Indiana Univer- 
sity, English, (d) ROBERT E. McCLARY-B.S., 
M.A.T., Indiana University, science, (e) MRS. 
LYDIA MAUREY-M.S., B.S., Butler, social 
studies, (f) MRS. SALLY MAZE-B.S., M.B.A., 
Ball State, Butler Universities, business edu- 



diana University, foreigh language, (b) MRS. 
BERYL VAUGHAN-B.S., M.S., Butler, Indiana 
Universities, social studies, (c) CHARLES 
WAGGONER-M.A., Earlham College, busi- 
ness education, (d) DONALD B. WHITE-A.B., 
Hanover College, science, (e) MERLE I. WIM- 
MER-B.S., M.S., Ball State, Butler Universi- 
ties, science head, (f) MRS. DAVEDA 
WYATT-B.A., M.A., Central State. Oklahoma 
Universities, English. 


M.S., Butler, Indiana State Universities, Eng- 
lish head, (b) PAUL M. HUTSON-B.S., M.S., 
Butler, orientation, guidance, (c) WYETTE 
C. KRAUCUNAS-B.S., M.S., Butler, Illinois 
Universities, industrial arts, (d) WILLIAM G. 
KUNTZ-B.S., M.S., Butler, Marion Universi- 
ties, assistant dean, business manager, (e) 
DONALD MANNAN-M.A., Butler, social stu- 
B.A., University of Minnesota, music. 

(a) MRS. RACHEL R. MUIR-A.B., Butler. 
Grove City College, math, (b) RICHARD 
OGLESBY-B.S., M.S., Indiana State Univer- 
sity, science, (c) MISS LOUISE PADOU-A.B., 
M.A., Butler, Wisconsin Universities, Eng- 
Carnegie Institute of Technology, science. 
(e) JAMES URBAIN-B.A., M.S., Butler, Eng- 
lish, (f) HENRY VOLK-M.A., Indiana Univer- 
sity, math. 




^K^. ^ ^[^^^H 




w^ ^^H 






With six-year spirit 
They passed the test, 
Motivated by success 

(a) WILLIAM E. FELLOWS-B.S., Purdue in- 
dustrial arts, (b) MISS RITA JACKSON-B.S., 
Purdue, math, (c) JOHN MANKA-B.S., M.S., 
Butler, Indiana Universities, physical educa- 
tion, (d) MISS E. JANE MESSICK-M.A., But- 
ler University, Herron School of Art, art. (e) 
BOYD C. OWEN-A.B., M.A., Indiana, Indiana 
State Universities, math. 


University of Havana, foreign language, (b) 
English, (c) THOMAS WALLS-A.B., M.S., In- 
diana, Butler Universities, science, (d) MRS. 
FRANCES WAY-A.B., M.A.T., Indiana Univer- 
sity, home econonnics. (e) MISS MARTHA 
WHITE-M.S., Butler, home economics, guid- 
ance, (f) MRS. JEAN M. WOODWARD-A.B., 
M.A., Indiana, Michigan Universities, Eng- 

Five years they remained; 
And with concern and effort, 
Achievement they gained. 

M.M., Drake, Northwestern Universities, 
math, (b) MRS. HARRIET CLARK-M.A., But- 
ler, English, (c) MRS. GLADYS M. DONAL- 
SON-B.S., M.S., Butler, English, counselor. 
(d) EVERETT GREEN-B.S., M.A., Canter- 
bury, Ball State Universities, senior counse- 



(a) WALLACE HARTMAN-B.S., M.S., Indiana 
State, Ball State Universities, industrial arts. 

(b) ROBERT D. JEFFERY-B.S., M.S., Butler, 
Indiana Universities, art. (c) MRS. MARILYN 
JOHANNESSEN-B.S., M.S., Purdue, Butler 
Universities, home economics, (d) WILLIAM 
B. ORME-A.B., M.S., Butler, health and 
driver education, (e) PAUL TERRELL-M.S., 
Indiana State, science, (f) MISS CLARA 
WEAVER-A.B., M.S., Indiana University, Eng- 

(a) WILLIAM E. BENNETT-B.S., M.S., Indiana 
University, math, (b) IRVIN A. CASH-B.S., 
M.A., Ball State, social studies, (c) MRS. 
GEORGIA FLOREN-B.S., Indiana University, 

As hostess, Mrs. Emma Goode serves 
punch at the teacher's annual Christmas 



ROLLIN W. CUTTER-B.S., M.S., Butler, In- 
diana Universities, science, (c) JOSEPH 
DEZELAN-B.S., Butler, physical education. 
(d) MRS. MARTHA FLANNERY-office. (e) 
ler, home economics. 


(a) DON LOSTUTTER-B.S., M.A., Hanover 
College, University of Illinois, math, (b) 
manager, (c) DICK MURPHY-B.S., Indiana 
Central College, business education, (d) 
MRS. MAXINE PARTEE-B.A., Knoxville Col- 
lege, business education, (e) SGT. WILLIAM 
University of Innsbruck, Marquette Univer- 
sity, Marion College, Derivatives, foreign lan- 

With two years completed, 
Recognition they earned; 
To them students turned. 

(a) JOHN ALLEN-B.S., M.S., Butler, social 
studies, (b) MISS SUZANNE BLACK-A.A., 
A.B., M.A., DePauw, Columbia, Indiana Uni- 
versities, business education, (c) MISS 
State, business education, (d) MRS. SHIR- 
LEY CARR-B.S., M.A., Purdue University, art. 



(a) TOM CHAPMAN-B.S., Vincennes, In- 
diana State Universities, science, (b) MRS. 
MARY DEWITZ-M.A., B.A., Xavier, St. 
Mary's, Evansville Universities, English, (c) 
MISS FERNE GURVITZ-B.A., University of 
Wisconsin, foreign language, (d) MRS. FUR- 
NISS HOLLOWAY-B.S., M.A., Indiana Univer- 
sity, English, (e) ROBERT HOWARD-B.S., 
Purdue University, science, (f) MISS JOSIE 
HUDSON-B.S., Ball State University, busi- 

(a) ANNE JEFFERY-M.A., Indiana University, 
foreign language, (b) MRS. EVALEEN B. 
JONES-A.B., M.A., Virginia Intermont, Uni- 
versity of Tennessee, math, (c) MRS. JANET 
M.A., Butler University of Michigan, social 
studies, (e) MRS. ELAINE C. SANTORE-B.S., 
Clarion State College, English, (f) DON R. 
SHAMBAUGH-M.S., B.S., Indiana Central, 
Butler, social studies. 


Familiar faces they became 
As first year teaciiers 
Established their name. 

Butler, English, (b) MRS. MARY C. CIHLER- 
B.S., Earlham, English, (c) MISS MARY ANN 
CLODFELTER-B.S., Butler, science, (d) 
Tennessee State, Butler Universities, busi- 
ness education, (e) GARY DAVIS-B.S., In- 
diana State, science. 

(a) JAN DUGGAN-B.A., Indiana Central Col- 
lege, foreign language, (b) ALAN EILER-B.S., 
Daytona Beach Junior College, Purdue Uni- 
versity, science, (c) MRS. HILDA ELLIS-B.S., 
M.S., Butler, Indiana Universities, home eco- 
nomics, (d) WILLIAM ENSOR B.S., M.A., But- 
ler, Ball State Universities, math, (e) MRS. 
ESTELLA HOWARD-B.S., M.S., Florida A&M, 
Butler Universities, home economics, (f) 
nah State College, business education. 


(a) DAVID OBERTING-B.S., M.S., Butler, so- 
cial studies, (b) STEPHEN D. RIFNER-B.S., 
Ball State, industrial arts, (c) MRS. EVELYN 
A.B., Indiana University, English and foreign 
language, (e) THEO L. RUSH-B.S., M.B.A., 
Central Normal College, Indiana University, 

(a) WILLIAM SALZMAN-B.A., M.A., Butler 
University, music, (b) GREG SHELTON-B.S., 
Butler, English, (c) DOYNE W. SWINFORD- 
A.B., M.A., Indiana State, Loyola Universi- 
ties, foreign language, (d) MRS. GLORIA 
TOWNSEND-A.B., Indiana University, math. 
(e) MRS. MARY VAN ALLEN-B.S., Methodist 
Hospital School of Nursing, Indiana Univer- 
sity, nurse. 


diana State University, English, (b) MRS. 
MARY WARD-B.S., College of Eastern Ken- 
tucky, physical education, (c) MISS ANNA 
WESSEL-B.S., M.S.Indiana University, physi- 
tral State. University, English, (e) REX WIL- 
SON-B.S., M.S., Indiana State University in- 
dustrial arts. (f) MRS. MILDRED 

Sergeant Ray Pedigo, Arlington's "friendly 
fuzz," directs traffic with a flourish. 

During the summer, teachers attend a 
school board meeting concerning their sa- 


Cooks, Custodians / 

run school 
behind scene 


ABOVE-A busy custodian helps to keep the 
school free from litter. RIGHT-A clean cafeteria 
awaits students and teachers after custodians 
have spent hours picking up the trash. FAR 
RIGHT-Mrs. Audrey Kehrer prepares another 
meal for hungry Knights. 

Working behind the scenes, cooks 
and custodians kept one step ahead of 
students and faculty, preparing for 
the daily influx of people. 

Under the direction of Mrs. Marjorie 
Massingale, 36 employees prepared 
and served over 70 pies and 400 cold 
sandwiches a day, keeping the kitchen 
running smoothly. 

Washing boards and sweeping 
floors, custodians were also a familiar 
sight while watchmen kept 6 a.m. to 6 
p.m. security vigils. 

Cafeteria Workers: (row one, left to right) Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Fasnacht, Mrs. 
Black, Mrs. Little, Mrs. Shiflet, Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Cambs, Mrs. Zaring. (row 
two) Mrs. Kilander, Mrs. Laing, Mrs. Zaiser, Mrs. Lytle, Mrs. Laird, Mrs. 
Forth, Mrs. Grundy, Mrs. Massingale. (row three) Mrs. Gatewood, Mrs. 

Harrell, Mrs. Vandee, Mrs. Pittenger, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Craig, Mrs. Davi- 
son, (row four) Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Hafner, Mrs. Whitside, Mrs. Key, Mrs. 
Zaring, Mrs. Kehrer, Mrs. Strome. (row five) Mr. Hungerford, Mr. Franklin. 


Leaders of the Class of 1970 are: (left to right) Guy Hagen, second vice-president; Everett Green, 
senior sponsor; Chris Halter, first vice-president; Bob Lappas, president; Barbara Saillant, alumni 
secretary; Phil Gelston, treasurer; and Becky Deputy, secretary. 

Caught in class politics, Dan Cooper shows his 
neutral stand to Mrs. Margaret Jannert. 

Honored senior gridders climax their Arlington gridiron career as they wear their football jerseys before their final game. 


seniors gain status, live 

UluSS OT I \J I in a world of their own 


Early thoughts of graduation enter the minds of seniors as they select cards and announcements. 

Seniority . . . Freshmen dream it, 
sophomores wish it, juniors anticipate 
it, and seniors have it. Familiar 
phrases of "Gimme an S" and "this is 
the senior line" were spoken only from 
the lips of seniors. 

Characterized by the colors brown 
and beige, the Class of 1970 became 
involved in "a world of their own". 
Senior activities ranged from sponsor- 
ing a Senior-Alumni Party to a sock 
hop to a Senior-Faculty Basketball 
game. The class also participated in a 
mock election and went on to produce 
the comedy "Blithe Spirit". 

1970 ... A year of involvement 
where "Senioritis" prevailed as the 
class enjoyed the traditions and privi- 
leges of its final year. It also brought 
the end of a world they had come to 
know and the beginning of a new world 
just around the corner. 





<i^J[|H 1 


" 'a 



Putting aside homework, Libby Cochran re- 
flects upon the stress and fatigue of rehearsal. 

Federalist delegate Steve Draughon ponders a 
difficult decision during mock elections. 


BILL ABBOTT-Letterman's Club 4; ROTC 2; Var- 
sity Football Manager 4; Varsity Basketball Manager 4; 
Bowling League 3. " 

TERRY ADAMS-Student Council 4; Electronics Club 
1,2; FAD 2-4, Vice-president 3, President 4; Freshman 
Football, Reserve 3. 
GARY ALLEN-Freshman Baseball. 

# KENNETH ALLEN-Bible Club 4; FAD 3,4. 
LINDA ALLEN-Concert Orchestra 2; Health Careers 
Club 2; Knights Klub 2; Library Assistant 3. 
PHILIP E. ALLEN-Concert Band 3,4; Marching Band 
2,3; Pep Band 2,3; Talent Show 1-4. 

DARLENE A. ALONZO-Ql and Scroll 3,4; Lancer 
Staff 2-4, News Bureau 3,4; Talent Show 3. 


MICHAEL AMMERMAN-Electronics Club 2,3; A.V. As- 
sistant 1; Varsity Basketball Manager 4. 
KATHLEEN ATKINSON-National Honor Society 3,4; 
Treble-Aires 2; Concert Choir 3,4; "Sound of Music"; 
Talent Show 3,4; Powderbowl 3,4. 
ANITA ATZ-National Honor Society 3,4; FTA 2-4, Vice- 
president 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Girl's State Alternate 3; Pow- 
derbowl 3,4. 

# MARTHA ATZ-National Honor Society 3,4; Stu- 
dent Council 3,4, Cabinet 4; FTA 1-4, Secretary 3,4; 
Student Council Workshop 4; Powderbowl 3,4. 
CAROL AUCH-National Honor Society 4; Treble-Aires 
3; Math Club 2,3, Vice-president 3. 

SUSAN AULT-Quill and Scroll 3,4; Student Council 
1-4, Cabinet 3,4; Spirit Committee 3,4; Lancer Staff 
2-4, Feature Editor 4; Gale Candidate; Jamboree 
Queen; Talent Show 3. 

DOUGLAS B. BABB-Spirit Committee 4; Concert Or- 
chestra 4; Freshman Football, Reserve 2. 


CANDY LEA BADER-National Honor Society 3,4; 
Spirit Committee 4; Spanish Club 3. 
DEBORAH ELAINE BAILEY-Cindy Candidate 4; East- 
gate Jr. High 1; Carroll High School, Alabama. 
DIANA LEE BAILEY-National Honor Society 4; National 
Thespians 4; Student Council 4; GAA 1-4; JA 3,4; 
Goldenaire 3,4; Pennants 4; Talent Show 3,4; Powder- 
bowl 3,4. 

JANET MARIE BAILEY-National Honor Society 4; Spirit 
Committee 4; Art Club 3,4; JA 3,4; AFS Committee 3; 
Talent Show 4. 

# PAUL E. BAILEY-Concert Band 4; Marching Band 

4; Manager 2-4; Pep Band 3; Varsity Baseball 4. 


DENNIS BAKER-Bowling League 1-4. 

L ANTHONY BALDWIN-Spirit Committee 4; Junior 

Prom Committee; Talent Show 4. 


Class of '70 


9 FRANK L BARBOUR-Talent Show 4. 


JOHN BASCOM-National Honor Society 3,4; Student 

Council 1; Freshman Baseball, Reserve 2. 

TRUDY ANN BAUGH-Student Council 2,3; Knights 

Klub 1; Library Assistant 1,2; Talent Show 3. 

# ANNE ELIZABETH BEALL-National Honor Society 

3,4; GAA 1,2; Health Careers Club 1-4, Vice-president 

3; JA 3,4; Goidenaires 3,4, Pennants 4; Talent Show 

3,4; Powderbowl 4. 

BONNIE BETH BEAMAN-Knights of History 4; JA 3. 

ANDREA EllSE BEASLEY-Black Student Union 4; 

Knights Klub 3,4; Red Cross Club 4; AFS Committee 

2; Talent Show 3,4. 

LENARD R. BEASLEY-FAD 4; Knights of History 3; 

Science Club 4; Auditorium Technician 4. 


C. THOMAS BELL-Letterman's Club 3; Reserve Fc 

ball 2, Varsity 3; Intramural Basketball 2-4; Finney- 

town High School, Ohio 1. 


ROGER JOSEPH BENDER-National Honor Society 3,4; 

Boy's Ensemble 1; Concert Choir 3,4; Letterman's 

Club 4; Freshman Football, Reserve 2; Varsity 3,4. 

# BERNIE B. BERRY-Student Council 2-4; Letter- 
man's Club 4; Reserve Football 2, Varsity 3,4. 
STEVEN A. BETRAS-National Honor Society 3,4; 
Chess Club 1,2; German Club 1; Knights of History 
1-4; Science Club 1-4; Science Seminar 2-4; Library 
Assistant 1. 

VALDOMIRO BILECKYJ-Varsity Football 3.4; Reserve 
Track 2, Varsity 3. 

DEBORAH BOW-National Honor Society 4; Senior 

Constitution Committee; Treble-Aires 3,4. 


ROBERT W. BOWSER-Boy's Ensemble 2-4; Knights of 

History 1; JA 2; Red Cross Club 2. 

BARBARA LYNN BOYD-National Honor Society 4; 

French Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, Secretary-treasurer 3; 

Library Assistant 1,2; Talent Show 3. 

# GAYLE DIANE BOYD-Treble-Aires 2; Concert 
Choir 3,4; French Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, Historian 3; 
Library Assistant 1. 


CHARLES BRANDT-National Honor Society 3,4; I.U. 
Latin Conference 4; Decateur Central Jr. High 1. 

I' ^ - . ' -.S^^Sfi &=-_ ' 



% RANDY BRINEGAR-Lancer Representative 1; P.E. 
Assistant 2,4. 

CHERYL A. BRODHECKER-Quill and Scroll 3,4, Treas- 
urer 4; Accolade Staff 2-4, Co-editor 4; Knights Klub 
1,2; I.U. Journalism Workshop 3; Clinic Assistant 3; 
Talent Show 4. 

CAROLYN BROWN-JA 3; Academic Assistant 4. 

% DENNIS M. BROWN-Letterman's Club 4; Varsity 

Football 3,4; Varsity Track 4. 

VERA BROWN-JA 3,4; Office Messenger 2-4; Broad 

Ripple High School 1. 

JANICE BUNNING-National HonOr Society 4. 

THOMAS BURLESON-Student Council 2-4, Cabinet 4; 

Letterman's Club 3,4; Cy Candidate; Varsity Football 

3,4; Varsity Track 3,4; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

1-4, Vice-president 4. 

# JERRY BURRUS-JA 4; Freshman Football. 
DIANA LYNN BUTCH E-Student Council Alternate 3; 
Treble-Aires 3,4; JA 3; Spanish Club 2. 
CATHERYN JO BUTCHER-Tri-Hi-Y 1; Clayton Valley 
High, California 1. 

JANET L. BYERS-National Thespians 2-4; Treble-Aires 
2-4; JA 3; French Club 2,3; Talent Show 3; "Androcles 
and the Lion"; "King and I" Production Crew; Powder- 
bowl 4. 

• CHRISTINE L. CAMPBELL-Student Council 1,2, 
Alternate 3; Lancer Representative 1-3. 

GARY CAMPBELL-Freshman Track, Varsity 4. 
STEVE JAY CAPP-lntramural Basketball 4; Brebeuf 
Prep 1-3. 

JAMES A. CARLSON-JA 4; Bowling League 4; Chatard 
High School 1,2. 

# LINDA G. CARLTON-Student Council Alternate 1; 
Library Assistant 1,2. 


LYDIA J. CARNEY-Student Council Alternate 3; JA 3; 

Clinic Assistant 4; AFS Committee 4; Talent Show 3,4; 

Exploratory Teaching 4. 

NEVIN L CARPENTER-National Forensics League 3; 

Baldwinsville Academy, New York 1; Horseheads High 

School, New York 2. 

Red Cross Club 1,3; Clinic Assistant 4; P.E. Assistant 
4; AFS Committee 4. 

MARY JEAN CARTER-Student Council 1; Talent Show 


SUSAN CARTWRIGHT-Senior Constitution Committee; 

Junior Mother's Tea Committee; AFS Committee 4; 

Talent Show 3. 

ARINDA MARIE CARVER-Knights Klub 1,2; Oxen Hill 
Sr. High, Maryland 3. 


Class of '70 

9 NORBERT F. CASSIDY-Freshman Baseball, Re- 
serve 3; Intramural Basketball 1-4. 
YAO-LING CHANG-Bible Club 3; French Club 4; Health 
Careers Club 4; Science Club 4; Dagon No. I State 
High School, Burma 1. 

GORDON R. CHASE-Shortridge High School 1; Broad 
Ripple High School 2. 
TERRI CHEAK-Chatard High School 1,2. 

# WILLIAM JOHN CHERRY-Nattonal Forensics 
League 4; Accolade Staff 4; Book Club 2; Electronics 
Club 3,4, President 4; Knights of History 1-4; JA 2; 
A.V. Assistant 2-4. 

MARIE P. CHILDS-JA 3,4; Bowling League 3,4. 
SKIP CHOATE-Student Council Alternate 3; JA 3; 
ROTC 2; Reserve Football 2,3; Ruskin High School, 
Missouri 1. 
STEPHEN M. CHRISTIAN-Concert Choir 2. 

# CATHY CLARK-Student Council 4; GAA 1-4, 
Secretary 3, President 4; Student Council Workshop 
4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; P.E. Assistant 3,4; 
Talent Show 3; Gymnastics 1-4; Powderbowl 4. 
JANET CLARK-P.E. Assistant 3; Talent Show 4. 
DIANE SUE CLODFELTER-Concert Choir 3; JA 3; 
C.O.E. 4. 


# LISBETH COCHRAN-National Forensics League 
2-4; National Honor Society 3,4; National Thespians 
1-4; Secretary-Treasurer 3; ISU Honors Seminar 4; 
Girl's State 4; Musicals 1-4. 

BILLY RAY COFFEY-National Forensics League 4; Na- 
tional Thespians 2-4, Treasurer 4; Talent Show 4; 
Musicals 3,4; Repertory Company 4. 

# CHRIS CONLIN-National Honor Society 3.4; Ar- 
lingtones 4; JA 3,4; Latin Club 1-3; Musicals 3,4. 
MICHAEL H. CONNERS-Chess Club 1,2; Math Club 3; 
Bowling League 2-4. 

STEVE L. COOP-Kecoughtan High School, Virginia 1,2. 
DANIEL R. COOPER-National Forensics League 1-4; 
National Thespians 2-4; Thespian Plays 2-4. 

# PHIL K. CORRON-Letterman's Club 4; Varsity 
Baseball 4; Freshman Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4; 
Varsity Track 2. 

STEVEN L. COTTS-Boy's Ensemble 3,4; ROTC 2; Drill 

Team 2. 

KATHY LYNN COULTER-West Lafayette High School 


DONALD COUNTS-Student Council 1-3; Cy Candidate 

1,2; Junior Prom King Candidate. 



# RON W. COUTTS-P.E. Assistant 3,4; Freshman 
Wrestling. ^ 

BEVERLY ANN CRAIG-JA 3.4; Knights Klub 3; Office 
Messenger 3; Library Assistant 1,2; Intramural Vol- 
leyball 1,2; Powderbowl 4. 


DEBORAH KAY CREECH-Library Assistant 1,2. | 

# CAROLE JEAN CRITCHLOW-Student Council 1; 
Knights Klub 1 ; Exploratory Teaching 4. 

RICK J. CROSSON-Boy's Ensemble 1; Concert Choir 2; 
A-V Assistant 4; Talent Show 1. 


MARILYNN DAY DANIEL-Art Club 3,4, Vice-president 

4; Bible Club 4; FTA 2,3; JA 3,4; Knights Klub 1,2; 

"My Fair Lady", "Sound of Music" Production Crew. 

JOY LYNN DAUGHERTY-Tri-Hi-Y 1; Library Assistant 



€1 DIANA DAVIS-National Honor Society 3,4; Treble- 
Aires 3; Concert Choir 4; Knights Klub 2; Latin Club 
2-3, Secretary-treasurer 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2. 
GORDON DAVIS-Student Council Alternate 1; Elec- 
tronics Club 1,4, Secretary-treasurer 4; ROTC 3,4. 

JAMES L. DECAMP-Letterman's Club 4; Varsity Foot- 
ball 3,4; Brebeuf Prep 1. 

# GAIL LYNNE DE HAVEN-Concert Band 2-4; 
Marching Band 2-4; Concert Orchestra 4; Pep Band 4. 
PAMELA A. DENNEY-Student Council 4; Goldenaire 
2-4, Pennants 3,4; Gymnastics 1-4. 

REBECCA LYNN DEPUTY-National Honor Society 3,4, 
Secretary 4; Senior Class Secretary; GAA 1-4; Gol- 
denaire 2-4; Talent Show 3,4. 

• JOHN DE WITZ-ROTC 3,4; Rifle Team 4; Tell City 
High School, Indiana, 1,2. 

KATHY JO DICKEY-Knights Klub 1 ,2; Library Assistant 
4; Student Council Alternate 3. 
CONNE JILL DICKSON-Student Council 1; GAA 1-4; 
Goldenaires 2-4, Pennants 3,4, Color Guard 4, Co- 
captain 4. 

KURT ROBERT DIETZ-JA 3,4; Talent Show 4; Powder- 
bowl Cheerleader 3; A.V. Assistant 1. 


Class of '70 



LEWIS DOTTERER-Kokomo High School 1. 

DARRYL E. DOUGHERTY-Bible Club 3,4; Math Club 

3,4, Vice-president 4; Science Club 3,4; ROTC 2-4. 

# RANDY DRAKE-Lancer Staff 3,4, Photographer 
3,4; Electronics Club 2-4. 

STEVE DRAUGHON-Quill and Scroll 3,4; Student 
Council 1-3; Lancer Staff 2,3, Sports Editor 3; Letter- 
man's Club 3,4; Student Council Workshop 1-3; Fresh- 
man Football, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 4; Reserve 
Wrestling 2,3. 



BRENT ELLIOTT-Debate Team 3,4; Spanish Club 
4; Lawrence Central High School 1. 
Senior Colors Committee; Chess Club 1,2; JA 3,4; 
Latin Club 1,2; Letterman's Club 3,4; Library Assis- 
tant 4; Varsity Football Manager 3,4. 
CAROL D. EMERY-lntramural Volleyball 3. 


CYNDY EXLINE-Talent Show 1. 

MARY LOU FAIR-Lancer Representative 1-3; GAA 1,3; 

Knights Klub 1,2; Office Messenger 3; Talent Show 4; 

Intramural Volleyball 2. 


Candidates for "Cy" and "Cindy" Andrenese Mc Daniels and Curtis Helm, walk to the stage to participate in the Turnabout crowning ceremony. 



# WILLIAM A. FAVORS-Letterman's Club 3,4; Var- 
sity Cross Country 4; Varsity Track 2-4. 
CELESTE ELAINE FEDERLE-Knights Klub 3; Library 
Assistant 4. 

DEBORAH L. FELKINS-National Honor Society 3,4; 
Student Council 4; Cindy Candidate 4; Goldenaire 2-4, 
Pennants 3, Flags 4; Talent Show 3. 
GWENDOLYNNE D. FERGUSON-Concert Choir 4; Tre- 
ble-Aires 2; Arlingtones 3,4; Talent Show 3,4. 

# JOSEPH P. FERRARO-Student Council Alternate 
4; Accolade Staff 2,3; Brebeuf Prep 1. 

DENISE F. FIELDS-Spirit Committee 4; Accolade Staff 
3,4, Ad Manager 4; Clinic Assistant 4; Art Club 3; 
Talent Show 3; Powderbowl 3. 
DEBBIE L FITT-Spirit Committee 3,4; GAA 1-4; Gol- 
denaire 2-4, Pennants 4, Color Guard 4; P.E. Assistant 
2-4; Powderbowl 3,4. 

# PAUL E. FLOCKHART-Concert Band 4; Marching 
Band 1-3. 

JEFFREY C. FLYNN-Senior Colors Committee; JA 3; 

A.V. Assistant 1,2; Office Messenger 1-3. 

BILL FONTAINE-Latin Club 1-3; ROTC 2; Intramural 

Basketball 1,2; Bowling League 3. 

GARY FORD-National Honor Society 3,4; JA 4; Talent 

Show 4; Intramural Basketball 1-4. 

# STEVE H. FRALISH-National Honor Society 4; 
Boy's Ensemble 1,2; JA 3,4; Auditorium Technician 
1-4; Intramural Basketball 1-4. 

DAVID C. FREEMAN-National Thespians 1-4; Student 

Council 1; Concert Choir 2-4; Arlingtones 4; Musicals 

1-4; Talent Show 4. 


School, California 1-3. 

TEENA FURGASON-Talent Show 4. 

• JAMES RICHARD GAIER-Concert Band 3,-! 
Marching Band 1-4; Pep Band 1; JA 3,4; Latin Club^ 
1,2, President 2; Bowling League 3,4. 
PAM GEARY-Connersville High, Indiana 1-3. 

# KAREN R. GEDDES-GAA 1-3; Knights Klub 2,c 
Intramural Volleyball 1,2; Powderbowl 3,4. 
PHILIP GELSTON-National Forensics League 2-4, 
President 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Lancer Staff ; 
2-4, Managing Editor 3, Editor 4; Senior Class Treas- 
urer; I.U. Honors Finalist. 

PHILIP GEMMER-National Honor Society 3,4; Letter- 
man's Club 4; Varsity Baseball 3,4; Varsity Basketball 
3; Varsity Football 3. 

SHARON GIBSON-Senior Colors Committee; JA 3,4; 
Knights Klub 1,2; Intramural Volleyball 4. 

Awaiting the salute to "Knight and 
Gale," candidates Marcy Seybold and 
Bob Lappas talk backstage. 

Class of 70 

W SHERRY E. GIBSON-National Thespians 4; Senior 

Colors Committee; Treble- Aires 3. 

MICHAEL D. GUNCY-Letterman's Club 2-4; Varsity 

Baseball 3,4; Varsity Basketball 2-4. 


KENNETH W. GRAY-National Honor Society 3,4; Let- 

terman's Club 3,4; National Merit Award 4; Voice of 

Democracy Award 4; Baush-Lomb Award 4; Varsity 

Cross Country 3,4; Varsity Track 3,4. 

# GARY GRAY-Secina High School 1. 

NORMA C. GREEN-GAA 2; P.E. Assistant 3; Library 
Assistant 1,2; Powderbowl 3. 
DOUG GREESON-National Honor Society 3,4; Quill 
and Scroll 3,4, Vice-president 4; Lancer Staff 2-4, 
Managing Editor 4; Science Seminar 3,4. 
MADONNA GRIFFEY-National Honor Society 3,4; Quill 
and Scroll 3,4, Secretary 4; Lancer Staff 2-4, News 
Bureau 3,4. 

# PATRICIA A. GRIFFIN-Knights Klub 3. 
ROBERT GRIFFIN-Library Assistant 1,2. 
KATHLEEN GRINSLADE-National Forensics League 4; 
National Honor Society 4; National Thespians 3,4; 
Broad Ripple High School 1,2. 

MICHAEL C. HAEMMERLE-Concert Band 3,4; March- 
ing Band 4; ROTC 2-4; Rifle Team 2-4; Auditorium 
Technician 1-4; Bowling League 4. 

GUY F. HAGEN-National Honor Society 4; Senior 
Class Second Vice-president; Varsity Football 4. 
MARY A. HAGEN-West Noble High School, Indiana 1. 
JOHN C. HALL-National Honor Society 4; Concert 
Band 1-4; Concert Orchestra 1-4. 
CHRISTINE CAROL HALTER-National Honor Society 
3,4, Vice-president 4; Lancer Staff 3,4, News Editor 4; 
Senior Class First Vice-president; Goldenaire 2-4; AFS, 
Ecuador 4; DAR Award 4. 



# KATHLEEN ANNE HAMMER-National Honor So- 
ciety 3,4; Treble-Aires 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Musicals 
1,3,4; Talent Show 3; Powderbowl 3,4. 

PATTY ANN HAMMOND-Student Council 1; C.O.E. 4; 

"Miracle Worker". 


MARENE HANSON-Student Council Alternate 4. 

# TREENDIA HARALSON-Lancer Representative 4; 
Bowling League 4; Powderbowl 4. 

DEBORAH GAIL HARRIS-Health Careers Club 2; Clinic 
Assistant 3,4; "Sound of Music". 
FRED HART-JA 4; Letterman's Club 4; Varsity Base- 
ball 4; Varsity Football 4; Fellowship of Christian Ath- 
letes 2-4, President 4. 

JULIE A. HART-Student Council 2-4, Cabinet 2-4; 
Spirit Committee 3; GAA 1-3. 


DAVID HAWKINS-Freshman Wrestling. 


RUDYARD B. HEADY-Student Council Alternate 1,2; 

Accolade Representative 3,4; Knights of History 2-4, 

President 4. 

# GALE HECKMAN-P.E. Assistant 3,4; Powderbowl 

DANIEL B. HELTON-ROTC 2-4; Drill Team 3,4; Color 
Guard 3,4. 

DIANE HENDERSON-Tech High School 1-3. 
ELLEN L HERMAN-Office Messenger 4. 

ciety 4; Student Council 4; Spirit Committee 4; Consti- 
tution Committee 4; GAA 2,3; Talent Show 3; 
Powderbowl 3. 

PEGGY HERRMANN-National Honor Society 3,4. 

ROBERTA HILL-Student Council 1; Concert Band 3,4; 
Concert Orchestra 3; GAA 1; JA 3,4; P.E. Assistant 
3,4; "My Fair Lady"; Talent Show 3; Powderbowl 3; 
Intramural Volleyball 2,3. 


PAUL HOFMEISTER-Scecina High School 1. 


Knights of History 1-4, Vice-president 4. 

LINDA S. HOKE-Hastings High School, Minnesota 1,2. 


Braving the winter elements, senior members 
of the Arlingtones, Steve Kehrer, Gwyn Fergu- 
son, Katie Snyder, and Lloyd White return from 
an afternoon engagement at the Indianapolis 
Athletic Club downtown. 

Class of '70 

W BOB HOLLAND-Student Council 2; JA 4; Letter- 
man's Club 2-4; Bowling League 3,4. 
GILLIAN SUE HOLMES-National Honor Society 3,4; 
Quill and Scroll 3,4, President 4; Lancer Staff 2,4, 
News Bureau 4; National Thespians 4. 
CRISS HORTON-Student Council 2,3; Spirit Commit- 
tee 3; Letterman's Club 4; Varsity Wrestling. 
DEBORAH G. HOTKA-Senior Colors Committee; GAA 
1; Bowling League 1-4; Intramural Volleyball 2. 

BRUCE HOWE-Auditorium Technician 2-4; Bowl- 
ing League 2,3. 

CATHY HUNTSINGER-National Thespians 2-4; Musi- 
cals 1-4; Thespian Plays 2-4. 
KIM HURST-National Forensic League 4; Bowling 
League 3,4. 

# BRUCE IKAWA-National Honor Society 3,4; Quiz 
Team 3,4; JA 3,4; Science Seminar 4. 
MARJORIE ANNE IRWIN-Knights Klub 1; Red Cross 
Club 1,2; Talent Show 3; Spanish Club 1,2. 
Bowling League 2-4. 

ROBERT JACKSON-Spirit Committee 3,4; Concert 
Band 3,4; Marching Band 1-4; Concert Orchestra 3,4; 
Pep Band 4; "My Fair Lady". 

# ELIZABETH ANN JAKOVAC-Student Council 1; 
Junior Prom Committee; JA 3; Goldenaire 3. 
MARJORIE ANN JAQUESS-Concert Band 3; GAA 1,2; 
Knights Klub 1,2; Talent Show 3. 


JEANNE MARIE JENSEN-GAA 1,2; Knights Klub 1,2; 

C.O.E. 4. 


Senior Bobbie Van Sickle welcomes home 
grads at the annual Senior-Alumni Party in the 
cafeteria and sponsored by the class of '70. 


W PHYLLIS JESSUP-Junior Prom Committee; Junior 
Mother's Tea Committee; Knights Klub 2-4; Gol- 
denaire 4; Baldwin High School, Hawaii 1. 
EDNA LEE JOHNSON-National Honor Society 4. 
FRED JOHNSON-Accolade Staff 2; JA 3. 
GLENN A. JOHNSTON-AFS Foreign Exchange Student 
— Austrailia; Camera Club 4; ROTC 4, Student Council 

# COLLEEN JONES-Red Cross Club 2; Bowling 

MARY E. JONES-National Honor Society 4; Library As- 
sistant 1,2; Columbus High School, Indiana 1,2. 
PATRICK C. JONES-Concert Band 3,4; Intramural Bas- 
ketball 4; ROTC 2-4; Drill Team 2. 
NATHAN N. JORGENSEN-Chess Club 1-4; Bowling 
League 4. 

^ STEPHEN C. KAISER-National Forensics League 
2-4; National Honor Society 4; National Thespians 
2-4; Student Council Cabinet 3,4; Lancer Staff 4; Quiz 
Team 4; Talent Show 4. 

STEPHEN ALAN KEHRER-National Honor Society 3,4 
Student Council 1-4; Human Relations Committee 4 
Arlingtones 3,4; Knight Candidate 4; Musicals 1-4 
Powderbowl Cheerleader 4. 

# BRUCE A. KELLEY-Letterman's Club 3,4; Varsity 
Football 3,4; Varsity Wrestling 3,4. 

RICK KENDALL-Quill and Scroll 4; Lancer Staff 3,4. 
KAREN J. KENNEDY-Student Council 2,3; GAA 1,2; 
Knights Klub 1-3; Goldenaire 2,3; Talent Show 3; Pow- 
dertx)wl 3,4. 

MICHAEL KENRICK-National Honor Society 3,4, 
Treasurer 4; Talent Show 4; Varsity Track 2,3. 


Class of '70 

# DARREL EUGENE KERR-Student Council Alter- 
nate 2; Freshman Football; Bowling League 2. 

JIM KEY-Student Council 1; Talent Show 4. 
Goldenaire 2-4, Pennants 3,4; P.E. Assistant 3; Ex- 
ploratory Teaching 4. 

THOMAS K. KING-Freshman Football, Varsity 4; Fresh- 
man Wrestling, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 4. 

# DENNIS W. KINGERY-French Club 4. 

PATTY KINGSTON-National Forensics League 3.4, 
Treasurer 4; National Thespians 4. 

VICKI KINSEY-Student Council 4; Junior Prom Com- 
mittee; JA 3,4; Knights Klub 2; Woodview Jr. High 1. 

# CAROL JEANNE KLEIN-Knights Klub 3; Clinic As- 
sistant 4; Richmond High School 1. 

SUELLEN KNIGHT-Spirit Committee 4; JA 2-4; Pow- 

derbowl 4; Ritter High School 1 . 

BARBARA ANNE KOUWE-National Honor Society 3,4; 

Concert Choir 3,4; Concert Orchestra 1-4; Musicals 

2-4; Talent Show 3,4. 

JEFFREY N. KRIENIK-National Forensics League 2-4; 

JA 3,4; Letterman's Club 4; Varsity Football 4; Varsity 

Wrestling 4. 

# MARGARET KRUGER-National Thespians 3,4; 
"Ah, Wilderness"; Repertory Company 3; Luverne 
High School, Minnesota 1,2; Southport 3. 
VANESSA ANN KYLE-Knights Klub 1,2; Office Messen- 
ger 3; Talent Show 4. 


DOROTHY LA FARA-National Honor Society 3.4; Stu- 
dent Council Alternate 1,2; Math Club 2-4, President 
2, Vice-president 3, Secretary-treasurer 4; Quiz Team 
4; Science Seminar 3,4. 


# DANIEL CLIFFORD LANE-National Honor Society 
4; Student Council 1 ; Boy's Ensemble 1 ; Concert Choir 
2-4; Arlingtones 4; Barbershop Quartet 4; "My Fair 
Lady"; Talent Show 3,4. 


WILLIAM H. LANTEIGNE-Lancer Staff 4; Electronics 

Club 4. 

ROBERT M. LAPPAS-National Honor Society 3,4; Quill 

and Scroll 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Spirit Committee 

3,4; Lancer Staff 3,4; Sports Editor 3,4; Senior Class 

President; Letterman's Club 2-4; Knight Candidate 4; 

Talent Show 4; Varsity Wrestling 2-4. 




RUTHANN LAURENZANA-Senior Colors Committee; 
Sidney Lanier HighiSchool, Alabama 2,3. 
DAN LAWHORN-National Forensics League 3,4; Cam- 
era Club 3; Knights of History 3; JA 4; ROTC 2-4; Drill 
Team 2; Color Guard 2,3; Reserve Track 3, Varsity 4. 

# MEMORY SUE LAWHORN-Student Council 2,3; 

Senior Constitution Committee; Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, Chaplin 

2,3; Goldenaire 3; P.E. Assistant 3. 


Senior Colors Committee; GAA 1-3; Knights Klub 1-4; 

Goldenaire 4, Secretary 4; Exploratory Teaching 4; 

Powderbowl 4. 



W WILLIAM C. LEDGERWOOD-lntramural Basketball 


REBECCA YVONNE LEE-GAA 3; JA 3; Knights Klub 3; 

Broad Ripple High School 1. 

DEBRA S. LeFEBER-National Honor Society 3,4; 

Health Careers Club 1,2; Knights Klub 1,2. 

MICHELE S. LEONARD-Spirit Committee 3; Art Club 

1,3; JA 3; Talent Show 4. 

# ZOA LYNN LESLIE-O.E.A. 4, President 4; C.O.E. 4. 

SANDRA DARLENE LIKENS-Student Council Alternate 
1; Art Club 1; Talent Show 4. 
CINDY LOOMIS-National Honor Society 4; Accolade 
Staff 2-4, Academics Editor 4; GAA 1-3; Girls State 4; 
Homecoming Queen Candidate; Goldenaire 2-4, Pen- 
nants 3, Flags 4, Color Guard 4; Talent Show 3,4, 
Co-ordinator 4. 

# BETH ANN LOVELESS-National Thespians 1; Stu- 
dent Council 2; Spirit Committee 4; GAA 1-4; Home- 
coming Queen Candidate; Varsity Cheerleader 4; 
Goldenaire 2,3, Pennants 3; "King and I"; "Sound of 
Music"; "Miracle Worker." 


RICHARD LOWE-lntramural Basketball 2-4. 


Art Club 3,4; JA 3; Red Cross Club 4; Academic Assist- 
ant 4; Clinic Assistant 4; Talent Show 4. 
ROBERT D. MAAS-National Honor Society 4; Letter- 
man's Club 4; Freshman Basketball, Reserve 2, Varsity 
3,4; Varsity Football 3,4. 

JOYCE L. MacDONALD-FTA 2-4; Knights Klub 2; Ex- 
ploratory Teaching 4; Talent Show 4. 



Class of '70 

# SCOTT E. MAC PHERSON-Quill and Scroll 3; Ac- 
colade Staff 3; Letterman's Club 2-4; Talent Show 4; 
Reserve Cross Country; Freshman Wrestling, Varsity 
2-4; Freshman Track, Reserve 2. 

Taking his oath as Senior Class President, Bob Lappas 
takes part in the installation of senior class officers. 


1-4; Spirit Committee 3,4; French Club 1,2; JA 3,4 
Letterman's Club 4; P.E. Assistant 4; "My Fair Lady" 
"Sound of Music"; Reserve Baseball 3, Varsity 4 
Freshman Basketball; Freshman Football; Reserve 
Tennis 2. 

# JANICE ANN MARKER-Goldenaire 3,4; P.E. As- 
sistant 3; Intramural Volleyball 2. 

JOE ALAN MARKLAND-Concert Band 2-4; Concert Or- 
chestra 1-4; "King and I"; "My Fair Lady"; "Sound of 
Music"; Talent Show 4. 

CAROL MARQUART-National Honor Society 3,4; Stu- 
dent Council 2; Concert Band 2-4;Marching Band 2; 
Concert Orchestra 3-4; "My Fair Lady." "Sound of 
Music"; Talent Show 4; Powerbowl 3. 

• BARBARA ANN MARTIN-Black Student Union 4; 

GAA 2; JA 4; Talent Show 1. 

CARLA ANN MARTIN-Student Council 4; Junior Prom 

Committee; Treble-Aires 3,4; JA 2,3; Knights Klub 

3,4, President 4; Cindy Candidate 4; Office Messenger 




# MIHOKO MATHEWS-JA 3,4; Latin Club 3,4; Math 

Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Powderbowl 4. 

MILES D. MATHEWS-Knights of History 1; Science 

Club 3; Talent Show 4; Bowling League 3, Treasurer 3. 


CRAIG MAY-Letterman's Club 4; Spanish Club 1-4; 

I.U. Honors Program, Spanish 3; Reserve Wrestling 2; 

Freshman Track, Varsity 3,4. 



9 ROGER MAYHOOD-Freshman Football. 
ROBERT MC ARTY-National Honor Society 3,4; In- 
tramural Basketball 3; Brebeuf Prep 1. 


NORITA MC CULLOCH-Concert Band 4. 
ANDRENESE V. MC DANIELS-Black Student Union 4; 
Human Relations Committee 4; Treble-Aires 2,3> 
Secretary-treasurer 3; Concert Choir 4; Bible Club 4; 
French Club 3; President 3; JA 3; Cindy Candidate 4; 
Goldenaire 4; "Sound of Music"; Talent Show 3,4; 
Powderbowl 3,4. 

2; Concert Choir 3; "My Fair Lady"; Talent Show 2; 
Reserve Wrestling 2; Bowling League 1. 

# DENIS C. MC DUFF-Clarence Central, New York 1 ; 
North Central High School 2 

MICHAEL MC GILL-Reserve Baseball 3; Reserve Bas- 
ketball 2; Freshman Track, Reserve 2. 
DEBORAH ELLEN MC MAHON-National Honor Society 
3,4; National Thespians 4; FTA 4; Math Club 1-4, 
President 4; Science Club 1-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, President 
4; Exploratory Teaching 4. 

# PAUL MC MICHAEL-FTA 4; Latin Club 1-3, Vice- 
President 3; Exploratory Teaching 4. 

MARY ANN MC PHERSON-Knights Klub 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 

1; Library Assistant 1-3; C.O.E. 4. 

THOMAS MEARA-Letterman's Club 4; Cy 3; Junior 

Prom King Candidate; Knight Candidate; Baseball 2; 

Varsity 3,4, Captain 4. 

NANCY MEEK-Student Council 1-4, Cabinet 3,4; 

Homecoming Queen; Junior Prom Queen; Freshman 

Cheerleader, Reserve 2,3, Varsity 4. 

W LINDA J. MEKO-Accolade Staff 3; JA 3; Knights 
Klub 1; Office Messenger 1; C.O.E. 4; Talent Show 3; 
Intramural Volleyball 1-3. 

BARBARA J. MELCHER-French Club 1; GAA 1-3; JA 
3,4; Knights Klub 1; Talent Show 3. 
JAYNE ANN MERRIMAN-Student Council 4; Concert 
Choir 3,4; Concert Orchestra 1-4; String Ensemble 3; 
Bible Club 3,4; "King and 1"; "My Fair Lady"; "Sound 
of Music"; Talent Show 3,4. 
MARILYN K. MESALAM-Junior Mother's Tea Commit- 
tee; Talent Show 4; North Central High School. 

• KEN MESSICK-JA 4; Latin Club 1; ROTC 2. 
dent, Finland 4. 
MONICA MEYERS-Lancer Representative 3; Bowling. 

Enjoying lunch with Anne Lawrence, Youth for 
Understanding student Cecilia Rodriques ad- 
justs from her native Brazilian customs to the 
Arlington way of life. 

Class of 70 

W LINDA L. MILAM-GAA 1; Knights of History 3; 

C.O.E. 4. 

GAYL JANE MILLER-Quill and Scroll 4; Lancer Staff 4; 

GAA 1; JA 3; P.E. Assistant 3; Talent Show 3,4; Pow- 

derbowl 4. 

RICHARD E. MILLER-JA 2; A.V. Assistant 1-3. 

RONALD LEE MILLER-National Forensics League 1,2; 

National Thespians 1,2; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Lancer 

Staff 2-4; Boy's Ensemble 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Bible 

Club 3,4, President 4; Knights of History 1,2; Talent 

Show 4. 

# SANDRA LEE MILLER-Latin Club 1. 

ROB MILLISER-Chess Club 1; Auditorium Technician 

1,2; "King and I" Production Crew. 

MARK MITCHELL-FAD 3,4; "My Fair Lady"; "Sound of 


ARLENE S. MITHOEFER-National Honor Society 3,4; 

Concert Band 2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. 

# DAPHNE E. MONTGOMERY-National Forensics 
League 2,3; Debate Team 3. 

KAREN SUE MONTGOMERY-Student Council 1-3. 

# TERRANCE HENRY MOORE-Letterman's Club 4; 
Talent Show 4; Varsity Baseball 3,4; East Grand Rap- 
ids High School, Michigan 1-3. 

DONNA JOY MORRIS-National Honor Society 3,4; 

Lancer Staff 3,4; Exploratory Teaching 4; Powderbowl 


JOHN MORRIS-Knights of History 4, Vice-President 4; 

JA 4; Broad Ripple High School 1,2. 

MICHAEL J. MUMMEY-National Honor Society 3,4; 

Quiz Team 4; Math Club 3; Science Club 1-4; Science 

Seminar 2-4; National Merit Finalist 4. 




9 CAMILLE MURRAY-Quill and Scroll 3,4; Lancer 
Staff 3,4; Treble-Aires 3; Concert Choir 4; Bible Club 
3,4; Knights of History 2-4; Spanish Club 1-4, Secre- 
tary 3, President 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Secretary 3,4; 
"Brigadoon"; "Sound of Music." 

MARGIE MUSE-Tech High School 1. '^ 

STEPHANIE MYERS-C.O.E. 4; Hartford City 1-3. 
LINDA NEIDLINGER-Knights Klub 1; Bowling League 
2,3. 1« 

# SHERYL NEWHOUSE-Student Council 4; Spirit 
Committee 4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Gale 
Candidate; Freshman Cheerleader, Reserve 2, Varsity 
3,4; Powderbowl 3,4. ^ 
TERRI L. NOE-Junior Mother's Tea Committee. > 
SANDRA NORRIS-JA 3; Academic Assistant 4. 

# VALERIE NORRIS-French Club 3, Secretary 3; JA 
2-4; Knights Klub 3; Scecina High School 1. 
PATTY O'BRIEN-Academic Assistant 4; Office Mes- 
senger 1. 

TIM O'DELL-Boy's Ensemble 2; JA 3; ROTC 2-4; Drill 
Team 2; Office Messenger 1,3. 
CYNTHIA OGDEN-Lancer Staff 3,4; Highland High 
School, Indiana 1,2. 

W NANCY OLSON-National Forensics League 2-4, 

Secretary 3; National Thespians 2-4, Vice-President 4; 

"My Fair Lady"; "Sound of Music"; "St. Joan of Arc"; 

"Ah, Wilderness". 

GARY ORR-Student Council 1; Letterman's Club 3,4 

Freshman Cross Country, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4 

Freshman Football; Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2 

Freshman Track, Varsity 3,4. 

GREGORY OWENS-Boy's Ensemble 3; Concert Choir 

4; ROTC 2,3; P.E. Assistant 4. 

LARRY PAGE-Concert Band 3,4; Marching Band 1-4; 

Pep Band 3,4; FAD 3,4. 

# RUSSELL PALMA-National Honor Society 3,4, 
President 4; Student Council 2,3; Letterman's Club 4; 
Talent Show 4; Golf 1-4; Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 

JOANN PAPPAS-National Honor Society 3,4; Book 

Club 3,4, Vice-president 3; Knights of History 2-4; 

Girl's State 4. 


CHRISTINE PARSLEY-National Thespians 3,4; Knights 

of History 3,4. 

1,2; Knights Klub 1,2; "Sound of Music" Production. 
SHIRLEY PATTON-Bowling League 2,3. 

JO ANN PAYNE-JA 3,4; Knights Klub 1; Office Mes- 
senger 1-3. 
PATRICIA PAYNE-JA 4; Office Messenger 4. 

Playing games with "Gretel," senior Chris Con- 
Jin portrays a family friend in "The Sound of 
Music," a music department production. 

Class of 70 

W MICHAEL PEARCY-P.E. Assistant 3,4; Freshman 
Football; Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2,3. 
MICHAEL PENCE-Quill and Scroll 3,4; Student Council 
3,4, President 4, Cabinet 3,4; Accolade Staff 2-4, 
Business Manager 3; Junior Prom King Candidate; Tal- 
ent Show Master of Ceremonies 4. 
RICHARD PENDLETON-New Berlin High, Illinois 3. 
ARMANDO J. PEREZ-Spanish Club 2-4; Cuba 1. 

# LAURIE PETERSON-National Honor Society 3,4; 
Student Council 2; Accolade Staff 2,3; Concert Or- 
chestra 3,4; FTA 1-4, President 3. 

AMY PHEASANT-National Forensics League 2-4, 
Secretary 4; National Thespians 2-4, President 4; Tre- 
ble-Aires 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Arlingtones 3,4; Talent 
Show 3,4; Musicals 2-4. 

BEVERLY PHELPS-Lancer Staff 2,3; JA 4; Office Mes- 
senger 1,2; Powderbowl 3. 
ROBERT PHELPS-FAD 1; ROTC 2; Bowling League 2. 

# DANE PHILLIPS-Letterman's Club 2-4; Reserve 
Cross Country 2; Varsity 3,4; Freshman Track, Re- 
serve 2, Varsity 3,4. 

ELAINE PHILLIPS-Treble-Aires 3;GAA 1-4; Goldenaire 
2-4, Pennants 3,4, Color Guard 4; Exploratory Teach- 
ing 4; Powderbowl 4. 
DEBORAH PIERCE-P.E. Assistant 3; Talent Show 3. 

# NANCY PIKE-GAA 1; Office Messenger 1-3. 
BRENDA PING-Treble-Aires 3,4, President 4; Explora- 
tory Teaching 4; Powderbowl 3,4. 

ANITA POOLE-National Forensics League 4; National 
Thespians 2-4; Concert Choir 3,4; "My Fair Lady"; 
"Sound of Music". 

CHRIS PORTER-Treble-Aires 3,4; Clay Center Com- 
munity High School, Kansas 1,2. 



• WILLIAM PORTILLA-National Honor Society 3,4; 
Student Council 2-4, Vice-president 4; Spirit Commit- 
tee 3,4; Accolade Staff 4, Business Manager 4; Span- 
ish Club 2-4, Vice-president 3; I.U. Honors Finalist 4; 
Reserve Football 3. 

JOHN POTTS-Accolade Staff 4; Knights of History 
1-4, Treasurer 2,3; A.V. Assistant 1-4. 
BEVERLY POUNCLE-GAA 2; Knights Klub 2; Washing- 
ton High School 1. 


ELLEN PURDY-P.E. Assistant 4; Powderbowl 4. 
HAROLD QUALKINBUSH-Student Council 1; JA 3,4; 
Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball; Freshman 
Wrestling, Reserve 2,3; Bowrling League 4. 
THOMAS QUIGLEY-JA 4; Letterman's Club 3,4; Var- 
sity Football 3,4; Varsity Tennis 3,4; Ottawa High 
School, Michigan 1,2. 

• BILLIE QUILLIN-ROTC 2-4; Drill Team 2-4; Rifle 
Team 2-4. 

PAULA QUINN-Ptoneer High School, California 2. 
DONNA RUTH QUINNETT-National Thespians 4; Tre- 
ble-Aires 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Arlingtones 3,4; Bible 
Club 2,3, Secretary 3; Spanish Club 1-4, Vice-presi- 
dent 3, Treasurer 4; Musicals 3,4. 
IVARS RAGE-National Honor Society 3,4; FTA 2-4; 
Knights of History 2-4; Science Seminar 2-4. 

# GARY RAMAGE-Letterman's Club 2-4, Treasurer 
4; Freshman Basketball, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4; Fresh- 
man Cross Country, Varsity 2-4; Freshman Track, Var- 
sity 2-4. 

LINDA SUE RAWLINGS-Student Council 3; Art Club 

3,4; Bible Club 3. 

MIKE RAWLINSON-Marching Band 1-3; Talent Show 

3; Intramural Basketball 2. 

MICHAEL REAP-National Honor Society 3,4; FTA 3,4. 

Treasurer 4; Latin Club 2-4, President 4; Science Club 

3,4; I.U. Honors Finalist 3. 

# KATHY REED-Bible Club 3,4; Powderbowl 3. 
MICHAEL REED-P.E. Assistant 3,4. 

JIM REES-National Honor Society 4; Talent Show. 
ENGRA REID-Human Relations Committee 4; Bible 
Club 4; French Club 3,4, Vice-president 4. 

• MARCIA Y. REIDER-National Honor Society 3,4; 
National Thespians 1-4, Secretary 2; Concert Choir 
2-4; Arlingtones 2-4; Bible Club 3,4; "King and I"; "My 
Fair Lady"; "Sound of Music". 

BARBARA REIDY-National Honor Society 3,4; Concert 
Orchestra 2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4, Vice-president 3; Musi- 
cals 2-4; Powderbowl 3. 

STEVEN REIDY-Talent Show 2,3; Reserve Football 2; 
Bowling League 2; Brebeuf Prep 1. 


Class of '70 

• BETSY REYBURN-Student Council 1-4, Cabinet 4; 
Spirit Committee 3; GAA 1,2; Goldenaire 3,4, Pen- 
nants 4; Powderbowl 3. 

GWENDOLYN RHEA-JA 3,4; Office Messenger 4. 
KEITH GRIFFITH RHODES-Letterman's Club 3,4; 
Freshman Baseball, Reserve 2; Freshman Football, Re- 
serve 2; Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4. 
DENNIS K. RHYNE-Concert Band 4; Chess Club 1,2; 
ROTC 2; Bowling League 1-4. 

• DONALD R. RICE-JA 2,3; Freshman Wrestling; 
Bowling League 3,4. 

ROBERTA L. RICE-National Honor Society 3,4; Treble- 
Aires 3; FTA 2,3; Spanish Club 2. 
DEBRA RICHESON-P.E. Assistant 4; Bowling League 
3 4 President 3 4. 
CHARLES RICHEY-Library Assistant 1. 


JOHN RICKETTS-JA 3,4; Science Club 2-4; Academic 
Assistant 4. 

JANE A. RIGSBEE-National Honor Society 3,4; Student 
Council 3; Concert Choir 3,4; Bible Club 3,4; Health 
Careers Club 3,4; Exploratory Teaching 4. 
ROBERT C. RILEY-Student Council 2; Letterman's 
Club 3,4; Boy's State 4; Freshman Baseball, Reserve 
2; Freshman Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4; Fresh- 
man Basketball, Varsity 3,4. 

• GAYL A. ROBERSON-C.O.E. 4; Knights Klub 1,2. 

DONNA ROBERTS-National Honor Society 4; Spirit 
Committee 4; Goldenaire 2-4, Majorette 3,4; Clinic 
Assistant 4; Exploratory Teaching 4. 
TERESA ROBERTS-FTA 1,2; ROTC Sponsor 3; Military 
Ball Queen Candidate 3. 

W ANNETTE ROBERTSON-JA 3; Knights Klub 1,2; 

Talent Show 4; Junior Prom Committee. 

STEVE ROBERTSON-FAD 2-4; Knights of History 3; 

Science Club 2,3. 


CRAIG S. ROLLER-Freshman Wrestling, Reserve 2, 

Varsity 4. 

'^ LINDA ROSENQUIST-National Honor Society 3,4; 

National Thespians 1-4; Concert Choir 3,4; Arling- 
; tones 4; Concert Band 2-4; Concert Orchestra 3,4; 
[String Ensemble 3,4; Spanish Club 1-4; National Merit 
I Finalist 4; I.U. Honors Finalist 3; "King and I"; "Sound 
>of Music". 


JOHN W. ROSS-JA 2,3; Math Club 2; Science Club 

1-4; Intramural Basketball 4. 
UANET ROUTH-JA 3,4; Office Messenger 1,2. 



V KATHRYN LEE ROUTT-National Honor Society 
3,4; Quill and Scroll 4; Accolade Staff 3,4; Co-Editor 
4; Treble-Aires 3; Concert Choir 4; Concert Orchestra 
1-3; Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, President 3; "Sound of Music"; Tal- 
ent Show 3,4. I. 

KATHY ROYALTY-"Brigadoon" Production Crew. 
JEAN RUMRILL-Talent Show 4. 
KATHLEEN RUPRECHT-Bowie Sr. High, Maryland 1-3. 

• MERLE JEAN SAFFORD-National Honor Society 4; 
Goldenaire 2-4, Pennants 4; Powderbowl 3,4. 
BARBARA G. SAILLANT-Student Council 1-4, Senior 
Class Alumni Secretary; Homecoming Queen Candi- 
date; Junior Prom Queen Candidate; Gale 4; Gol- 
denaire 2-4, Captain 4; Powderbowl 3,4. 
MARCIA SAKRISON-Nationai Honor Society 3,4; Tre- 
ble-Aires 3,4; Spanish Club 2-4, Secretary 4. 
REBECCA SALTER-Treble-Aires 3,4; Red Cross Club 
1-4, President 3; Library Assistant 2,3. 



W VERONICA SANCHEZ-AFS Foreign Exchange Stu- 
dent, Chili; Student Council 4; Concert Choir 4; GAA 4; 
Spanish Club 4; Talent Show 4. 
DALE SAWIN-Bowling League 4. 
DEBORAH SAYLES-GAA 1-4; JA 3; Bowling League 3; 
Powderbowl 3. 

TERESA J. SCHAEFER-Book Club 3; Knights of History 
3; Center Grove High School, Greenwood 2. 

GAA 2; JA 3; Office Messenger 2,3; Talent Show 3. 
SUE ANN SCHNARR-German Club 3; JA 3. 
JANET ELAINE SCHOFIELD-National Honor Society 
3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Lancer Staff 3,4; Spanish 
Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4; Talent Show 4. 


STEPHEN A. SCOTT-National Honor Society 4; Char- 
tram High School, Ohio 1,2. 

DEBORAH SEALANDER-Eau Claire Memorial High 
School, Wisconsin 2,3. 

• JIM SEAMON-Letterman's Club 2-4, Secretary 4; 
Junior Prom King; Knight 4; Reserve Baseball 1, Var- 
sity 2-4; Freshman Basketball, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4. 
MIKE SEAMON-Letterman's Club 3,4, President 4; 
Knight Candidate; Reserve Baseball 1,2, Varsity 3,4; 
Freshman Football, Varsity 3,4. 

FRANCES A. SETTLE-Library Assistant 2,3; Explora- 
tory Teaching 4. 

MARCY SEYBOLD-Student Council 2-4; Human Rela- 
tions Committee 4; Accolade 4; Cindy Candidate 1,2; 
Homecoming Queen Candidate; Junior Prom Queen 
Candidate; Gale Candidate; Freshman Cheerleader, 
Reserve 2,3; Varsity 4, Captain 2,3; Talent Show 4. 





Class of 70 


DARLA SHADRICK-ROTC Sponsor 3; Drill Team Spon- 
sor 3; Military Ball Queen Candidate 3; "Sound of Mu- 
sic" Production Crew. 

CYNTHIA DIANE SHELTON-New Palestine High 1-3. 
JOANN SHOCKLEY-Black Student Union 4; Bible Club 
2; GAA 3; Knights of History 3; Knights Klub 3; Tri- 
Hi-Y 4; Talent Show 3,4; Manual High School 1. 

# MARGARET F. SHUMATE-Exploratory Teaching 
4; Powderbowl 4. 

BILL SHURE-Scholastic Art Finalist 4. 

JON SIPOLE-ROTC 2-4; Drill Team 2-4; Freshman 

Football, Reserve 2; Freshman Wrestling; Freshman 

Track, Reserve 2,3 

GLADYS SMITH-FTA 3; Lady of Grace Academy 1,2. 

# MARK SMITH-lntramural Basketball 2,4. 
REBECCA L SMITH-Concert Orchestra 1-4; String En- 
semble 4; Bible Club 3; Spanish Club 2; Academic 
Assistant 3; "King and I"; "My Fair Lady"; "Sound of 

DEBBIE SMOOT-Talent Show 3; Powderbowl 3. 


KATHRYN T. SNYDER-National Honor Society 3,4; 
Student Council 1,3,4, Cabinet 4; Spirit Committee 4; 
Treble-Aires 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Arlingtones 3,4; 
Concert Band 3,4; Bible Club 3; Latin Club 1,2; Tri- 
Hi-Y 1,2; "Sound of Music"; Talent Show 3,4; Povyder- 
bowl 4. 

DAVID L. SOMMERVILLE-Concert Band 3,4; Marching 
Band 3; Pep Band 3. 

9 GEORGE SOUTHWORTH-Electronics Club 3; JA 
4; ROTC 2,3. 

BOBBIE SPANN-Lancer Staff 3; JA 4; Spanish Club 4; 
Tri-Hi-Y 4; Jim Hill High School, Mississippi 1,2. 

# BARBARA SPIES-Lawrence Central High School 1 ; 
Ladywood High School 2. 

CYNTHIA JANE SPRADLING-National Honor Society 
3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; Arlingtones 3,4; GAA 1; 
Knights Klub 1; Exploratory Teaching 4; "My Fair 
Lady"; "Sound of Music"; Talent Show 3,4; Powder- 
bowl 4. 

Beth Loveless enjoys halftime preliminaries that lead 
to Homecoming Queen crowning. 




9 DIANA L SPURLOCK-ROTC Sponsor 3; Military 
Ball Queen Candidate 3; Office Messenger 2. 
SARALYN STALCUP-National Honor Society 3,4; Tre- 
ble-Aires 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; I.U. Honors Finalist 3; Aca- 
demic Assistant 3,4. 

ciety 3,4; Concert Band 3,4; Marching Band 2-4; Con- 
cert Orchestra 4; Pep Band 4; FTA 1-4, Vice-president 
4; "Sound of Music". 

MONASITA STOTT-JA 3,4; Talent Show 3; Tech High 
School 1. 

• PATRICIA L. STRANAHAN-Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Library 
Assistant 1-4. 

CHARLES W. STROTHER-JA 2-4; Bowling League 3; 
Brebeuf Prep 1,2. 

VICKI LYNN STUCKEY-Tech High School 1. 
SUSAN K. SUMTER-GAA 1,2; Knights Klub 1,2; Bowl- 
ing League 2,3; Intramural Volleyball 1,2. 

• KAREN S. TAYLOR-Student Council 3,4; Spirit 
Committee 4; JA 3; Powderbowl 3. 


MARK TEEPE-Bible Club 3; Electronics Club 2; ROTC 

2-4; Freshman Cross Country. 

DOUGLAS L TERRY-I.U.Honors Finalist 3; Freshman 

Football; Freshman Basketball; Reserve Baseball 2,3, 

Varsity 4; Bowling League 3,4. 


DEBORAH GAIL THOMAS-Black Student Union 4; 
Tech High School 1,2. 

JOYCE A. THOMPSON-Student Council 1; Spirit Com- 
mittee 4; GAA 2,3; JA 3,4; Knights Klub 2; Talent 
Show 3; Powderbowl 3,4. 

• SANDRA THOMPSON-Knights Klub 2; Academic 
Assistant 4; Exploratory Teaching 4; Powderbowl 4. 
JAMES THRASH ER-Student Council 4; Concert Band 
1,2; Marching Band 1; Concert Orchestra 1; Pep Band 
1,2; Science Seminar 3,4; "King and I". 
BARBARA JEAN TIPTON-National Thespians 2-4; Tre- 
ble-Aires 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Arlingtones 4; Concert 
Band 3,4; "Sound of Music". 

MARSHA ANN TODD-National Honor Society 3,4; Na- 
tional Thespians 2-4; Treble-Aires 2. 

# SUSAN TONNIS-Tri-Hi-Y 2; AFS Committee 3; Tal- 
ent Show 3,4; Powderbowl 4. 


URRY TUMEY-Bowling League 3. 

JULIA K. TYLER-National Honor Society 4; Spanish 

Club 2,3; National Council of Teachers of English 

Achievement Award 4; AFS Committee 3. 




Class of '70 


LINDA DIANE UPDIKE-Treble-Alres 3,4; P.E. Assistant 

2,3; Talent Show 1. 

PHILIP R. UTIGARD-Student Council 1,2; Concert 

Band 3,4; Marching Band 1-4; Talent Show 4. 

ROBERT C. UTTERBACK-Science Club 1-4; Science 

Seminar 3. 

# DENISE MARIE VANCE-Library Assistant 1-4. 

VICTORIA RAE VAN DUREN-National Honor Society 

3,4; National Thespians 2,3; Treble-Aires 3; Concert 

Orchestra 1-4; String Ensemble 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; 

"Brigadoon"; "King and I". 

ROBERTA VANSICKLE-National Honor Society 3,4; 

Student Council 1-4; Secretary 4, Cabinet 4; Spirit 

Committee 4; Student Council Workshop 4; Gol- 

denaire 3,4, Co-captain 4, Flags 4. 

PETE VAN SPRONSEN-JA 4; ROTC 2-4; Drill Team 2, 

3; Tech High School 1. 

500 Festival of Arts Grand Prize Award 2; Freshman 
Football; Golf 2-4; Bowling League 2. 

ROBERT F. VICKERS-Letterman's Club 4; Varsity Foot- 
bail Manager 4; Varsity Track Manager 3,4. 
PATRICIA R. VILLARS-National Honor Society 3,4; 
GAA 1,2; JA 3,4; Goldenaire 2-4; Library Assistant 2; 
Powderbowl 4. 

ANITA VITOLINS-Knights Klub 2; Academic Assistant 
4; Talent Show 3. 


JOYCE WALTER-Art Club 4; Bible Club 4; Red Cross 

Club 4. 



EVELYN MAE WARFEL-Treble-Aires 4; Book Club 3; 
Knights of History 3; Manual High School 2. 
ROBERT LEE WATKINS-National Honor Society 3,4; 
Knights of History 3; JA 3; Math Club 2; Science Semi- 
nar 3; National Merit Finalist 4; Bowling League 2. 

# J. RANDY WELLS-Freshman Baseball, Reserve 2, 
Varsity 3,4; Bowling League 2,3. 

League 2-4; Treasurer 2,3; National Thespians 2-4; 
Quill and Scroll 3,4; Lancer Staff 3,4, Business 
Manager 4; Debate Team 3; "My Fair Lady"; "Andro- 
cles and the Lion"; "St. Joan of Arc"; "Ah, Wilder- 
ness"; Talent Show 4. 

STEVE WERNER-FAD 3; Letterman's Club 4; Fresh- 
man Football, Varsity 3,4; Reserve Wrestling 2, Varsity 
4; Varsity Track 3,4. 




ROGER WEST-Student Council 2; Concert Band 3,4; 

Marching Band 1-4; Pep Band 4; Bible Club 3; AFS 

Committee 3. 

AMELIA JO WESTON-Concert Choir 3,4; JA 4; Knights 

Klub 1; Office Messenger 1,2. 


• KENNETH WHISMAN-Boy's Ensemble 2; Concert] 
Choir 3,4. 

KIM WHITE-Exploratory Teaching 4. 
LLOYD WHITE-National Thespians 2-4; Boy's Ensem- 
ble 2; Concert Choir 3,4, President 4; Arlingtones 3,4; 
JA 3,4; "King and I"; "My Fair Lady"; "Sound of Mu- 
sic"; Talent Show 2-4. 

TERRI S. WHITE-JA 4; Red Cross Club 1. 

• KATHRYN LEE WICHSER-Concert Choir 2-4; Ar- 
lingtones 3,4; "King and I"; "My Fair Lady"; "Sound of 
Music"; Talent Show 2-4. 

VICKY LYNN WILKES-National Honor Society 4; JA 3; 

Academic Assistant 4; Powderbowl 4. 

PHILLIP WILKINS-Concert Band 4; ROTC 2-4; Drill 

Team 2; Rifle Team 3,4. 

DEBORAH L. WILSON-National Honor Society 4; Quill 

and Scroll 3,4; Student Council 3,4, Cabinet 4; Spirit 

Committee Chairman 4; Accolade Staff 2-4, Activities 

Editor 4; Goldenaires 2-4, Flags 3,4, Colorguard 3,4. 

• KAREN J. WINTERS-GAA 2; Chatard High School 

EDWARD JOSEPH WOLF-Brebeuf Prep 1; Western 

Military Academy 2. 

SUSIE WOOD-Library Assistant 2,3; Exploratory 

Teaching 4; Junior Prom Committee. 

JANET WOODRUFF-Concert Band 3,4; Marching Band 

4; Pep Band 4; Bible Club 3; Red Cross Club 3. 


• LAURA WOODS-Spirit Committee 4; GAA 1 -4; Re- 
serve Cheerleader 2, Varsity 3,4; "Sound of Music"; 
Talent Show 3. 

JAMES A. WORTMAN-Bowling League 3. 

DARLA J. WORTON-Quill and Scroll 3,4; Accolade 

Staff 2-4, Senior Editor 4; Treble-Aires 3,4; Health 

Careers Club 3; JA 3,4; AFS Committee 3; Talent Show 


LINDA YANT-Student Council 2; Spirit Committee 4; 

GAA 1,2; JA 3,4; Knights Klub 1,2; Red Cross Club 1; 

Talent Show 3; Powderbowl 3. 

# JEFFREY J. YOUNG-JA 2-4; Freshman wrestling. 
REX ZENOR-Cathedral High School 1. 

TOM ZENTZ-Boy's Ensemble 2; Concert Choir 3; JA 2; 
ROTC 2; A.V. Assistant 4; Talent Show 1,4; Reserve 
Baseball 1, Varsity 2. 

MARGARET ZIMMERMAN-Treble-Aires 3,4; Knights 
Klub 1-4; Goldenaire 2-4, Pennants 4. 


Candidates for the Junior Prom, "Knighthood in Flower", were Barbara 
Saillant, Marcy Seybold, Nancy Meek, Cathy Clark, Sherry Newhouse, Mike 

Pence, Don Counts, Mike Glancy, Tom Meara, and Jim Seamon. Nancy and 
Jim reigned as queen and king for the event. 

Camera Shy Seniors 

JAMES A. ALLEN-Boy's Ensemble 4; Intramural Basketball 1. 

WILLARD R. BARNETT-Freshman Football, Reserve 2; Track. 

VICKY KAY BEATY-Pickett Co. High School, Tennessee 1-3. 

WILLIAM E. BEATY-Colonel White High School, Ohio 1; Patterson High 

School, Ohio 2; Eastern High School, Ohio 3. 


LARRY A. BOYD-ROTC 2; Drill Team 2; Crispus Attucks High School 1. 







DEBORAH ADELE DICKINSON-JA 3,4; Powderbowl 4; LaSalle High School, 

Indiana 1; Shortridge High School 2. 



DAVID BRIAN FREDERICK-Student Council 1-4, Parliamentarian 4, Cabinet 

3,4; Spirit Committee 2-4; Lancer Staff 3,4; Student Council Workshop 


JOSEPH L. GERACIE-JA 4; Washington High School, Wisconsin 1,2. 

STEVE GERDE-JA 4; Baseball 2, Varsity 4; Intramural Basketball 2-4; 

Purcell High School, Ohio 1. 

GREG GOROGIANI-Talent Show 4. 

CURTIS E. HELM-Black Student Union 4; Human Relations Committee 4; 

Cy Candidate 4; Varsity Track; Manual High School 1. 

KENNETH HENSLEY-ROTC 3,4; Drill Team 3,4. 

MICHAEL ROBERT HENTHORN-ROTC 3; Office Messenger 3,4. 


JAMES M. INGRAM-Tech High School 1. 

DIANE PATRICIA JACKSON-Treble-Aires 3; FTA 2; Exploratory Teaching 4. 




DORETTA KING-Fountain High School, Colorado 1. 



VICKY ANN LEONARD-Office Messenger 1,2; Library Assistant 3. 


JACK WILSON MAIN-Chess Club 4, Vice-president 4; Knights of History 2; 

Office Messenger 2; Library Assistant 1-4. 




RON NICHOLLS-lntramural Basketball 3. 

JON O'DELL-Varsity Golf 3,4; Intramural Basketball 1-4; Bowling League 



STEVE PARRISH-Cathedral High School 1,2. 



FRED PROPES-Lancer Representative 1; ROTC 2; Office Messenger 4. 


ROGER ROBINSON-Camera Club 3; FAD 1-3; JA 3; Science Club 1-3; 

Spanish Club 1-3; A.V. Assistant 1-3. 

CECILIA RODRIQUES-Youth for Understanding, Brazil 4. 

LA SONDRA KAY ROSS-JA 4; Washington High School 1-3. 

DAVID L SCHNEIDER-Freshman Football, Reserve 2,3. 




VAN R. VANDIVIER-Chess Club 3,4, President 4; Intramural Basketball 3; 

Franklin Central High School 1; Warren Central High School 2. 


MICHAEL WATTS-lntramural Basketball 2; Tech High School 1. 

AMA WILKINS-Accolade Representative 1; Lancer Representative 1; JA 3. 

CARL WILLIAMS-lntramural Basketball 2,3. 


PATRICIA WILSON-Red Cross Club 2; AFS Committee 1. 




-— ( 

To meet, 

Anxiously to await the re- 
maining days until gradua- 
tion, secretly to wonder where 
time has gone. To cling to the 
security of yesterday, yet to 
yearn for the independence of 

To experience the last 
flings of childhood while try- 
ing to understand conflicting 
cries: "act like an adult" and 
"you aren't so grown up" and 
take them in stride. No more a 
child, not yet an adult, but 
striving to combat both op- 
posing forces. 

To leave behind the care- 
free days, to face reality as a 
young adult. To dream about 
the world of college . . . busi- 
ness . . . marriage as tomor- 
row becomes today and 
yesterday fades from view. 

To accept a diploma, and 
with it the commencement of 
two worlds. 


Class of 71/S 

As seniors prepared to step from 
the honored ranks of upperclassmen, 
the class of '71 anxiously anticipated 
the coming year. 

Important dates in U.S. history and 
the intricacies of a chemical formula 
made juniors aware of that "upper- 
class feeling." An "air" for victory 
coincided as the class found its place 
in the annual Powderbowl game. 

The Junior Prom and Junior Moth- 

three-year exposure, 
iors catch senioritis 

er's Tea headed the year's social 

For the college bound junior, prepa- 
ration began with the administering of 
aptitude tests while each student con- 
tinued his search for a suitable col- 

As the year ended, juniors looked 
forward to catching that dreaded dis- 
ease known as "senioritis." 

"Baby Huey" Stonecipher starts his "engine" 
as he competes with the junior boys in a race. 
Junior girls huddle in a powderbowl plot. 
Finding the best spot to work helps Janis 
Brown with one of her term paper problems. 


Janie Adams, Steve Alexander, 
Kathy Allen, Robert Allen, Tony 
Allen, Vicki Altom, John Ander- 
son, Kathleen Anderson. 

Sherry Anderson, Steve Ander- 
son, Susi Andres, Paula Angrick, 
Susan Atchison, Nancy Bailey, 
Pam Bailey, Tom Baldwin. 

Karen Banks, Michele Barbee, Ro- 
seanna Barnes, Sandy Barnes, Bill 
Barnhart, Susan Baron, Terry 
Barth, Linda Bartley. 

Janey Baskett, Patty Bast, Dianne 
Baxter, Bonnie Beaumont, Tom 
Beavers, Cathy Beeler, Debbie 
Bennett, John Bennett. 

Joseph Bennett, Linda Berger, 
Monica Bernett, Don Berky, 
Ronaldeen Bigsby, Phil Binder, 
Mark Bishop, Cheryl Black. 

James Black, Gary Blackburn, 
Jeff Boak, Steve Boese, Patrick 
Bonfils, Bob Booher, Terri Booi, 
Patricia Boone. 

Pamela Booth, Betty Bouye, Mi- 
chael Boyd, Norman Branden- 
stein, Mike Brevi/er, Ted Brill, 
Steve Britton, Ed Brooks. 


Colleen Brown, Denny Brown, Jan 
Brown, Mary Brown, Beth Brum- 
mett, Carole Bruton, Vernan By- 
rant, Jean Buchanan, 

Ardie Bucher, Diane Buenger, Pat 
Bunning, Shari Burnett, Vicki Bur- 
nett, Brenda Burp, Freddie Bur- 
rus, Dave Burton. 

Chuck Butche, Marty Byers, Tom 
Byers, Joan Camp, Sally Capp, 
Dave Carder, Cheryl Cardwell, 
Denny Carlson. 

Kathy Caron, Bill Carr, Tim Carr, 
Donna Carrier, Cathy Carter, Kris 
Carter, Linda Carter, Pam Cas- 

Patrick Cassidy, Steve Cassman, 
Louis Cavanaugh, Susan Cavey, 
Bob Chamness, Tom Charleston, 
Joanna Cheatham, Janice Cher- 

Sue Christiansen, Terry Christian- 
son, Becky Clark, Christy Clark, 
Cindy Clark, Janet Clark, Nyla 
Clark, Steve Click. 

Joanie Cline, Linda Cochran, Chris 
Coder, Tom Coffey, Lydia Collins, 
Diane Cones, Michael Coniglen, 
Karen Connelly. 

Clifford Cooney, Vicki Corbett, Ke- 
vin Corriden, Richard Cotton, 
Leroy Couch, Danny Coyle, Steve 
Craig, Mary Crawford. 

Deanna Crawley, Barbara Cre- 
means, Cindy Crisci, Mark Crowe, 
Nancy Crowe, John Daniluck, 
James Darling, Melani Darrell. 

Stephen Daub, Beatrise Davis, 
Grant Davis, Jared Davis, Randy 
Davis, Thomas Davis, Charlotte 
Davison, Marty Day. 

Class of 71 

Michelle Dixon, Donita Donovan. 

William Downey, David Dransfield 

Junior Linda Hepler "gets the 
point" as classmate Bob Cham- 
ness tries to pin on a corsage. 

Terry Drinton, Sara Dunbar. 

John Duncan, Jerry Dunphy, Larry 
Dunphy, Barbara Dye, Kim Dyer, 
John Eckel, Dave Edmonds, Wil- 
liam Edney. 

Susan Edw/ards, Tom Edwards, 
Kathy Egenes, Louise Ehrenwald, 
Jerry Eidson, Terri Eldridge, 
Donna Eleson, Heidi Embach. 

Tony English, Tim Ernest, Ron 
Evans, Janine Everly, Mark Ever- 
man, Mike Farner, Cheri Fenley, 
John Ferguson. 

Cecelie Field, Michael Fields, Don 
Fillion, Kenneth Finn, Skip Fisher, 
Debbie Fontaine, Michael France, 
Charlie French. 

Michael French, Juleen Frisbie, 
Wayne Fuson, Joyce Gabbert, 
Dwight Gaines, Gale Sharon, Joy 
Garrison, Jan Gehris. 

Glenna Genaro, Dave Gerber, 
Carol Gierke, Sarah Gildea, David 
Gioe, Fred Glass, Jerry Glass, Bar- 
bara Gootee. 

Dennis Gordon, Rick Gordon, 
Juanita Gorman, Rick Gorsline, 
Bob Graeber, Pam Gratter, Sadie 
Green, Gerald Greene. 


Becky Greer, Faye Grigsby, Greg 
Hagen, Mike Hagen, Debbi 
Haines, Chad Hall, Katie Hall, 
LeRoy Hampton. 

Pam Hancock, Nancy Handy, Rick 
Hanes, Steve Hankins, Jo Hanni- 
gan, Christopher Harbert, Laura 
Harmas, Marcia Harp. 

Tommie Harris, Wanda Harris, Ed 
Hart, Judy Hartley, Dennis Healy, 
Bob Helm, Raymond Higgenbot- 
tom, Charles Hill. 

Theresa Hill, Mary Hinds, Gary 
Hobson, Richard Hobson, Howard 
Holifield, Jack Hollingsworth, Pat- 
rick Holmes, Cynthia Hopper. 

Bill Hoppes, Gary Horrali, Larney 
Horstman, Eileen Hoskins, Don 
Howard, Edward Howard, Gary 
Howenstein, Bruce Hubbard. 

Carol Hughes, Lenny Hunter, 
Carol Huser, George Hutchison, 
Steve Hyde, Leslie Irons, Audrey 
Irving, Kathy Jackson. 

Linda Jackson, Cheryl Jennings, 
Kimball Jeter, Karen Johan- 
nessen, Charles Johnson, Debbie 
Johnson, Eleen Johnson, Eric 

Jack Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, 
Laura Johnson, Terry Johnson, 
Dave Johnston, Elaine Johnston, 
Don Jones, Lawrence Jones. 

Nancy Jones, Phyllis Jones, Rick 
Jones, Steven Jones, Tom Jones, 
Nancy Jorgensen, Maureen Jung, 
Debbie Justus. 

Candy Kantor, Karrol Kelly, Mary 
Kay Kellerhals, Elizabeth Kendall, 
Patti Kendall, Vickie Kendall, Mi- 
chael Kennedy, Virginia Kennedy. 


Class of 71 

The Four Jets, alias Bob Worl, 
Charlie French, Bob Helm, and 
Brad Potter, strike a chord of 
harmony in the '69 Talent Show. 

Gary Kestner, Lolita Kidwell, Mary 
King, Nancy King, Rick King, Larry 
Kinnie, Inge Kirchner, Diana Klen- 

Bert Klepper, Tom Knipe, Katie 
Koers, Steve Konchinsky, Theresa 
Kopinski, Don Kraege, Bob 
Kraucunas, Jeannine Kreider. 

Mike Krienik, Shelly Lancaster, 
Jack Lane, Karen Langley, Tom 
Lannan, Don Lanteigne, Robert 
LaPorte, Sonnie Larson. 

Pat Lee, Steve Lee, Becky Leeper, 
Terry LeFeber, Rick Legner, David 
LeMaster, Norman Leonard, Tod 

Jeffery Lewis, Bonnie Linder, Del- 
bert Linhart, Elaine Litteral, Mollie 
Livengood, Paula Lothamer, 
Randy Lowe, Pam Loy. 

Clark Lucas, Diane Lucas, Jan 
Lucas, Tom Lund, Kevin Maddox, 
Becky Maggio, Diana Manship, 
Denise Marietta. 

John Marquart, Janet Marr, Peggy 
Morrow, Susan Marten, Patty 
Martin, Robert Martin, Brad Ma- 
son, Carol Mason. 


Jon Massey, Mona Masters, Debo- 
'rah McCane. 

Dena McClain, Jeff McDermott, 
Michael McDowell. 

Johnnie McGee, Eric Mclntire, 
Steve McManus. 

Preparing for college, Ed Hart 
ponders questions on the PSAT. 

Howard McPeek, Gary McWhirter, 
Susie Meara. 

Bob Mesalam, Steve Meyers, 
Kathy Michael. 

Gary Miller, Jeanne Miller, Randy 
Miller, Steve Miller, Jack Minton, 
Ronald Mock, Sandy Mode, Frank 

Paula Monday, Mike Mooneyham, 
Todd Moore, Dan Morgan, Pamela 
Morelock, Dawn Morokoff, Ronald 
Morris, Steve Morrison. 

Peggy Morrow, Nancy Moss, Doug 
Mott, Mary Munch, LeAnn Mur- 
phy, Pete Murphy, Mary Jean 
Murreli, Gary Nance. 

Patricia Neeley, Tom Nicholls, Su- 
sette Nicholson, Agnes Nickels, 
Thomas Nickleson, Nancy O'Con- 
nor, Cappi Odom, Mary Olsen. 

Linda Osborn, Jay Oswalt, Betty 
Owens, John Pyle, Jeff Purvis, 
Marcia Purkey, Alfred Pryor, Bob- 
bi Propes. 

Class of 71 

Jonathan Parker, Bill Parkhurst, 
Sandra Parris, Bill Parrish, Farrell 
Patrick, Larry Patrick, Jim Patter- 
son, Patricia Patterson. 

Valerie Patterson, Pat Paune, 
Sandy Peak, Charles Pendleton, 
Willa Pennyman, Janet Perkins, 
Robert Pettiford, Carol Phillips. 

Gayle Pickering, Jerri Pierson, Ka- 
thryn Pirtle, Ray Pohland, Ron 
Polster, Julie Pool, Terry Pond, 
Gary Porter. 

Roxanna Porter, Brad Potter, Ted 
Prather, Amy Quate, Paula Query, 
Sheryl Radtke, Liz Ralston, Jo- 
Lynn Ramey. 

Dale Ranck, Judsona Randolph, 
Dan Ratz, Georgia Rayner, Bob 
Rebic, Dan Reed, Kathie Reed, 
Juanita Reedos. 

Paul Reifeis, Dave Reinhardt, 
Bruce Rennekamp, Stacy Reuter, 
Shannon Rhea, Michael Richard- 
son, Glenda Riddle, Steve Rider. 

Betty Riding, Valerie Rigsbee, 
Carol Riley, Dennis Riley, Terry 
Roberson, Rob Rogers, Karen 
Roller, Patsy Ross. 

Bob Rossetter, Geoffrey Rout, 
Steve Rout, Donna Rozzel, Judy 
Ruddell, Glen Rush, Kathy Rut- 
land, Beverly Ryba. 

Marsha Sage, Carolyn Salyer, 
Stacey Sanders, Paula Sauer, Si- 
grid Sauter, Becky Sayre, Roland 
Schloot, Gary Schmidt. 

NancySchoolcraft, Jackie Schorn, 
Kris Schuesler, Kurt Schwomeyer, 
Gary Scott, Mike Scott, David 
Searless,Debbie Seay. 


Alice Sermersheim, Jim Sexton, 
Ed Shadday, Roxie Shannon, 
Steve Sherwood, JoAnn Shockley, 
Sandy Shoemaker, Sandra 

Joan Sibley, Marleen Silver, 
Sharon Simpson, Jeanie Sims, 
Sharon Sinders, Marilyn Sipole, 
Pam Slagle, Phil Smith. 

Steve Smith, Brad Smith, Ed Sny- 
der, Dave Southgate, Steve South- 
gate, Sharon Sparks, Sandie 
Spurr, Patricia Staces. 

Sue Stafford, Susie Stanley, Joe 
Stern, Jeff Stearns, Tony Stewart, 
Mark Stephens, Diane Stevens, 
Mark Stevens. 

Pam Stevens, Edward Stone, Jim 
Stonecipher, Rick Stoneking, 
Lloyd Stout, John Stoughton, Jan 
Strieker, James Stringer. 

Joni Strong, Lou Ann Stroude, 
Charles Stuckey, Glenn Swisher, 
Mike Sylvester, Ron Tabak, Don- 
ald Talbot, Becky Taylor. 

Gary Taylor, Robert Taylor, 
Sharon Taylor, Sue Taylor, Sally 
Tegarden, Gary Tewmey, Cecil 
Thompson, Gary Thompson. 

Patricia Thompson, Richard 
Thompson, Donald Thrasher, 
Judy Tipton, Diane Tolliver, Bruce 
Tovsky, Sharon Tranter, Joe 

Cindy Troha, Steve Trulock, She- 
ryll Trump, Pam Tucker, Richard 
Turley, Margaret Turner, Steve 
Turner, Kitty Unthank. 

Kimberley Updike, Marian Upson, 
Thomas Valdez, Annice Vance, 
Evan Vaughan, Loretta Vawter, 
Susie Verrill, Steve Vitz. 

Class of 71 

Phil Vogelgesang, Rick Wade, 
Mark Walker, Frank Wallace, Deb- 
bie Walther, Doug Wamser, Betsy 
Ward, Debbie Ware. 

Susie Wasnidge, Elizabeth Wat- 
ford, Arthur Watt, Karen Weaver, 
Jennie Weber, Brad Weddell, Jane 
Welsh, Craig Wesling. 

David Weston, Sally Whaley, Cathi 
Whallon, Douglas Wheeler, Susan 
Wheeler, Carl White, Craig White, 
Jacquie White. 

Kenny White, Robert White, Lisa 
Wichser, Lance Wickliff, Robert 
Wilkes, Carol Wilkins, Debra Wil- 
liams, Dennis Williams. 

Donna Williams, Holly Williams, 
Pearlie Williams, Roy Willman, 
Frank Wilmoth, Larry Wilson, Su- 
san Wilson, Phil Woodard. 

Scott Woodworth, Bob Worl, 
Debora Wright, Tom Yeagley, Dan 
Young, Laura Ziegler, Larry Zim- 
pleman, David Zorne. 

Supporting a Knight football 
game, cheering juniors raise 
their banner proudly as they give 
a "sign" of their school spirit to 
the team. 

PI^QQ nf '79 /sophs drop 'youngest set,' 
OICioo Ul / L^l retain unique identities 

Still beneath the ranks of upper- 
classmen, but more seasoned than 
they were as freshmen, sophomores 
eagerly strove to retain their identity 
while becoming more involved in the 
Knight world. 

Enrolling in the usual second year 
subjects, students braved the theories 
and postulates of geometry and 
became skilled in the art of dissecting 

Sophomore athletes entered the re- 
serve squads in preparation for future 
varsity teams as spirited girls en- 
thusiastically supported them through 
reserve cheerleading and Gol- 

Marking the halfway point of their 
high school career, members of the 
class of '72 displayed their school 
spirit as they purchased class rings. 
With their newly acquired knowledge 
and status, sophomores prepared to 
enter the next phase on the way to 

*(upper right) competing with the senior class, 
spirited sophomores yell "Gimme an s . . ." 
•(above) As the Knights score a winning touch- 
down, Doug Weber anticipates the victory 

•(right) Mr. Henry Voll< demonstrates the 
procedure of drawing geometric figures for 
Scott Holloway. 


Class of 72 

Corky Abbott, Michael Abbott, 
Jim Acevedo, Randy Adams, Nita 
Agnew, Mark Ahearn, Joyce Alex- 
ander, Eric Alexander. 

Sue Allen, Cherri Altman, Joslyn 
Amann, Sherry Anderson, Debo- 
rah Appleton, JoAnn Arbuckle, 
Harry Argenbright, Rodney Ar- 

Denise Arrington, Steve Auch, 
Sheila Austin, Delois Averett, Eve- 
lyn Bacon, Melody Bagan, Kenny 
Baker, Pat Baker. 

Sharon Baker, Beverly Bailey, 
Paul Ballentine, Paula Banta, Val 
Barbour, Debbie Barlow, Bonita 
Barnes, Grayson Barrett. 

Samuel Baxter, Bob Beamon, Jea- 
nette Beasley, Randy Beattey, 
Kathy Beaty, Gary Beckman 
Kandy Bell, Sherry Bennett. 

Valerie Benton, Mary Bernett, 
Dave Berry, Debbie Berry, Sandy 
Berry, Gregg Betras, Beth Bibler, 
Steve Bigelow. 

Greg Biberdorf, Michael Bishop, 
Stephen Bishop, Pam Bivens, 
Cindy Black, Gregory Black, 
Randy Bland, Emerson Blunt. 

Randy Bole, Rich Boothman, Jill 
Bo//er, Barb Boyd, Jim Boyd, 
Karen Boyd, Fred Boyd, Morrie 

Lisa Breidenbaugh, Mark Brewer, 
Anthony Briddle, David Broadnax, 
Sandra Brodhecker, Jacqueline 
Brooks, Ronald Brooks, Darrell 

Elizabeth Brown, Malinda Brown, 
Susie Brown, Wennetta Brownlee, 
Richard Brummell, Jimmie Bry- 
ant, Patricia Bryant, Chris 


Bambi Bullard, Herbert Bullock, 

Keith Burnett, Lynda Burp 

Charles Burris, Cissy Burrus. 

Serving as a "dummy" for Art 
Club, student teacher George 
Screes gets all "wrapped-up." 

Anne Burton, Shirley Burwell. 

Cynthia Butche, Beverly Butter- 

Jody Byers, Carl Cable, Cindy 
Caesar, Rick Cagle, Brian Calla- 
han, Ann Calvert, Valerie Calvert, 
Jerry Campbell. 

Theresa Campbell, William Camp- 
bell, Marcella Carlton, Charlene 
Carnex, Claudette Carney, Pau- 
lette Carney, Dianna Carpenter, 
Joy Carpenter, 

Kathy Carpenter, Doug Carr, Jerry 
Carr, Robert Carroll, Mischelle 
Carter, Debbie Carver, Joe Cava- 
naugh. Bill Chaffin. 

Andy Chaille, Nancy Chambers, 
Larry Chandler, Dan Cheak, Su- 
zette Cheanult, Dan Chestnut, 
Vickie Christensen, Bob Chris- 

Vickie Christiansen, Karen Clark, 
Terri Clegg, Dean Clodfelter, 
Kathleen Clovi/er, Karell Coffey, 
Thomas Coffey, David Coghill 

Class of 72 

Nan Colbert, Bonnie Cole, 
Deborra Coleman, Lydia Coleman, 
Charlene Collins, Pat Collins, 
Cathy Colson, Dick Combs. 

Marcia Combs, Cathy Cones, Su- 
san Coniglen, Cindy Conlin, 
Charles Conrad, Roxanne Cooley, 
Pam Cooney, Ron Cooper. 

Charline Cooperwood, George 
Copp, Gloria Copp, Teddy Cor- 
nett, Herb Cosby, Mark Coutts, 
Mike Cowart, Michael Cox. 

Dennis Craig, Jeff Craig, Terry 
Craig, Joseph Crafton, Carole 
Crisci, Debbi Crisci, Joe Crites, 
Debbie Crosson. 

Harry Crouch, Debbie Croup, Kay 
Crowder, Don Crowe, Jim Cun- 
ningham, Violet Darly, Harold 
Davis, Herbert Davis. 

Jackie Davis, Jodie Davis Jr., 
Sharon Davis, Deborah Day, 
Sherry Deckard, Jeff DeHaven, 
Robert DeHoniesto, Susy DeMou- 

Cindy Denton, Dave de Rox, Robin 
de Rox, Bill Detmer, Keith De- 
Trude, Jacqueline Dickerson, 
Sherri Dieckmann, Arbredella Dll- 

Errol Dingle, Denise Dinning, Deb- 
bie Dooley, Connie Dorsey, 
Sharon Dossey, Sylvia Dorsey, 
Pam Dover, Brenda Driver. 

Quaintance Driver, Micky Drudge, 
Ronald Duncan, Bob Dunn, San- 
dra Dunphy, Beverly Ealy, 
Rebecca Ecklund, Gary Edw/ards. 

Robert Edwards, Aldis Elberts, 
Beth Eller, Chuck Elliott, Wanda 
Elliott, Kerry England, Reggie Eu- 
bank, Robert Eubanks. 


Dania Fairburn, Ruby Farrell, 
Diana Fasnacht, Cindy Fear, Debo- 
rah Federle, James Ferguson, 
' Laura Ferguson, Susan Fine. 

Georganne Fischer, Mike Fitz- 
gerald, Jerry Flack, Rhonda Flem- 
ing, Barbara Fleshood, John 
Flynn, Bill Freed, Dana Freeman. 

Ray Freeman, Sue Freeman, Gary 
Fryar, Teresha Furgason, Karen 
Gale, Art Garfunkel, Terri Garrett, 
Mark Garwood. 

Jodi Gehris, Nancy Gieseking, 
Mack Gilbert, Toni Gilbert, Willie 
Gilbert, Charles Gillard, Kyle Gil- 
lette, Kevin Goetz. 

Linda Good, Dolores Goodman, 
Doreatha Goodmon, Gary Gor- 
bett, Jana Gordon, Steve Gorsline, 
Kenneth Gouge, Fred Grant. 

Barbara Graves, Joyce Green, 
Linda Green, Nancy Greene, Floyd 
Greeson, Gloria Grenwald, Dave 
Griffey, Carmalita Griffin. 

Ron Grimes, Lori Grimmenstein, 
Chris Grinslade, Donna Grubb, 
Rick Grunert, Dale Gruzinsky, 
Rick Haemmerle, Mitch Hair. 

Eric Hall, Larry Hall, Robert Hall, 
Gerald Hallett, Fred Halter, Steve 
Ham, Ed Hamilton, Pete Ham- 

Larry Hancock, Mike Hancock, 
Garry Harner, John Harris, Kathy 
Harris, Robin Harris, Russ Harris, 
Wanda Harris. 

Wally Harvey, Patti Hastings, Carl 
Hatcher, Barbara Hatfield, Kevin 
Hawkins, Sheryl Hawkins, Debra 
Hayes, Dave Heacox. 

Class of '72 

Arthur Heady, Susan Heady, 
Donna Heck, Rick Heckman, 
Debby Heeter, Nancy Hellickson, 
Pam Hellmer, Carl Helmick. 

Darrell Henderson, Thomas Hen- 
derson, Dan Henthorn, Mark Her- 
man, Jeff Herndon, Linda 
Harrington, Cynthia Hill, Steve Hil- 

Anita Himes, Joe Hinshaw, Mike 
Hittle, Doug Hobbs, Susie Hofme- 
ister, Carol Holdaway, Christi Hol- 
land, Scott Holloway. 

Deborah Hopkins, Debi Hopeer, 
Herbert Hopson. 

Linda Horton, Anita Horton, 
Charles Hotka. 

Senior phys. ed. assistant Fred 
Hart aids underclass boys in dis- 
playing their new skills. 

Vickie Houston, Jayne Hovarter, 
Sally Howard. 

Leroy Hudson, Mike Hudson, 
Larry Huggins. 

Mike Hulse, Mike Humphrey, Rick 
Hungerford, Bob Hunt, Eugene 
Hunt, Jay Hurst, Phyllis Hurt, 
Gerri Hutchison. 

Mike Hutchison, Mary Hutton, 
Keith Hybarger, Rachel Irick, Bill 
Israel, Gary Jackson, Jasmin 
Jackson, Jeannette Jackson. 

Kirk Jackson, Loretha Jackson, 
Steven Jackson, Suzie Jackson, 
Jan Jeffries, Pam Jessup, Jacque- 
line Jiles, Debbie Johns. 


Betty Johnson, Cheryl Johnson, 
Alice Jones. 

Cheryl Jones, Debbie Jones, Larry 

Mattie Jones, Sandy Jones, Scott 

Performing for a talent show 
audience, Doug Wilson plays a 
drum solo. 

Terre Jones, David Jordan, Pam 

Rick June, Donna Keck, Debbie 
Keithley, Rick Kellerhals, Sharon 
Kelley, Pam Kendrick, Katie 
Kennedy, Richard Kessler. 

Chuck Kerby, Jill Kidwell, Jeanne 
Kilgore, Alonzo King, Bud King- 
ston, Allen Kirk, Pamela Kissel, 
David Kitcoff. 

Cindy Kladden, Debra Klenek, 
Debbi Kline, Richard Klippel, 
Terry Knipe, Anne Knue, Mike Ko- 
eppel, John Koers. 

Mark Kresge, Bradley Krulce, Jo 
Kuebler, Randall Kuhl, Carolyn 
Lacey, Tim Lael, Janet LaFara, Jim 

Kathy Lammers, David Lancello, 
Libby Lane, Scott Langan, Mark 
Lanum, Mary La Rue, Susie Law^- 
rence, Diana Lawson. 

Lorna Lee, Vicki Lemons, Peter 
Lenk, Sandy Leonard, Debbie Lev- 
erenz, Terri Lewis, Janice Light, 
Ahlana Linder. 

Class of 72 

Phyllis Linenberger, Rebecca Lin- 
ville, Bonnie Linxwiler, Carolyn 
LIpp, Carolyn Little, Linda Long, 
Mike Ludlow, Randy Luke. 

Debbie Luster, Paul Mabry, David 
MacDonald, Terri Maddox, 
Brenda Maggio, Ronnie Mann, Ma- 
rianne Greenwood, Alberta 

Andrea Marray, Carol Marsh, 
Carolynn Martin, Helen Martin, 
Sharon Martin, Margaret Mar- 
tyniak, Robert Maschino, Richard 

Marcy Mathews, Edna Maull, Eric 
Maxey, Ron Mayes, Cindy McAI- 
pin, Lana McAtee, Ramona 
McCane, James McCarley. 

Glenn McClung, Cathy McCord, 
Sheila McCray, Chris McCurdy, 
Maria McDaniels, Cynthia McDon- 
ald, Richard McDonald, Dave 

Ricky McGill, Ed McMichael, Da- 
vid McMurrer, Jerri McNeely, Bob 
McWhorter, June Meixner, Dave 
Mellor, Sue Metz. 

John Meyer, Pam Meyer, Betsy 
Mitchell, Joan Miles, Becky Miller, 
Craig Mitchell, James Mitchell, Jo- 
seph Mitchell. 

Doug Molin, LeTicia Molina, Max- 
ine Moncrief, Aundrea Moore, 
John Moore, Kim Moore, Margaret 
Moore, Dorthy Morrow. 

Mickey Morton, Rodney Morton, 
John Mounce, John Munchel, Pat- 
tie Murphy, Carl Muse, Ray Muse, 
Catherine Myricks. 

Angela Nance, Elaine Nauerth, 
Mary Ann Neely, Luanne Newby, 
Morris Newkirk, Eric Nickleson, 
Cindi Nolan, David Nolte. 


Linda Norris, Tom Cakes, Cynthia 
O'Brien, Sandy O'Brien, Susan O'- 
Brien, Dana O'Dell, Debbie Ogden, 
David Oliver. 

Debbie Oliver, Rick Olson, Luann 
O'Neil, Miciiael Orr, Dana Owens, 
Stephanie Paicely, Angela Pap- 
pas, Karen Parris. 

Jamie Parrish, Randall Patrick, 
Ann Paterson, Denise Payne, 
Steve Peak, Pat Pearson, William 
Pease, Greg Pedigo. 

Bill Pemberton, Martha Pember- 
ton, Debbie Perkins, Larry Pernell, 
Teddy Petter, Ernest Petty, Ber- 
nard Phillips, Ron Phillips. 

Jeffrey Ping, Norville Pinner, Pam 
Plummer, Pamela Poindexter, 
Dave Polster, Phyllis Polston, 
Wesley Pond, Mike Poulimas. 

Parry Powers, Pam Preston, Deb- 
bie Price, Jyl Price, Terri Probes, 
Kim Puckett, Carol Pulliam, Vicky 

Robin Putterbaugh, Patricia Quig- 
ley, Vicki Rabourn, Rhonda Ra- 
bourn, Bob Rahm, Kim 
Rademaker, Darlene Randolph, 
Claudia Rankin. 

Jerry Rankin, Ruthie Ray, Pat 
Reap, Terri Redd, Ramona Reed, 
Rodney Reid, Sandy Rhodes, Her- 
bert Richardson. 

Velma Richardson, Mike Riche- 
son, Cliffonda Richey, Ron Richey, 
Beth Ricketts, Morris Ridenour, 
Connie Riding, Dee Riley. 

Lorraine Risk, Sue Ritter, Wayne 
Ritter, Bob Rivero, Chris Roberts, 
Bruce Robinson, Edmond Robin- 
son, Richard Robinson. 

Class of '72 

Jeff Roe, Debbie Roeder. 

Lena Rogers, Karen Ryza. 

Michael Ryan, Rachel Rutledge. 

Protecting their valuable home- 
coming float from the rain, 
sophomore homeroom 290 
epitomizes a true team effort. 

Larry Russell, Robert Russell. 

Diana Russell, Robert Rusher, 
Elizabeth Ruprecht, Patty Rupe, 
Larry Royalty, Leslie Routt, 
Cynthia Ross, Jose Roque. 

Craig Romeril, Brenda Rohloff, 
Ray Saillant, Lesley Salmon, Joce- 
lyn Sallier, Cathy Sanders, Harry 
Sanders, Howard Satterfield. 

Maria Saiz, Lawrence Savage, Di- 
ane Sawin, Linda Schimp, Linda 
Scott, Nedra Scott, Robert Scott, 
Rodney Scott. 

Steve Seamon, Toni Searcey, 
Donna Sedam, David Settle, David 
Settles, Robert Shannon, Brenda 
Shapland, Bill Shaver. 

Janet Shea, Rivienne Shedd, 
Pamela Shelton, Rudolph Sher- 
man, David Shields, Ken Shinkle, 
Les Short, Ronald Short. 

Beverly Sink, David Smith, Ken 
Smith, Mary Smith, Rebecca 
Smith, Robert Smith, Sharon 
Smith, Steven Smith. 


Terri Smith, Ron Smoot, Bertha 
Snow, Robert Solberg, Jeffrey 
Sparks, Glenann Spaulding, Vickie 
Spear, Larry Spilbeler. 

Larry Spoolstra, Beth Stalcup, 
Linda Staletovich, Kim Stallings, 
Betsy Stansbury, Micele Staton, 
Greg Stearns, LouAnn Steele. 

Pam Stefanik, Debrah Stephens, 
Yvonna Stevens, Karen Stewart, 
Kim Stewart, Penny Stibs, Cindy 
Stickle, Ronny Stinson. 

Cheryl Stodghill, David Stoep- 
pelwerth, Anthony Stone, James 
Stone, Pat Stork, Randy Stough- 
ton, Kim Stout, Jack Straw. 

Patricia Street, Donna Strong, 
Karia Suding, Max Sumpter, Kevin 
Sumter, Harry Sutton, Donna 
Swanigan, James Talbot. 

Michael Tanner, Carol Taylor, 
Marcy Taylor, Morris Taylor, 
Sherry Taylor, Bill Thomas, Greg- 
ory Thomas, Jim Thomas. 

Mike Thompson, Carl Thrush, 
Barbara Tiemeyer, Nancy Tingle, 
Dena Townsend, John Tranberg, 
Shirley Triplet, Darci Trump. 

Rodger Turk, Mance Tutt, Evelyn 
Tyson, Robert Unger, Bob 
Vanatta, Elsie Vannerson, Susan 
Vaughn, Adriaan Vermeeren. 

Lucy Villarreal, Regina Vitolins, 
Scott Wagner, Brenda Walker, 
Marc Walls, Leslie Walsh, James 
Walters, Diane Walton. 

Roger Ward, Joyce Warner, 
Sharon Warrick, Joyce Washing- 
ton, Nuwanna Washington, Mike 
Watjen, Rhonda Watkins, Julie 

Class of 72 

Darrell Webb, Dennis Weber, 
Doug Weber, Lois Weber, Vicki 
Weber, Sue Weishar, Lee Welton, 
Dave WenseL 

Mike Wesling, Diane Wesner, Jeff 
Whetsel, Sue Whitaker, James 
White, Jerry White, Beverly Whit- 
ney, Les Wickliff. 

Linda Wilkins, Terrie Wilkins, Alex 
Williams, Dave Williams, Greg Wil- 
liams, Kathy Williams, Anthony 
Wilson, Debbie Wilson. 

Doug Wilson, Linda Wilson, Stuart 
Wilson, Suzy Wilson, Cindy Win- 
ston, Jim Wood, John Wood, Che- 
ryl Woods. 

Don Woods, Pam Woofter. 

Jean Worton, Brenda Wright. 

Pam Jordan suffers an insecure 
moment during a muddy half- 
time show at the last game. 

Glen Yates, Don Young. 

Kathy Young, Rick Young. 

Alan Zaring, Mary Zartman. 

Don Zentz, Janet Zoschke. 

Class of 73 

(♦above), Sorting through vocational informa- 
tion in the library, Robyn Anderson and Eric 
Wichser find material for orientation. 
(*above right) Finding coat, combination, and 
books too much to cope with, Don Huy suffers 
the newcomer's problems. 
(*right) Meeting between classes, freshmen 
find a chance to strike up conversation with new 
friends before another class begins. 

freshmen 'sound off as 
record number join events 

The first sounds of "give me a 'F' " 
dared to echo through the stadium as 
freshmen struggled for recognition 
among the classes. 

Each freshman experienced the 
problems of being an underclassman 
including the usual locker jams, over- 
load of books, and ridicule of upper- 
classmen. His freshness v^/ore off as 
he developed school pride and estab- 
lished his loyalty as a Golden Knight. 
Orientation, world history, and read- 
ing lab established the class of '73 
academically as first year high school 

A new achievement never before at- 
tempted proved the abilities of ambi- 
tious freshmen. Publishing the first 
frosh paper, "Knight Times," the class 
of '73 began a tradition for future 


Class of 73 

Brenda Adams, Dozzle Adams, 
Janna Adams, Rick Adams, Ro- 
nald Agnew, Cheryl Alderink, Lisa 
Allison, Cindy Alonzo. 

Jacqueline Alstott, Jim Altman, 
Carole Ambrose, Jeffrey Amo- 
nette, Beverly Anders, Harlan 
Anders, Debbie Anderson, Robyn 

Debbie Andrews, Karen Archie, 
George Armstrong, Vickie Arm- 
strong, Dan Ashcraft, Janet At- 
kins, Jeff Baker, Scott Baker. 

Patty Ballentine, Pier Bandy, Cas- 
sandra Banks, Marilyn Banks, Ro- 
chelle Banks, Don Barbee, George 
Barbour, Stephanie Barbour. 

Kyle Barnes, Vickl Barnhart, Pam 
Bast, Jenny Bastin, Linda Bates, 
David Beasley, Denice Beasley, 
Gary Beasley. 

Judy Beaty, Ann Beavers, Cherie 
Beeler, Gahi Bernschneider, 
Corby Berry, Diane Berry, Renee 
Bishop, Keith Black. 

Joyce Blackw/ell, Greg Blaesing, 
Marcia Blunt, Bob BIyth, Charles 
Board, Jean Boese, Fred Bonfils, 
Tommy Bonsett. 

Sandra Boone, Wanda Booth, Scot 
Bourne, Vivian Bouye, Theresa 
Bowens, Mike Bowles, Glenn 
Bowling, Christine Bowman. 

Claudia Bowman, Debra Boyd, 
Sheila Boyd, Cathy Bradley, 
Carole Bramble, Kerry Brand, Mi- 
cheal Brand, Doris Braxton. 

Ann Brewster, Ronald Bridge- 
forth, Darryl Bridges, Stanley 
Bridgewater, Charles Briley, 
Davey Brinegar, Diana Brittain, 
Derry Broadus. 


John Brodhecker, Richard Broek- 
'■■ ing, Gloria Brookins. 

Harold Brown, Hubert Brown, 
John Brown. 

Awaiting camera adjustments, 
Kristin Johannessen poses for 
her underclass picture. 

Kevin Brown, Laurie Brown, 
Pamela Brown. 

Raymond Brown, Tony Brown, 
Venita Brown. 

Barbara Brownlee, Brenda Brum- 
mett, Connie Sunning. 

Patty Burden, Jay Burgess, LeAnn 
Butcher, Jenny Buzzard, George 
Cain, Gwen Cains, Terry Cains, 
Kerry Callahan. 

Donald Campbell, Fredda Card- 
well, Brad Carmack, Charles Car- 
ney, Dan Carr, Suzi Carr, Barbara 
Carson, Margaret Carter. 

Carol Cartwright, Michael Cart- 
wright, Mark Carver, Mark Catel- 
lier. Bill Chambers, Stephen 
Charleston, Wanda Chase, Linda 

Jerry Cheung, Bob Chllds, Cathy 
Clark, Connie Clayton, Janet 
Click, Becky Clymer, Denise Cobb, 
Dixie Cochran. 

Michael Cochran, Judy Cole, Sylv- 
ester Coleman, Cindy Collins, 
Debbie Collins, Mark Collins, 
Charlie Colson, Anita Cones. 

Class of 73 

John Conley, Loretta Connor, 
Randy Cooley, Tim Cooney, Tim 
Corman, Tracy Cox, Monte Coyle, 
Tony Crago. 

Rodney Craig, Katherine Craw- 
ford, Kristine Crawford, Laura 
Creech, Connie Crim, Mary Anne 
Crisci, Ron Crites, Bob Crow. 

Gary Daub, Donna Davenport, 
Alan Davidson, Denise Davis, Den- 
nis Davis, Phillip Davis, Kevin Day, 
Marcia Day. 

Ronald DeMougin, Debbie Den- 
ney, Donald Denny, Sandy Den- 
ton, Susan DeRox, Adrienne 
Dicus, Steve Dickinson, Augustine 

Bruce Dixon, Dorothy Dixon, Earl 
Dixon, Josephine Dodson, Dan 
Donaldson, Roy Dorsey, Brenda 
Dotts, Leslie Dotts. 

David Dougherty, Carleton Doug- 
las, Philip Dove, Robert Downey, 
Kim Duncan, Dick Dunn, Sandy 
Dye, Mark Dyer. 

James Ealy, Roberta Earl, Diane 
Eaton, Gary Eaton, Diane Ed- 
mond, Delmer Edmonds, Bill Ed- 
wards, Thomas Edwards. 

Carolyn Egenes, Daina Elberts, Al- 
ice Ellis, Michelle Ellis, Tom Em- 
bach, Cindy Endsley, Jay Engh, 
Wendall Ervin. 

Bernita Eubank, Cindy Evans, 
Gayle Evans, Terri Evans, Kathy 
Everman, Mack Eversole, Debbie 
Ewigleben, Caria Ewing. 

Cindy Farber, Marcia Favors, 
Marcia Ferger, Jane Ferguson, 
Jean Ferguson, Kathy Fisher, Les- 
ley Fleming, Virginia Fleming. 


Cheryl Flick, Brenda Flike, Greg- 
ory Flonnoy, Joe Flynn, Bob 
Fobes, Adilito Fonseca, George 
'f rederich, Darlene French. 

David French, Kathy French, Wil- 
liam French, Steve Furry, Cindy 
Gaffin, Gary Gemmer, Garyl Gib- 
son, Jeanette Gibson. 

Renee Gibson, Linda Gifford, Har- 
old Gillespie, Karin Gilley, Mary 
Ann Glenn, Lucinda Goddard, Pat 
Golden, Beth Grammer. 

Leslie Graves, Debra Green, Den- 
ise Green, Glen Green, Wayne 
Green, Steven Greenwood, Joe 
Greeson, Dennis Griffin. 

Kenneth Griffin, Terri Griggs, 
Mike Gunyon, Robin Gutzwiller, 
Antoinette Hager, Andrea Hall, 
Cheryl Hall, Jack Hall. 

James Hall, Melanie Hamilton, 
Carl Hammond, Paula Hammond, 
Michelle Hancock, Cindy Hanes, 
Melody Hankins, Debbie Hanley. 

Mark Hannah, Kathy Harbin, Art 
Harlan, Gloria Harris, Karen Har- 
ris, Gary Harrison, Mark Harvey, 
Alice Hatcher. 

Curtis Hatcher, Debbie Head, Ed- 
ward Heaston, Kim Heath, Bet- 
tiann Heckman, Kevin Heeter, 
Cheryl Helmick, Craig Henderson. 

Dane Henderson, Phillip Henry, 
Gerald Hensley, Joan Henson, 
Gary Herrington, Don Hey, Kevin 
Higgins, Kathy Hill. 

Kevin Hillman, Garry Hiott, Jack 
Hodge, Larry Hodgens, James 
Hoggatt, Debbie Hoke, Nancy 
Holden, Sandy Holka. 

Class of '73 

Brenda Hoosier, Gary Hoover, 
Deborah Hopkins, John Hopkins, 
Jack Hopson, Terry Horrall, 
James Hotka, Denise House. 

Florendius Howard, Jenny How- 
ard, Robert Howard, Tim Howard, 
Donald Howell, Susan Howrey, 
Vickie Hubbard, Larry Huddleson. 

Larry Hudson, Delvory Huff, Kevin 
Hughes, Tommie Hughes, Jona- 
than Hull, Mark Hultmark, Marsha 
Hungerford, Veronica Hunt. 

David Hurston, Margaret Hutchi- 
son, Glinda Hutton, Kim Hy- 
barger, Paula Hyde, Ann Ikawa, 
Edward Irving, Le Ann Jackson. 

Phillip Jackson, Vincent Jackson, 
Ann Jacobs, David Jacobson, 
Gregory James, Jo Jarrett, Shar- 
mie Jarrett, Jeff Jefferson. 

Mark Jenkins, Denise Jensen, 
Kristin Johannessen, Brett John- 
son, Bryan Johnson, Diane John- 
son, Lend Johnson, Mary 

Melody Johnson, Robin Johnson, 
Stephen Johnson, Steve Johnson, 
Bob Johnston, Avin Jones, Daryl 
Jones, Jacki Jones. 

Karen Jones, Marion Jones, Mi- 
chael Jones, Rodney Jones, Wil- 
liam Jones, Debbie Jung, Greg 
Karnes, Nikki Keener. 

Mark Keesee, LuAnne Keithley, 
Roxanne Keithley, Susan Keithley, 
Susan Keithley, Sharon Kelley, Bill 
Kennedy, Cindy Kennedy, Donna 

Elizabeth Kennedy, Jay Kennedy, 
Michael Kennedy, Frances Ken- 
rick, Liberty Kerley, Reba Kidd, 
Joseph Kidwell, Ricky Kidwell. 


Steve Kidwell, Evelyn Kincy, Debo- 
rah Kinsey, Gary Kirchner, Mike 
Kirk, Jim Knight, Dave Koeppel, 
'Mick Kraemer. 

Jim Land, Sue Lane, Betty Lan- 
teigne, Cindy Lanum, Janice Lar- 
kin, Faye Larson, Joseph Laughlin, 
Katharine Laughlin. 

Nina Laurenzana, John Lauth, Au- 
drey Lav\/rence, Cathy Lawrence, 
Glenn Lawrence, Johnis Law- 
rence, Ron Lazar, Madeline 

Kathy Lee, Kevin Lee, Sharon Len- 
non, Shelley Lester, Stephen Let- 
son, David Lewis, Debbie Lewis, 
Diane Lewis. 

Rodney Lewis, Rhonda Likeno, 
Deborah Lindsay, Linda Lingen- 
felter, Evelyn Lockhart, Roni 
Looper, Kevin Lowe, Steve Lucas. 

Glenda Lumpkin, Marqu Lunford, 
Audrey Luster, Joyce Lutey, Jim 
Lynn, Terry Lynn, Kathy Lyons, 
Larry MacDonald. 

Gail Madison, William Mahurin, 
Carol Malone, Randy Manning, 
Debbie Marietta, Kathy Marlatt, 
Lunford Marquota, David Marten. 

Andrew Martin, Janiece Martin, 
Denise Mason, Jim Massel, Mar- 
sha Masters, Kim Mathews, Keith 
Matters, Steve Mayerhoefer. 

Becky Mays, Susan McAlister, Wil- 
fred McCarley, Winfred McCarley, 
Chuck McCleery, Mariel McClos- 
key, Cheryl McCracken, Poppy 

Robbie McDowell, Tim McEd- 
wards. Otto McGee. Becky McGo- 
win, Jill Mclntire, Mike McKee, 
Mary McKinney, Stephen McNally. 

Class of '73 

Teresa McQuade, Linda 

McWhorter, Bernice Meadows, 
Karen Mellor, Ricky Mercier, 
Linda Mesalam, Tim Messersmith, 
Carey IVlessick. 

Kathy Meyer, Mary Meyer, Debby 
Middleton, Bruce Millen, Bob 
Miller, Christine Miller, Dave 
Miller, Donald Miller. 

Irene Miller, John Miller, Lynn 
Miller, Rickey Miller, Karen Mitch- 
ell, Keith Mitchell, Melody Mock, 
Mike Monroe. 

Jeff Montgomery, Becky Moore, 
Chris Moore, Linda Moore, Mary 

Melanie Moore, Terri Moore, Tony 
Moore, Karl Moorhead, Carol Mor- 

Frank Morris, Kathy Morris, Wal- 
ter Morris, Kent Morrison, Bar- 
bara Morrow. 

Excitement and joy overcome 
pepster Susie MacAllister as she 
cheers the team to victory. 

Kathy Morrow, Bruce Mosier, Eric 
Mueller, Beverly Mukes, Brian 

Theresa Munchel, Audrey Murrel- 
rell, Alphonso Myers, Debbie Ob- 
erting, George Odom. 

Peggy Odom, Gregory Oliver, 
Debbie Olsen, Richard Olson, 
Russ Oppenlander. 

Donna Osborn, Dagmar Owens, 
Diana Owens, Everece Owens, 
Glenda Owens. 


Johnnie Owens, Jon Owens, Dane 
Nash, Dale Neagle, Cynthia Neal, 
Joseph Neely, Jerry Nelson, David 
■ Newland. 

Clarence Nickell, Mary Nickleson, 
David Nickolich, Keith Nielsen, 
Alan Norris, Dewaine Norris, Susie 
Palmer, Marian Pantazis. 

JoAnna Parker, Debra Parrish, 
Regina Parrish, Teresa Parrott, 
Paul Partenheimer, Debbie 
Paster, Sue Patrick, Tanya Patter- 

Rhonda Pearcy, Patty Penquite, 
Mona Percifield, Robert Perkins, 
Don Petty, Rudolph Petty, Larry 
Phelps, Mark Phelps. 

Julie Phillippe, Debra Phillips, Bill 
Phillips, Jeri Phillips, Michelle 
Piccione, Ann Pickard, Tyrome 
Pickens, John Pike. 

Mickey Pikus, Russell Pikus, Bart 
Ping, Nelson Pinkston, Brian 
Piper, Chris Plunkett, Deborah 
Poindexter, Thomas Poindexter. 

Wayne Pond, Robin Poston, Dave 
Potts, Ernest Powell, Thomas Po- 
well, Mike Prickett, DeeAnna 
Proctor, Geoffrey Proctor. 

Deborah Pruitt, Elva Purnell, Ro- 
nald Pyles, Sandra Quigley, Sheryl 
Reap, Roxanne Raikes, Pamela 
Raines, Paul Ragan. 

Debbie Ramsey, Susie Ramsey, 
Edith Randolph, Richard Ran- 
dolph, Gregory Rankin, Pam Rea, 
Michael Reason, Nancy Reed. 

Ric'^'.rd Reed, Terry Reed, Car- 
malee Reeder, Daniel Reidy, Brian 
Rennekamp, Cliff Reynolds, Carol 
Rhim, Karen Rice. 

Class of 73 

Diane Richardson, Marcia Rick- 
etts, Emily Rigsbee, Howard Rit- 
ter, Gregory Roberts, John 
Roberts, Mark Roberts, Jon Rob- 

John Robinson, Richard Robin- 
son, Julie Rockhold, Jim Ross, 
Karen Ross, Richard Ross, Sharon 
Ross, Wayne Rott. 

Wyomia Rowlins, Alan Ruprecht, 
Jim Rush, Betty Russell, Diane 
Russell, Dwayne Russell, Shirley 
Russell, Thomas Russell. 

Vicky Rutledge, Patty Safstrom, 
Steve Salmon, Mary Salyer, Barry 
Sample, Douglas Sandifer, David 
Sanneman, Dario Santana. 

Suzette Sayre, Leonard Schilling, 
Jamie Schlott, Mark Schmidt, Wil- 
liam Schmidt, Barbara Schnarr, 
Paul Schneider, Debbie Schorn. 

Tom Schuette, Beverly Scott, Don- 
ald Scott, Roger Scott, Roger 
Scott, Anthony Seagraves, 
Mathevi/ Sealander, Pam Searles. 

Lee Seigle, Linda Self, Sue Sexton, 
Richard Shannon, Sharon Shar- 
key, Donna Sharrer, Rodney 
Shaw, Denise Sheets. 

Nancy Shelton, Loretta Shera, 
Judy Sherman, Susie Shipley, 
Brenda Short, Randy Shouse, 
Judy Shumate, Tom Simmons. 

Gary Simon, Alfredia Sims, Steve 
Sims, Lora Sinclair, Mike Sippel, 
Tomma Slaughter, Dan Smith, 
Denica Smith. 

Denise Smith, Victor Smith, Joe 
Snow, Nancy Snyder, Diane Som- 
merville, Cheryl Southgate, Cindy 
Sparks, Debbie Speegle. 


Marlon Spicer, Marge Spies, 
Nancy Spoo, Scott Spradling, 
Denny Spurlock, John Squire, Eric 
Squires, Susie Stackhouse. 

Lynn Stafford, Becky Stark, 
Denny Stark, Linda Starnes, Mark 
Steinmetz, Sherry Stone, Diane 
Stoneking, Cathy Stork. 

Greg Stout, Marilyn Strieker, Ed- 
ward Strode, Allen Strong, Pa- 
tricia Stuckey, Linda Summers, 
Daryl Sumter, Darlene Surber. 

John Sutharp, Toni Swope, Cheryl 
Talley, Darrell Taylor, Gaylon Tay- 
lor, Karen Taylor, Linda Taylor, 
Donna Terrell. 

Mike Terry, Kevin Thewlis, Rex 
Thiesing, Greg Thomas, Sheri 
Thomas, Robert Thompson, 
Kenneth Thomsen, Jack Thorn- 

Sandy Tiemeyer, Keith Tolliver, 
Victoria Tollman, Robert Tonnis, 
Richard Toothman, Melinda Tratt- 
ner, Sue Travis, Dave Tripp. 

Ronald Tucker, Phyllis Turk, 
Peggy Turner, Rick Turner, Gerald 
Tyler, Charles Upson, Tom Utter- 
back, John Valdez. 

Christine Van Spronsen, Paul 
Vogelgesang, Randall Wade, 
Sandy Wagner, Rodney Walden, 
Christena Wall, Rita Wallace, 
Gregory Walston. 

Scott Walters, Tony Walton, 
Monica Wampler, Dotty Ware, 
Elaine Warfel, Roxanne Warren, 
Pamela Washington, William Wat- 

Gary Watson, Janice Watson, Cal- 
lie Watt, Steven Watts, David 
Weaver, Steve Webber, Cynthia 
Wilk, Ronald Williams. 

Class of 73 

Marsha Weil, Cheryl Wells, Debbie 
Wells, Marqueia Wells, Kenneth 
Welsh, Brad Welton, Lynda 
Wencke, Cindy Werner. 

Diane White, Fred White, Linda 
White, Tim White, Kathleen Whi- 
tlow, Dwight Whitney, Richard 
Whyde, Eric Wichser. 

Joe Wickers, David Wilcox, Ed- 
ward Wilkes, Debra Willem, An- 
thony Williams, Brenda Williams, 
Debra Williams, Harold Williams. 

Jeanette Williams, Jereleona Wil- 
liams, Michael Williams, Patti Wil- 
liams, Peggy Williams, RJ 
Williams, Robert Williams, Mary 

Dennis Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, 
Meredith Wilson, Terrilynn Wil- 
son, Delia Winn, Robert Winter, 
Vickie Wirth, Tony Wishart. 

Darlene Woodruff, Mark Wood, 
Jacqueline Woods. 

Linda Woods, Wayne Wooten, Da- 
vid Yeager. 

Anthony Young, Lynn Young, 
Terry Young. 

Judy Youngman, Alan Yusko, Ber- 
tha Zener. 

Greg Ziegler, Tom Zimmerman, 
Linda Ziton. 

Displaying musical talents, Joe 
Wickers sings a song of today. 

To be INdependent 

To know the 


Of self-reliant 


To meet the responsibility 

Of an after-school job, 

To feel briefly 

The pride of ownership 

Accompanying car keys. 

To select friends 

By individual standards, 

To feel a growing need 

To take on responsibilities, 

To accept challenges 

Of standing apart. 

To form an opinion 

Then to take a position 

Upon the issues on which 

Feelings are strong; 

But to accept an offer 

Of help with an open mind 

As a growing young adult 

In a changing world. 


:■:,•;••••■■. ^- '■ <■)] 

Bill Ehrich Studio 

Glendale Shopping Center 


Marcia Ricketts, freshman, Sheryl Radtke, junior, Susie 
Lawrence, sophomore, and IVIike Seamon, senior. 

At Bill Ehrich they go all out to 
help assure you a perfect picture. 


Dan Young Chevrolet 

Tom Burleson, Bruce Kelley. Bob 
Layton, and Guy Hagen, seniors. 

Looking it over? Cars from Dan Young 
will always pass your inspection. 

1045 Broad Ripple Ave. 

Senior Diane Bailey. 

Flower Shoppe 

4525 N. Shadeland 

Seniors Betsy Reyburn and Tony Elaldwin. 

Super Market 

6 Locations 


When the flowers stand out, you know 
they're from Shadeland. 

For the oversize bargains you 
want, shop at Preston's. 

In a jam . . . 

Becky Deputy 
and Phil Allen, 

. . . Ace is the store 

that has a key to your 

every need. 

Ace Hardware 

Devington Shopping Center 




For that 


someone . . . 

. . express your feelings 
with flowers by Dottie. 

Cathy Clark, senior. 


Kline Volkswagen, Inc. 


gpjfMg LL g j^^ 


6901 East 38th Street 

Senior Bob Maas finds himself 
"caught" in choosing his new Volks- 



For a home 
of quality . . . 


. let Lee Moody 
select yours. 


Roxanne Keithly and 
LouAnne Keithly, freshman. 

1840 East 38th Street 

Carta Martin, senior; Heidi Embach, junior. 

Decisions to make? Smart Shop offers 
whatever you need. 

Meadows Shopping Center 

Smart Shop 

Seniors Sue Cartwnght, Tom King. 

Don't fool around. Let North Side 
Welding do it right. 

2901 E. 56th Street 

Welding Company 

Log Cabin 

3754 N. Keystone Ave. 

For tempting foods, dine at 
the Log Cabin. 

Juniors Marleen Silver, Susan Wilson. 

Italian Gardens 

Rd. 100 and Pendleton Pike 

Italian Gardens will give you the great 
food and cozy atmosphere you'll 

Junior Christy Clark; seniors Jackie Herndon, 
Jim DeCamp, and Doug Babb. 



Company, Inc. 

1820 Pendleton Pike, Oaklandon 

When it's complete satisfaction you 
want, let Oaklandon serve you. 

Jake Feld 
Tire Co. 

425 W. New York St. 

The best of quality is a product of 
Jake Feld Tire Co. 

Juniors Amy Quate and Ron Tabak. 

Kathy Hammer and Mike Glancy, seniors. 

Dairy Queen 

Merchants Bank 

^ife'Mf Bruce Hubbard, junioi'j';' 

Grab a tasty treat 
at Dairy Queen 


3344 North Arlington 

6020 East 46th Street 



'^m Jh iinv': ja^ 


Let Merchants do it for you, fast and 

Joyce Thompson, senior 



Devington Shopping 

Senior Debbie Felkins is assisted by Lou Dot- 
terer, senior, as she shops the wide selection 
of records. 

Bruce Rennekamp, junior 

To be in step with today, head for Wilker- 
son's, where they do not fool around. 

Devington Shopping 



Barber Shop 

Shopping Center 



Keep her beautiful and happy in 
a fur from Davidson's. 

Senior Conne Dickson 

D. M. Reamer Painters & Decorators 


5229 E. 74th Street 

When it's time to redecorate, 
let Reamers make the beauti- 
ful change. 

Janet Bailey, Bill Coffey, seniors. 

Bob Baker 

Hindel Bowling 

6833 Massachusetts Ave. 

For entertainment that is a lot of fun, 
try bowling at Hindel. It's great! 

Debbie Pierce, senior. 


1850 N. Shadeland Ave. 


Getting an education isn't the easiest tiling in tlie worid. 
It's tiard work. It's expensive. It tal<es time. But it pays off in 
big dividends for everybody. 

Indiana is one big campus. From Michigan City to IVIadison . . . 
from Richmond to Terre Haute — Indiana boasts hundreds of 
educational institutions of every size, teaching every 
subject imaginable. 

RCA knows this. It's one of the reasons why RCA's home is in 
Indiana. We're always looking for top-flight people to help 
keep us in the forefront of the dynamic, ever-changing world 
of electronics and communications. 

Education is not only the framework on which society is built, 
but the measure of its progress as well. Education also helps 
determine the accomplishments of the individual. That's why we 
hope that if you're in school — you'll stay there. Both of us 
will be richer for it. 


RCA is an equal opportunity employer. 


You Never Outgrow 
Your Need For 

Drink Three Glasses 
A Day Every Day 



Become A Licensed 
^. Beautician-Stylist 

Day and Night Classes 

*Budget Terms 
"Free Placement Service 

Five Beauty Colleges 
In Indianapolis 



8939 E. 38th St. 


6901 E. Washington St. 


6169 College Ave. 


21 N. Lynhurst Dr. 


2728 S. Madison Ave. 


S. S. Kresge Co. 

Devington Shopping Center 

Shop Kresge for great 
buys, as freshman Rox- 
anne Warren, Nancy Spoo, 
Cindy Sparks, Micky Han- 
cock, Debbie Eblegladen, 
Sheryl Stone, Nancy Sny- 
der, and Janet Click spread 
the word. 

Stokley-Van Camp 

pick color, 

pick flavor, W 

pick Stokdy-A^n Camp. 

Stokely-Van Camp, Inc. 

General Offices 941 Nonh Meridian Street. Indianapolis Indiana d6206 

Let Stokley-Van Camp pamper you 
with delicious tasting food as it has 
Dean Hinshaw, senior. 

General Office 914 Meridian 

Keystone Lighting 

6055 82nd Street 

No matter what you need, Keystone 
Lighting can furnish the beautiful 
fixtures you want. 


Kathy E^ndt, senior, 
ArmandeVerez, junior. 

Flowef Shop 

1335 N. Arlington Avenue 

In doubt? You'll always find floral ar- 
rangements to your liking at Arling- 
ton Flower Shop. 

Judy Tipton, junior; Barbara Tipton, senior. 




3750 N. Sherman Drive 

When you want your clothes cleaned 
they'll always be ready, even if your 
date is not. 

Kate Wichser and Steve Kehrer, seniors. 

Phil Corron, senior. 

Esquire Plaza 

When you buy your clothes at Ed- 
rich's you know the fit will be 


Men's Wear 


3718 E. 38th Street 

Get the "treatment". At MCL you're 
treated special. 

Charles Conrad, sophomore, and Karen 
Taylor, Chris Campbell, seniors. 

Ken Gray, senior. 

1417 N. Harding 

For a surge of "super" energy, 
treat yourself to Sealtest, the very 

Ice Cream 

Lawrence Auto 
Co., Inc. 

8550 Pendleton Pike 

Like it? When you find the car you've 
been searching for, let Lawrence 
Auto take care of you. 

Denise Fields, senior. 


3905 N.Washington Blvd. 


Linda Yant, senior. 

Kathy Hammer, senior. 

Paula can promise 
pictures of perfection. 


Drive thru and 
see what develops. 


Almost everywhere you look in Marion 
County there's a little drive-thru store. 
A smiling "Fotomat" aw/aits your order 
for Kodak and Polaroid film, flash bulbs, 
batteries, and the highest quality one- 
day (on most film) developing service in 
the industry. 

DffffilifO TUITIOn LOflOS 

Loan Made Directly to Student — Not Parents 

Accredited by Iki Acctediliif Coaaissioi tot tgiinen Schools 




Executive Secretarial 

V IBM Business Machines 

]/ Taylor Airline Career Course 

V Business Administration 

|/ Transportation — Management 
j/ IBM Computer — Programming 
'^ (360 Computer on Location) 

Alpine Inn 

7339 Pendleton Pike 

B.A.I. — A unique place to 
eat, where surroundings 
are so special, you won't 
want to leave. 

Nancy Meek, senior. 

Cindy Stickle, sophomore. 

1411 N. Capital Ave. 635-1554 

Herff Jones Co. 

High school years are sentimental. Let Herff Jones help you 
treasure them with quality jewelry. 

Bill Shank 
Auto Parts 


6160 Massachusettes Ave. 











Rear End 

If you want to save money on all of 
yourcarand truck parts call us at: 








802 N. Meridan 

To get a job of opportunity, attend 
I. B.C., where the training is excellent. 

Marcy Seybold, senior. 


1029 N. Arlington Ave. 

The store with the Name Brand footwear 
for your selection. 



toV.^^i. w. 




m'^/f-Mf />^» 

. CHAIIliF, 

master charge 


Service is my business. 
Insurance is my product. 

It is too late to do anything about the past. 

See me about the future. 

Do business with a neighbor. 

Norman E. Travis 

4468 Kennnore Rd. 

Susan Travis, sophomore. 

Cindy Spradlmg, Steve Kaiser, seniors. 

Food with a Oriental flair, prepared with 
nothing spared, Lotus Gardens, a perfect place to dine. 

546-7551 4424 Allisonville Rd. 

Lotus Gardens 



Along with tasty pizzas 
and delicious foods, 
Shakey Jakes provides fast 
to-your-door delivery. 

Daphene Montgomery, senior. 


21st and Arlington Ave. 

Famous For Fine Foods 

You don't eat at Brodey's . . . You dine! 
Luxurious Dining Room * Elegant Lounge 

For complete reservation details at no obliga- 
tion, Please contact our Banquet Director, 
Miss Anne Watson. 

Wedding Receptions * Business Occasions 
Banquets * Buffets * Club Meetings * Trade 
SInows * Dances * Social Functions 

Dancing Nightly Food Service 'Til 1 A.M. 

Never a parking worry! 

Walter G. 
Wilson Corp. 

Heating & Cooling 

1458 Roosevelt Ave. 

When "old man winter" is around the need for air condi- 
tioning is nil. Plan ahead forthose long hot days. 

Debbie Wilson, senior. 


HAMBURGERS ^ . . with a special 
open flame-cooked taste 

APPLE TURNOVERS , with flaky crusts and 
firm-tender, sweet filhng 

SHAKES thick enough for spoonin' 

BIG SHEFS with two juicy hamburgers 
and secret sauce 

Just like the other things you like . . . homecoming . . . having 
finals behind you , . . spring break . . . that special someone in 
your eight o'clock class. Burger Chef knows what turns you on. 
Like food good enough to leave home for. Stop by B.C. soon. 

FRENCH FRIES . that are tender inside 
and crisp outside 


— K-. y 





>V ■'■^^Tt 



with the best-tastin' 
fish filets goinj 

. eifff 

\o /eave home 

Like nutty things? 

Peak Nut 

Eastgate Shopping Center 

From novelties to all kinds 
of nuts, Peak Nut House 
has the variety of every- 
thingyou will want. 

Sue Knight, senior. 

Have a load? 


46th and Shadeland Ave. 

Bargains are so great that 
you'll find it hard to stop 


Roberta VanSickle, Fred Hart, seniors. 





4165Millersville Rd. 

Suite L-12 

You can catch them if you 
try! With the Speed reading 
Program your future will 
be enlightened. 

Dennis Brown, senior. 

Mister Donut 

3750 Shadeland Ave. 

When it comes to decisions, 
you'll find it hard to make 
up your mind. Everything 
is delicious. 

Cindy Black. Susie Brown, sophomores. 



Electric, Inc. 


2119 North RitterAve. 

To get the job done with 
great skill, Carter-Koertge 
can assure you expert 

Kris Carter, junior. 

Activities Index 


Academic Assistants 86 

Accolade 64,65 

Accolade Representatives .68 

Arlingtones 83 

Art Club 101 

Audio-Visual Assistants 90 

Auditorium Technicians 91 

Baseball 122,123 

Basketball 114-117 

Bible Club 96 

Book Club 100 

Bowling League 132 

Boy's Ensemble 80 


Camera Club 100 

Cheerleaders 106,107 

Chess Club 89 

Clinic Assistants 85 

Concert Band 76 

Cross Country 129 

Debate Team 73 

Electronics Club 88 

Football 108-113 

Foreign Exchange 62,53 

French Club 95 

Freshman Paper 67 

Future Architects and 

Draftsmen 88 

Future Teachers of America 89 


German Club 94 

Girls' Athletic Association .130 

Goldenaires 138,139 

Golf 124 

Gymnastics 131 

Health Careers Club 84 

History Club 96 

Homecoming 20,2 1 

Honors 24,25 

Intramurals 133 


Lancer 66,67 

Lancer Representatives 68 

Latin Club 97 

Lettermen 104,105 

Marching Band 74,75 

Math Club 92 

National Forensics League. . 70 

National Honor Society 61 

Office Messengers 69 

Orchestra 78,79 

Pennants 75 

Pep Band 77 

Physical Education 

Assistants 86,87 

Powderbowl 134,135 

Quill and Scroll 60 

Quiz Team 72 


Red Cross Club 84 

Science Club 93 

Science Seminar 93 

Senior Play 71 

"Sound of Music" 22,23 

Spirit Committee 58 

String Ensemble 79 

Student Council 56-59 

Spanish Club 94 


Talent Show 18,19 

Tennis 125 

Thespians 70 

Track 126-128 

Treble-Aires 81 

Tri-Hi-Y 93 

Wrestling 118-121 


Advertising Index 


Ace Hardware 230 

American Beauty Cleaners 240 

Arlington Flower Shop 240 

Bavarian Alpine Inn 243 

Bill Ehrich 228 

Bill Shank Auto Parts 244 

Bob Baker Chevrolet 236 

Brodey's 246 

Burger Chef 247 

Carter-Koertge Electricians . 249 

Coca-Cola 242 

Contemporary Educational 

Systems 249 

Dairy Queen 234 

Dan Young Chevrolet 229 

Davidson's Fur Co 235 

D. M. Reamers 235 

Edrichs Ltd. Men's Wear . . . 240 


Flowers by Dottie 230 

Flowertime, Inc 247 

Food Palace 248 

Fotomat 243 

Herff Jones 244 

Hindel Bowling Lanes 236 

House of James 238 

Indiana Business College . . . 244 

Italian Gardens 233 

Jake Feed Tire Co 233 

Keystone Lighting 239 

Kline Volkswagon Inc 230 

Kresge 238 


Lawrence Auto Co 241 

Lee Moody & Co 231 

Log Cabin Restaurant 232 

Lotus Gardens 245 

Martin's Bootery 245 

MCL Cafeteria 241 

Merchants Bank 234 

Milk Foundation 238 

Mr. Donut 249 

Norman Travis Insurance. . . 245 
North Side Welding 232 


Oaklandon Sales Co 233 

Peak Nut House 248 

Pearson's Platters 235 

Porter College 243 

Portraits by Paula 242 

Prestons's Super Market . . . 229 

RCA 241 

Sealtest Ice Cream 241 

Shadeland Flower Shoppe . 229 

Shakey Jakes 246 

Smart Shop 232 

Stokely Van Camp 239 

Walter G. Wilson Corp 246 

Wilkerson Barber Shop .... 235 

Faculty Index 


Abraham, James 146,153 

Allen, John 96,156 

Armenoff, Margaret 150 

Bailey, Audra 628152 

Bailey, Ralph 149 

Battles, Louise 158 

Beal, Elizabeth 146 

Benedict, Mary 146 

Bennett, William 129,154 

Bess, William 146 

Bickerton, Shirley 152 

Black, Suzanne 156 

Blackburn, Sgt. . 41,98,99,155 

Blase, David 150 

Blessing, Margaret 20,156 

Brethauer, Thomas 57,147 

Burton, Martha 37,153 


Caldwell, Delinda 147 

Callaway, Elmer 108,111,118, 

Carr, Shirley 156 

Cash, Irvin 90,153,154 

Caskey, Harry 9,144 

Chaney, Louis 149 

Chapman, Thomas 58,157 

Chappell, Ron 150 

Cihier, Mary 158 

Clark, Hariett 153 

Clodfelter, Donald 147 

Clodfelter, Mary 158 

Coffee, Malinda 158 

Combs, Lyman 125,147 

Cutter, Rollin 155 

Davies, Will 152,158 

DeHart, Geraldine 152 

DeWitz, Mary 157 

Dezelan, Joseph. . 109,113,155 

Donalson, Gladys 153 

Draughon, Joe 152 

Duggan, Jan 95,158 


Edison, June 80,152 

Eiler, Alan 115,135,158 

Ellis, Hilda 158 

Ellis, James 118,147 

Ensor, William 158 

Fellows, William ... . 17,93,152 

Fishback, William 33,149 

Fisher, Bill 150 

Fitzgerald, Alice 147 

Flannery, Martha 155 

Floren, Georgia 154 

Fort, Benjamin 149 

German, Jeanne 147 

Gillette, Jane 149 

Good, Gladysmae 149 

Goode, Emma 1 50, 1 54 

Graub, Rowena 147 

Green, Everett 153 

Gurvitz, Feme 20,94,157 

Hamilton, Easilee 147 

Hartman, Wallace 154 

Heaton, Jean 155 

Heeke, Bernard 147 

Hessler, Alice 147 

Hindman, Margery. . . 101,155 

Holloway, Furnis 157 

Horine. Ralph 80,81,45,82,147 

Howard, Estella 158 

Howard, Robert 157 

Howell. Elbert 150 

Hudson, Josie 157 

Huffington, Clarena 151,24 

Hungerford, Betty 155 

Hutson, Paul 12,151 


Jackson, Rita 152 

Janert, Margaret 92,149 

Jeffery, Ann 95,157 

Jeffery, Robert 101,154 

Jeter, Marjorie 148 

Johannessen, Marilyn 154 

Johnson, James 149 


Faculty Index 

Johnson, Margaree 158 

Jones, Evaleen 157 

Keith, Janet 157 

Kerber, Adolf 155 

Kraucunas, Carl 151 

Kuntz, William 104,108, 


Land, Thomas 148 

Lostutter, Don 114,156 

Maas, Charles 148 

Manka, John 120,124,152 

Mannan, Donald 39,151 

Massingale, Margorie 156 

Maurey, Patricia 96,149 

Maze, Sally 61,149 

McClary, Robert 149 

Messick Jane 152 

Metcalf, Dewaine 92,155 

Montgomery, Zonda ... 44,151 

Morris, John 39,96,148 

Muir, Rachel 151 

Mullane, Joyce 157 

Murphy, Richard 156 


Oberting, David 108,110,159 

Oglesby, Richard 151 

Orme, William 154 

Owen, Boyd 152 

Padou, Louise 151 

Parker, Henrietta 151 

Partee, Maxine 156 

Pedigo, Ray 16,160 

Pennington, Sgt 99,156 

Portilla, Mercedes 32,94,153 
Poulimas, Ann 156 


Rababa, Yvonne 153 

Rifner, Stephen 113,159 

Ritter, Evelyn 159 

Rogers, Margaret 150 

Rowe, Margaret 148 

Ruble, Pamela 94,159 

Rush, Theodore 159 

Salzmann, William . 76,77,159 

Sanders, Dorothy 148 

Santore, Elaine 157 

Schmidt, Burdeen 42, 


Schuiz, John 29,32,91,145,156 

Schroedle, Margaret 148 

Shambaugh, Don 39, 


Shelton, Greg 159 

Simpson, John 146,148 

Smith, Priscilla 44,79,148 

Swinford, Doyne . 33,97,159 

Terrell, Paul 154 

Townsend, Gloria 159 

Urbain, James 100,151 

Van Allen, Mary 159 

Van Hoy, Linda 160 

Vaughan, Beryl 150 

Volk, Henry 36,151,202 


Waggoner, Charles 47,150 

Walls, Thomas 153 

Ward, Mary 160 

Way, Frances 153 

Weaver, Clara 154 

Welch, Daniel 144 

Wells, Belgen 56,57,59, 


Wessel, Ann 131,132,160 

White, Donald 35,150,153 

White, Martha 153 

Whitfield, Sherry 160 

Wilson, Rex 160 

Wimmer, Merle 34,150 

Witsman, Forest 148 

Woodward, Jean 155 

Wright, Mildred 160 

Wyatt, Daveda 150 

Zetzl, Robert 148 

Clevenger, Ralph W 5,21, 


Gwyn, Robert 144,145 

Turner, Robert 144,145,155 

Senior Index 


Abbott, Bill 104,164 

Abbott, Darcy 83,164 

Adams, Terry 164 

Allen, Gary 164 

Allen, James A 189 

Allen, Kenneth 96,164 

Allen, Linda 164 

Allen, Philip E 77,164,230 

Alonzo, Darlene A 60,164 

Altman, Bob 164 

Ammerman, Michael 164 

Atkinson, Kathy . . . . 61,82,164 

Atz, Anita 61,86,164 

Atz, Martha. . 57,59,61,86,164 

Auch, Carol 61,164 

Ault, Susan Elaine 56,57, 


Babb, Douglas B 58, 


Bader, Candy Lea 61,164 

Bailey, Deborah Elaine 164 

Bailey, Diana Lee 36,56, 


Bailey, Janet Marie .... 58,61, 


Bailey, Paul D 164 

Baker, Christine 1 64 

Baker, Dennis 164 

Baldwin, L. Anthony . . 164,229 

Barbour, Frank L 165 

Barnes, Thresa 165 

Barnett, Willard R 189 

Bascom, John 165 

Baugh, Trudy Ann 165 

Beal, Anne Elizabeth 61, 


Beaman, Bonnie Beth. . . 96,165 

Beasley, Andrea Elise . . . 68,165 

Beasley, Lenard R 91, 


Beasley, Mark L 165 

Beaty, Vicky Kay 189 

Beatv, William E 189 

Bell, C. Thomas 165 

Bell, H. Steven 165 

Bender, Roger Joseph 61, 


Berry, Bernie B 109,165 

Betras, Steven A 61,165 

Bileckyj, Valdomiro 104, 


Bishop, Marilyn 165 

Bow, Deborah 61,81,165 

Bowling, Don 165 

Bowser, Robert W 81,165 

Boyce, Shirley 189 

Boyd, Barbara Lynn .... 61,165 

Boyd, Gayle Diane 82,165 

Boyd, Larry A 189 

Brandenstein, Dawn E 165 

Brandt, Charles 165 

Brandt, Kathleen 165,239 

Brinegar, Randy 87,166 

Brodhecker, Cheryl A 64, 


Brown, Carolyn 166 

Brown, Christine A 166 

Brown, Dennis M 1 04, 


Brown, Vera L 166 

Bunning, Janice 61,166 

Burleson, Thomas Neal .... 59, 

Burris, David 189 

Burrus, Jerry 166 

Butche, Diana Lynn 81,166 

Butcher, Cathryn Jo 166 

Butcher, Linda 189 

Byers, Janet L 81,166 

Campbell, Christine L 166, 


Campbell, Gary 166 

Capp, Steve Jay 166 

Carlson, James A 166 

Carlton, Linda G 166 

Carney, Dale 166 

Carney, Lydia J 166 

Carpenter, Nevin L 166 

Carrier, Charlotte Gaye .... 86, 

Carter. Mary Jean 166 

Cartwright, Susan . . 166,232 

Carver, Arinda Marie 166 

Cassidy, Norbert F 167 

Chang, Yao-Ling 167 

Chase, Gordon R 167 

Cheak, Terri 167 

Cherry, William John 65, 


Childs, Marie P 167 

Choate, Skip 167 

Christenson, Paul 189 

Christian, Stephen M ... 83,167 

Clark, Cathy 56,86, 


Clark, Janet 77,167 

Clodfelter, Diane Sue 167 

Clymer, Glenn 167 

Cochran, Lisbeth 24, 

Coffey, Billy Ray . 83,167,236 

Coffman, Larry 167 

Cole, Garry 167 

Conlin, Chris . . 61,83,167,181 

Conners, Michael H 167 

Coop, Steve L 167 

Cooper, Daniel R 162,167 

Corron, Phil K104,108,167,240 

Cotts, Steven L 167 

Coulter, Kathy Lynn 167 

Counts, Donald 167 

Coutts, Ron W 87,168 

Craig, Beverly Ann 168 

Craig, Lynn 168 

Craycraft, Malinda 189 

Creech, Deborah Kay 168 

Critchlow, Carole Jean 168 

Crosson, Rick J 83,90,168 

Crouse, Michael A 168 

Crute, Michael A 168 

Curtis, Terry 168 


Daniel, Marilynn Kay96,101,168 
Daugherty, Joy Lynne 168 

Davidson, Gary Lee 168 

Davis, Diana 83,168 

Davis, Gordon 168 

Davis, Kathy A 189 

Dawson, David A 168 

De Camp, James L 104, 


De Haven, Gail Lynne 74, 


Denney, Pamela A 56, 


Deputy, Rebecca Lynn 61, 


De Witte, Mary 189 

De Witte, Paul 168 

De Witz, John 99,168 

Dickey, Kathy Jo 168 

Dickinson, Deborah 82,189 

Dickson, Conne Jill 86, 


Dietz, Kurt Robert 68,168 

Dixon, Darnell 169 

Doig, Sherry L 169 

Dotterer, Lewis 169,235 

Dougherty, Darryl E 169 

Drake, Randy 169 

Draughon, Steve 1 04, 


Ecklund, Paul 169 

Edwards, Jacqueline 169 

Elliott, Brent 169 

Eltzroth, Stephen Scott .... 169 

Emery, Carol D 169 

England, Cheryl 169 

Evans, Howard 69,169 

Exiine, Cyndy 169 


Fair, Mary Lou 169 

Fairbanks, Roy 169 

Faulkner, Julius 189 

Favors, William A 104,170 

Felkins, Deborah L 56, 

Ferguson, Gwendolynne D. . . 82, 


Senior Index 

Ferguson, Mike 189 

Ferraro, Joseph P 170 

Fields, Demise F. 65,84,170,241 

Fitt, Debbie L 74,170 

Fitzgerald, Debra M 170 

Flockhart, Paul E. . . 66,77,170 

Flynn, Jeffrey C 170 

Fontaine, Bill 170 

Ford, Gary 29,61,170 

Fralish, Steve 83,170 

Frederick, David Brian 56, 


Freeman, David C.^ ^ 70,83,170 

Freeman, Marilyn Kaye 170 

Furgason, Teena 170 

Gaier, James Richard 75,77,170 

Garrett, Patti 170 

Garwood, Nicholas N 170 

Geary, Pam 170 

Geddes, Karen R 170 

Gelston, Philip 24,56, 


Gemmer, Philip 104,108, 


Geracie, Joseph L 189 

Gerde, Steve 189 

Gibson, Sharon 170 

Gibson, Sherry E 171 

Glancy, Michael D. 104,170,233 

Gorogiani, Greg 189 

Graves, How/ard. . . . 75,77,171 

Gray, Gary 171 

Gray, Kenneth W 25,61, 


Green, Norma C 171 

Greeson, Doug24,33,61,66,171 

Griffey, Madonna 60,61, 


Griffin, Patricia A 171 

Griffin, Robert 171 

Grinslade, Kathleen 61, 


Haemmerle, Michael C 75, 


Hagen, Guy F 61,108, 


Hagen, Mary A 171 

Hall, John C. 61,77,78,104,171 
Halter, Christine 24,25,56,60, 
Hammer, Kathleen Anne ... 61, 

Hammond, Patty Ann 172 

Handy, Greg 172 

Hanson, Marene 172 

Haralson, Treendia 68,172 

Harris, Deborah Gail. . . . 69,172 

Hart, Fred 87,104, 


Hart, Julie A 172 

Hathaway, Ron 172 

Hawkins, David 172 

Haworth, Donald 172 

Heady, Rudyard B. . 68,96,172 

Heckman, Gale 86,172 

Helm, Curtis E 169,189 

Helton, Daniel B 172 

Henderson, Diane 172 

Hensley, Kenneth 98,189 

Henthorn, Michael Robert . . 189 

Herman, Ellen L 172 

Herndon, Jacqueline Ann. . . 56, 

Herrmann, Peggy 61,172 

Hewitt, Mark A 172 

Hill, Roberta. . . . 76,86,87,172 
Hinshaw, William Dean. .. . 172, 

Hofmeister, Paul 172 

Hoggatt, David Richard 172 

Hoke, Linda S 172 

Holland, Bob 173 

Holmes, Gillian Sue 23, 


Horton, Criss .... 118,119,173 

Hotka, Deborah G 173 

Howe, Bruce 91,173 

Hubler, Brad 173 

Huddleston, Rebecca 189 

Huntsinger, Cathy 173 

Hurst, Kim 173 


Ikawa, Bruce 61,173 

Ingram, James M 189 

Irwin, Marjorie Anne 173 

Isenhower, Georgenia 173 

Jackson, Diana Patricia .... 189 

Jackson, Robert Raymond . 58, 


Jakovac, Elizabeth Ann .... 173 

Jaquess, Marjorie Ann 173 

Jennings, Gregory A 189 

Jennings, Valerie 173 

Jensen, Jeanne Marie 173 

Jessup, Phyllis 174 

Johnson, Edna Lee 33,61, 


Johnson, Fred 174 

Johnston, Glenn A 62, 


Jones, Colleen 174 

Jones, Mary E 174 

Jones, Nellie M 189 

Jones, Patrick C 174 

Jorgensen, Nathan N 174 

Kaiser, Stephen C 57,61, 


Kaloyanides, Kathy 174 

Kappus, Dale 174 

Kehrer, Stephen Alan 19, 

23,54,57,61,74, 75,76,77,79, 

Kelley, Bruce A 44, 


Kendall, Rick 174 

Kennedy, Karen J 174 

Kennedy, Robert W 189 

Kenrick, Michael . . 61,134,174 

Kerr, Darrel Eugene 175 

Key, Jim 175 

Kidwell, Elizabeth Sue 75, 


King, Doretta 189 

King, Thomas K. . 109,175,232 

Kingery, Dennis W 175 

Kingston, Patty 175 

Kinnick, David E 175 

Kinsey, Vicki 175 

Kisselman, Jerry 189 

Klein, Carol Jeanne 175 

Knight, Suellen 175,248 

Kline, Barbara 189 

Kouwe, Barbara Anne 61, 


Krienik, Jeffrey N 109, 


Kruger, Margaret 175 

Kyle, Vanessa Ann 175 

Lacy, Pamela 175 

La Fara, Dorothy 61,175 

Laird, Elizabeth J 175 

Lamczik, Maynard 175 

Landy, Jack 175 

Landy, Mary Jo 175 

Lane, Daniel Clifford 19, 


Langsford, James E 175 

Lanteigne, William H 66, 


Lappas, Robert M 13,56, 


La Prees, Gary R 176 

Larsh, Craig 176 

Laurenzana, Ruthann 176 

Lawhorn, Dan 68,70,176 

Lawhorn, Memory Sue 176 

Lawrence, Anne Elizabeth 


Layton, Robert Joseph .... 1 76, 


Leachman, Steven Ray 176 

Ledgerwood, William C 176 

Lee, Rebecca Yvonne 176 

Le Feber, Debra S 61,176 

Leonard, Michele S 176 

Leonard, Vicky Ann 189 

Leslie, Zoa Lynn 176 

Lewellan, Jack 189 

Lewis, Michael D 176 

Likens. Sandra Darlene .... 176 

Loomis, Cindy 24,60, 


Loveless, Beth Ann 86, 


Lowe, Bruce W 176 

Lowe, Richard 176 

Lucas, James 176 

Lutey, Janet Kathleen 55, 



Maas, Robert D 61 87 


Macdonald, Joyce L 61,176 

Maciak, Ralph 176 

MacPherson, Scott E. .. 119 

Maddux, Marilyn 177 

Madinger, Charles Brent 83,177 

Main, Jack Wilson 189 

Mallory, Barbara 189 

Marker, Janice Ann. . . 139,177 

Markland, Joe Alan 79,177 

Marquart, Carol. . . . 61,79,177 

Marshall, Richard 177 

Martin, Barbara Ann. . . . 49,177 

Martin, Caria Ann 56 69 


Massel, John J 177 

Mathews, John W 177 

Mathews, Mihoko 97,1 77 

Mathews, Miles D 177 

Maxon, Debbie 177 

May, Craig 36,63,95,177 

Mayhood, Roger 178 

Mc Arty, Robert. . . . 33,61,178 

Mc Cane, Kenneth D 178 

McClure, Karol D 189 

Mc Clure, Stephen F 178 

McCreery, Melanie 178 

Mc Culloch, Norita 77,178 

McDaniels,Andrenese V. . . . 69, 

Mc Dermott, Daniel 83,178 

Mc Duff, Denis C 178 

Mc Fadden, Paul Denney . . . 178 

Mc Gill, Michael 178 

Mc Mahon, Deborah Ellen61,178 

Mc Michael, Paul L 178 

Mc Pherson, Mary Ann 178 

Meara, Thomas Kent 104, 


Meek, Nancy Carol 1,21, 


Meko, Linda J 178 

Melcher, Barbara J 178 

Merriman, Jayne Ann 79, 


Mesalam, Marilyn K 178 

Messick, Ken 33,178 

Mettinen, Marja-Leena . . 62,178 

Meyer, Darryl 178 

Meyer, Mark C 189 

Meyers, Monica 178 

Milam, Linda L 179 

Miller, Gayl Jane 60,66, 


Miller, Richard E 179 

Miller, Ronald Lee 66,69, 


Miller, Sandra Lee 179 

Milliser, Rob 179 

Mitchell, Mark 179 

Mithoefer, Arlene S 24, 


Montgomery, Daphne E.. . . 179, 


Montgomery, Karen Sue. ... 179 

Moore, Cynthia R 179 

Moore, Terrance Henry 104,179 

Morris, Donna Joy 66,179 

Morris, John 96,179 

Mummey, Michael J 61,179 

Murray, Camille Kathryn . . . 66, 

Muse, Margie 180 

Myers, Stephanie Sue 180 

Neidlinger, Linda 180 

Newhouse, Sheryll F 107 


Nicholls. Ron 189 

Nicholson, Toni 180 

Noe, Terri L 180 

Norris, Sandra Kay 180 

Norris, Valerie Dianne 180 

f O'Brien, Patty Ann 86,180 

O'Dell, Jon Stephen 189 

O'Dell, Tim 180 

Ogden, Cynthia Jane 180 

Olson, Nancy Lynn 70.180 

Orr. Gary C 87.104,180 

Owens, Gregory L 83,87 



Page. Larry A 180 

Palma. Russell 51,104,180 

Palmer, Thomas C 189 

Pappas, Joann 24,61, 


Pappas, Mary 180 

Parrish. Steve 189 

Parsley, Christine 70,96, 


Partenheimer, Janice 180 

Patton, Shirley 180 

Payne. Jo Ann 180 

Payne. Patricia 180 

Pearcy. Michael 87,181 

Pence, Michael Benjamin. , . 20. 

Pendleton, Richard 181 

Perez, Armando J. .. . 181.239 

Peterson, Laurie A 61, 


Pettit, Ricky 189 

Pheasant, Amy Elizabeth . . 70, 

Phelps. Beverly L 181 

Phelps. Robert Vincent 181 

Phillips. Dane 104.181 

Phillips, Elaine Anne 74, 


Pickering, Gesila 181 

Pierce, Deborah Ann 181, 


Pike, Nancy L 181 

Ping, Brenda G 81,85,181 

Poole, Anita Lynn . . 70,82,181 

Porter, Chris 80,181 

Portilla, William 19,30, 


Potts, John H. .. 55,90,96,182 

Pouncle, Beverley Jean .... 182 

Price. Kathleen 59.182 

Prickett, Cathy Jane 182 

Purdy, Ellen 134,182 

Propes, Fred 189 

Qualkinbush, Harold E.. . 58.182 

Quigley, Thomas M 104, 


Quillin, Billie B 98,182 

Quinn, Paula Marie 182 

Ouinnett, Donna Ruth82,83,182 


Rage, Ivars 61,96,182 

Ramage, Gary R 104,182 

Rawlings, Linda Sue 182 

Rawlinson, Michael K 182 

Raymont, Charles 189 

Reap, Michael. .. 61,63,97,182 

Reed, Kathy 182 

Reed, Michael 87,182 

Rees, Jim 87,182 

Reid, Engra Alice 95,182 

Reider, Marcia Y 54,51, 


Reidy, Barbara A. . . 51,79,182 

Reidy, Steven Francis 182 

Reinhardt, Joey P 182 

Reyburn, Betsy 38,56, 


Rhea, Gwendolyn 183 


Senior Index 

Rhodes, Keith Griffith 104, 


Rhyne, Dennis K 183 

Rice, Donald R 183 

Rice, Roberta L 61,183 

Richeson, Debra Lynn 183 

Richey, Charles Edward .... 183 

Ricketts, John 183 

Rigsbee, Jane A. 61,82,96,183 

Riley, Robert C 24, 


Roberson, Gayl A 183 

Roberts, David A 183 

Roberts, Donna Carol 61, 


Roberts, Teresa Anne 183 

Robertson, Annette 183 

Robertson, Steve 183 

Robinson, Roger 189 

Robinson, Terri Gail .... 81,183 
Rodriques, Cecilia .... 179,189 

Roller, Craig S 183 

Rosenquist, Linda 24,61. 


Ross, Donna L 183 

Ross, John W 183 

Ross, Lasondra Kay M 189 

Routh, Janet Ann 183 

Routt, Kathryn Lee 61,64, 


Royalty, Kathy 184 

Rumrill, Jean 184 

Ruprecht, Kathleen Ann 184 

Safford, Merle Jean .... 61,74, 

Saillant, Barbara G 19, 


Sakrison, Marcia Lynne .... 94, 


Salter, Rebecca Joanna .... 81, 


Sanchez, Veronica 42,62, 


Sawin, Dale 184 

Sayles, Deborah L 184 

Schaefer, Teresa J 184 

Schloot, Sandra Annette ... 184 
Schnarr, Sue Ann 184 

Schneider, David L 189 

Schofield, Janet Elaine 60, 


Scobee, Sandy 184 

Scott, John D 184 

Scott, Paul 184 

Scott, Stephen A 61,184 

Sealander, Deborah 184 

Seamon, Jim 19,104,184 

Seamon, Mike 104,105, 


Settle, Frances A 184 

Seybold, Marcy 65,107, 


Shadday, Bonita G 185 

Shadrick, Daria Sue 185 

Sharp, Wayne Richard 189 

Shelton, Cynthia Diane 185 

Shockley, JoAnn 185 

Shumate, Margaret F 185 

Shure, Bill 53,185 

Sipole, Jon 98,185 

Smith, Gladys 185 

Smith, Mark 185 

Smith, Rebecca L 80,185 

Smoot, Debbie 185 

Snelson, Tim 185 

Snodgrass, Becky 185 

Snyder, Kathryn T 59,82,83, 

Sommerville, David L 185 

Sorensen, Richard 189 

Sorrell, Don 185 

Southworth, George 185 

Spann, Bobbie Brenell 185 

Spies, Barbara 185 

Sprading, Cynthia Jane .... 58, 

Spurlock, Diana L 186 

Stalcup, Saralyn 33,61, 


Stephenson, Barbara Joan 


Stott, Monasita 186 

Stranahan, Patricia L 186 

Strother, Charles W 186 

Stuckey, Vicki Lynn 186 

Sumter, Karen 189 

Sumter, Susan K 186 


Taylor, Karen S.. . . 56,186,241 

Taylor, Bill 186 

Teepe, Mark 186 

Terry, Douglas L 186 

Teschendorf, Charmaine ... 186 

Thomas, Deborah Gail 185 

Thomas, Helen 186 

Thompson, Joyce A. . . 186,234 

Thompson, Sandra 186 

Thrasher, James 186 

Tipton, Barbara Jean 70, 


Todd, Marsha Ann 61,70, 


Tonnis, Susan 85,186 

Trotter, Linda 186 

Tumey, Larry 186 

Tyler, Julia K 24,61,186 

Uebelhack, Robert 187 

Updike, Linda Diane .... 81,187 

Utigard, Philip R 74,187 

Utterback, Robert C 187 

Vance, Denise Marie 187 

Vandivier, Van R 189 

Van Duren, Victoria Rae. . . . 35, 

Van Sickle, Roberta 57,59, 

Van Spronsen, Pete .... 63,187 
Verrill, William Laurence . . . 52, 

Vickers, Robert F 104,187 

Villarreal, Mary E 189 

Villars, Patricia R 61, 


Vitolins, Anita 86,187 


Wade, Larry A 187 

Wagner, Alan 187 

Walker, Joyce 101,187 

Wallace, Ray D 187 

Wallsmith, Richard 187 

Warfel, Evelyn Mae 187 

Watkins, Robert Lee 29, 


Watts, Michael 189 

Webster, Charles 187 

Wells, J. Randy 187 

Welton, Stanley Varrill 187 

Werner, Steve 104,109,118, 

Wesner, Daniel L 187 

West, Rhonda 188 

West, Roger . 29,74,76,77,188 

Weston, Amelia Jo 82,188 

Wheeler, Steven Alan 188 

Whisman, Kenneth L. 83,163, 

White, Kim 188 

White, Lloyd Roy . . . . 19,70,83, 

White, Terri S 188 

Wichser, Kathryn Lee 22, 


Wilkes, Vicky Lynn 61, 


Wilkins, Ama 189 

Wilkins, Philip 77,99,188 

Williams, Carl 189 

Williams, Marietta 189 

Wilson, Deborah L 57,58, 


Wilson, Patricia 189 

Winters, Karen J 188 

Wischmeyer, Linda 189 

Wolf, Edward Joseph 188 

Wood, Susie 163,188 

Woodruff, Janet C 74, 


Woods, Laura 86,107, 


Wortman, James A 188 

Worton, DarIa J 60,64, 


Yant, Linda 188,242 

Young, Jeffrey J 188 

Zenor, Rex 188 

Zentz, Tom 83,90,188 

Zimmerman, Margaret ... . 81, 


Editorial Staff: Editors-in-chief, Cheryl Brodhecker, Kathy Routt; 
Managing Editor, Mike Pence; Copy Editor, Mary Jane Hinds; 
Business Manager, Willie Portilla; Academics Editor, Cindy Loo- 
mis; Activities Editor, Debbie Wilson; Sports Editor, Wayne Fu- 
son; Senior Editor, DarIa Worton; Underclass Editor, Liz Ralston; 
Advertising Manager, Denise Fields; Record Production, Bill 
Cherry, John Potts. Pictures, except for portraits, were taken by 
students Roy Willman, Photo Editor; Cliff Cooney, Steve Click, 
and Randy Drake. Staff Members: Chris Carter, Cindy Clark, Kay 

Crowder, Cecilie Field, Phil Gelston, Fred Halter, Rick Heckman, 
Debi Hopper, Laura Johnson, Terre Jones, Don Kraege, Sharon 
Martin, Jyl Price, Vicky Purvis, Pat Reap, Leslie Routt, Ray Sail- 
lant, Marcy Seybold, Marleen Silver, Sue Stafford, Michelle Sta- 
ton, Lou Ann Steele, Ram Stefanik, Cindy Stickle, Judy Tipton, 
Regina Vitolins, Lois Weber, Alan Zaring. Our special thanks to 
Miss Mary Benedict, Advisor; Mr. Ralph Clevenger, Principal; Mr. 
Bill Wright, American Yearbook Advisor; Indiana School Pictures, 
and Mr. Bill Ehrich, portrait photographers. 




O^xJIjl^ yLJt:r\->i_>^ tj/KjSh 

To be 
M Doubt 

To be In doubt, 

To live in an aura 

Of uncertainty, 

To grasp concepts 

Of two opposing views, 

But to hesitate before 

Claiming any as 

One's own; 

To interpret views 

Of thousands of people 

In judging what is right 

And what is wrong, but 

To see that answers 

Lead only to 

More searching . . . 

and more questions. 


}\jLA-\.x^ nr^cX-dtxiM-^ 







y^^^/^ ^-iiZ.€^ 

To aU ^Kc Good - 

ov nd -Cav c \ \cb\ \ V \o . 





■^ ^ ^ ^ G:. • / 


1^ J^ ^ "^ >-/ 


:uI^M fit— - y^^ 7^ 

""^^ "^ ^ ^ ' b^ 













0/ x^ 





' rvO 



KO .. ^ ^^ ^ ' ^^ 




.•^^ ^"^ o^' ^^ ^iT 



•*' "^ ^^0? 

Ci' .<<" "^'^^^ 






^V: X-^^%^ 

1969 . . . aY^^^of^^trasts, a year of 
pride . . . 



^ ^'^V 

^ _